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Hey Everyone

Happy VALENTINE’S DAY!!! šŸ™‚Ā  Hope you all are enjoying your day and remembering all those you LOVE! šŸ™‚Ā  I have a special little EXTRA video to share today…but before we get to that….. lets look at:

MORE CHA videos!Ā  This time we stopped by and talked to Nick at MyMind’sEye and Colby at Northridge Publishing and the New Cricut Magazine.

We’ll take a look at whats up with their new launches for CHA and try to answer a few questions as well!

YouTube Preview Image

Ok here is my special EXTRA Feature! This was something myself and a few of the girl’s sang at our Church yesterday for a VERY FUN Special Valentine’s Day Musical Treat! Neal Hartranft our Worship Team Director/Musician wrote this song (He’s so blessed with MANY Talents) and so in the Style of Doo Wop! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!

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Have a GREAT Monday!

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36 thoughts on “CHA Inside Look My Mind’s Eye and the New Cricut Magazine

  • Kim B

    Loved the song! Very Cute! I love the new Cricut magazine, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not, but then it came & I LOVE it!!! Thanks Megan!

  • Di Schubert

    Hi Megan, Great Valentines Video of all you girls singing a beautiful harmony. Thank you for sharing and many blessings to you and your family. Kind Regards Di (Australia)

  • GrannyCharlotte

    Megan: Great video from Church. Love the song. Thanks for sharing it. I also enjoyed the CHA video feed. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Debby Jensen

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Thanks for sharing your song and the videos. Love the song. I am an online subscriber to the Cricut magazine and love having it at my fingertips that way. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  • DianeK

    Enjoyed and rocked with the song…thanks. Looking forward to the next issue of the Cricut magazine. Lots of various themes and product/tool uses that everyone can apply to their scrapbooking and cardmaking.

  • Carolyn Bussey

    Love the song, keep it up girls. Went shopping yesterday for 2 hours to stock up on new items you have been telling us about and items you feature on your DVD and blog. Sadly, could not find one in our area. I am still anxiously waiting for my gab bag gifts to play with I am hoping it did not get lost in the mail. But mean while I will be shopping the internet for great buys and products as you tell us about them and I see you using on your videos and blog. Have a great Valentine Days and keep that information coming – this grandmom is slow to learn but pressing on to new adventures.

  • Selma

    Way Cool!!! Thank you for sharing the wonderful video of the DooWop Valentine’s Day song!!! Well done!!! Loved it!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your “Love”!!!

  • Jennifer H

    Very cute song! Love the Mind’s Eye products. I have the Cricut Magazine and can honestly say I only like it. It isn’t enough of what I am looking for, which is only layouts and cards. TFS

  • Rosalind

    Thanks for all the love you share….Happy Valentine’s Day. When will the Cricut Magazine be available to purchase? Looking forward to the issues.

  • Carol Pringle

    Happy Valentines Day All, Meagan love the videos it is very exciting watching all that is going on over in the US. Kinda feel part of it all…thanks for sharing ….. this is my daily lifeline to others interested in all things craft related. Blessings to all…..from down under!

  • Shelly

    I got my first issue … looking forward to my future issues! I like it. For us gals that are busy can you share your surprises here that are on Facebook? Some of us gals don’t have time to go here and there. Enjoyed & thank you for sharing your song. Do you know how St. Valentine’s Day started? H.V.D. to you and the family. God Bless

  • michele

    QUESTION FOR YOU ALL – i purchased my subscription in december and i still haven’t received my first magazine. when did you all get your first mag? i even checked my bank statement and it was paid for. just don’t know what is going on. thanks so much

  • Audrey R

    Love the cute song and love your updats. Would love the Cricut magazine but subsriptions are super expensive here and they do’t send these types of magazines to Mexico. Can’t even get paper crafting ones. Oh well, I watch your videos all the time and really enjoy them
    Thanks for all the inspiration and God Bless!

  • Sandra

    Boy, the Doo Wop music brought back some good memories. You gals did a great job! I did view an electronic view of the new Cricut Magazine, it looks very appealing! Sandra Joy, my2pets

  • marchelle

    Thanks for sharing the cute and very sweet song. I don’t think there has EVER been a MME line that I have not loved and/or purchased over the years. I love their products. I would love to know, who on their design team is a Beatles fan….since they name so many of their paper lines after Beatles songs. I buy some just because of that. I know that’s crazy. I was able to buy some Stella Rose this past weekend woo hoo and can’t wait for more. Take care