Beauty Business: I Wonder What You’ll Think of Me!? 2

image I feel like this is the craziest post I’ve ever done.


This is not how I normally think or roll….but….

If I told you I wanted to add 50 People to my Beauty Gems THIS month…would you laugh at me? Call me crazy??? Think I’m one of “those people” 🙄

I’ve never EVER set a goal like that in my life. Not once! Trust me I’m a goal setter – but 50? With me? On this? Now?!?! What?’bn

I was challenged by someone I love to show my goal skills, to do it! Even if I miserably fail!  It made me feel wildly uncomfortable. I can’t even tell you the last time that happened. I never get uncomfortable by challenges or by goals!!! Never!

I thought to myself, 🤔 Why would I set this goal!?!

THEN. Just then, I realize, well why not? Yes I can say it’s not a “good time I’m focused on other things” (which is true) or say “Im not sure that’s for me to do”…I can say “what will others think” – OR – just – Maybe I could say…..💋

Here’s my heart!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I’m growing in this makeup DREAM 🌈That’s been coming true since I was a small child!

I’m a state licensed cosmetologist and went to school in this field for maybe just maybe such a time as this!

I could say that MANY of these products are the best I’ve EVER used in 15+ years in professional and Studio makeup settings.

I COULD say these made in USA natural mineral based vegan friendly products combine science nature to create flawless beauty!

But what I am GOING to say is THIS! It is so. Much. More. Than. Makeup!

Every purchase, every presenter, every life touched, empowers, uplifts and validates women ALL over this world!

It raises up women who have been abused in horrific ways and DEFENDS CHILD INNOCENCE!

I have watched women who I know personally who frankly and self admittedly had “stopped trying”. They are now RADIATING smiles and saying – I feel the confidence on the outside again and I can do this!!


I welcome you and love you right where you are!!! Kitnappers welcome and life changers game READY!!! This may Not be for you!!! But if you know anyone struggling or LOOKING FOR MORE! Someone who feels stuck and doesn’t know her worth FAR ABOVE RUBIES….message me!

Kit Options

No pressure, no strings! I’m going to set this goal and watch to see what God does in lives around me!!!!

Now what do you think of 50 women – all over the world – with me on this now?


image image image image image Younique Foundation


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2 thoughts on “Beauty Business: I Wonder What You’ll Think of Me!?

  • Jan Stevens

    Hi Megan I’m Jan Stevens. Like you I am also a licensed cosmetologist in Bishop California. Its been 3 years since I’ve worked in a shop or spa. So today I came upon your web site. You’ve got it going on. I’m trying to rebuild my life. I’m 66 and very passionate about helping other women to see their potential and how important it is to take care of ourselves. This is answered prayer for me today! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and most of all your encouragement.. I look forward to watching more of your video’s and doing business soon. I’d love it if you would mentor me?? Please call me and leave a message if I don’t answer Thank you and God Bless (760)582-8101