CHA Winter 2011 Intro and CHA Grab Bag Winner! 47

My goodness I’ve missed you all!  I’ve been working hard around the clock on all kinds of new projects, plus videos, plus getting home and then so much more!
Ok, so here is Genna and I doing a little intro to all the videos we worked up out at CHA….
YouTube Preview Image
There is tons of footage and it will take me some time to get it all sorted and edited, but first video we will post is with Jinger Adams on the New Cricut Expression 2.   It’s the 5th year anniversary edition to the Cricut with a touch screen instead of overlays.
The Cricut Expression 2 has several really great features, but this is a limited edition machine.  If you have a Cricut Expression already or Cricut Imagine, its not that it replaces those machines.  The cool thing about this machine is that it does have the little preview light to show where exactly the image will cut and how big.  The other thing that I like is that it does allow you to place the Imagine Cartridges in the right side port to CUT images from the beautiful Imagine Cartridges.  This machine DOES NOT PRINT… so if you are looking for cutting and printing capabilities, you are going to want to to go with the Imagine.  But still a great machine and video with Jinger Adams to come on that!
We had a wonderful time filming over with the Teresa Collins Stamp Maker and I have VERY exiting news about that machine and the wonderful fact that will be stocking it VERY soon and we have some surprises for you guys with that!!! Can’t WAIT!
I got to spend time over at Craftwell talking about their new Electronic Embossing Machine and their IMPROVED eCraft electronic die cutting machine.  Now the REALLY cool thing about this machine is there is NO MORE CUTTING mats required!  Because there are no more cutting mats required, it has no limitations to the length of cutting you can do!  You can literally make 4′ long banners, its really cool.  I’ve been following these guys since their premier show, and I really do like this cutting machine…MY EXCITING news was, I happened to WIN one in their daily drawings!  Couldn’t believe my name was called!  YAY! 🙂  SO I will be getting this machine in my craft room VERY Soon and will be sharing GREAT things with it!
Ok lots of other videos coming to YOU ALL so I won’t spoil it all, but lets announce the winner of the Goody Bag I put together from CHA!
This Bag includes:
  • Pens from Viva Decor
  • Glues from Helmar
  • Bottle Caddy from ScrapCessories
  • and a few other surprises! 😉


Carolyn Bussey

“Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 9:12am

New to this world of Cricuit and going back to scrapbooking. Need to find a something exciting to get ready for filling my time constructively for retirement. Your site has encouraged me on and I am an obsessed with all your information and instruction. Bring it on girl your Rock”

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