Snowed In Weekend! How About You?

Happy Monday Morning!  Are you still snowed in?  We are!  It’s crazy, but awesome! I love it!  What a fabulous weekend of relaxing, fun and productivity!

Here is a little look at my weekend snowed in from #Blizzard2016 #jonas!

I know that this isn’t the entire country – or world – but most on the east coast will understand the trouble and the mess.  Being out in Wisconsin for the last 4 years, I LOVE this, and I MISS these kinds of storms – but its drastically different getting this much snow in Wisconsin vs Pennsylvania though!  Crazy!

I hope you enjoy this fun look into the weekend – some special announcements of what I’m working on in here and then just a lotta crazy with my brothers!


So what are you talking about with these S.T.A.R.T packs??? 10 days to what??

Its coming Sounds exciting doesn’t it???

Well you can learn more about it LIVE February 11, 2016 9:30pm EST from

Members of will have full access to the start of rolling these PACKS out on February 12, 2016! It’s so incredibly exciting to me!!!

Let me know if you have any questions OR if there is a topic you REALLY want to feel accomplished in over a 10 day period!

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