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Cindy Helps Health

This is my first HOW TO Tuesday (replacing old Tuesday Tutorials) and I am so excited!  HowTo Tuesdays are going to cover a large variety of every day life How Tos – even showing howto use products and results they get, which is one of the first things I was anxious to share today! (But there will still be crafty how tos, Cricut tutorials and more so don’t worry AboveRubies friends!)

I am really excited my friend Cindy came over and shared ItWorks! and the amazing crazy wrap with me! I wrapped 3 times and I wanted to show you the results. The only thing I did during this period was drink extra water – I did not exercise (though I should have) and nothing changed in my diet (though I do overall eat clean). I am not an ItWorks distributor (I am not compensated in anyway, not by product or monetary value for doing this video, neither by ItWorks or Cindy!) however Cindy is a distributor who would love to help if you need, through

I am loyal or (Preferred) Customer working with the wraps and soon the Green Drink that looks gross but tastes great!  I think it is an awesome supplement to mix up the other things I do with!

Check out this video – the results for ME Speak for themselves.  I am not out to touch up any photos or make you believe something that wasn’t true for me – this is what happened from the first time we recorded the video end of October 2015 to my last wrap in January 2016.

I hope you enjoyed this first week of HowTo Tuesdays and really diving in with ItWorks to see just how to wrap and tone!  Please, let Cindy or I know if you have any questions or share your results with us if you’ve ever tried that crazy wrap thing!!! 🙂
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5 thoughts on “HowTo Tuesday (1st one!) ItWorks! Toning Using Wraps!

  • Amy

    OMG!! sooo awesome :-)!! A little expensive for me 🙁 maybe one day!! Love how you like showing your experiences with things Megan 🙂 Love the new twist on Tuesday Tutorials in adding other things in with crafting 🙂

  • Cindy Haren

    Thanks for sharing, that was fun to watch. Cindy, you did a great job! I’m an It Works! Distributor as well and I’m fairly new to it. It is nice to see someone closer to my age doing it since so many of the DT’s are really young. Sadly I haven’t done a wrap yet because I want to make sure I get good pics for my before and afters, but this has inspired me! I’ve also been thinking about doing short videos to post instead of all pictures, this has really given me some ideas!! I love the idea about rinsing out the wrap to use to show what they look like! I am SOOOO ADDICTED to my greens, I can’t wait to have them every morning! Great job ladies, thanks for sharing and the inspiration!!! Good luck Cindy!!