Life: She Is Enjoying Singing Her Starbucks Order! 2

This was FUN! I did this to do my very best to make just ONE persons day – and the challenge was accomplished!!!  My friend challenged me to sing my “fancy” Starbucks order at the Drive-Thru today — so challenge accepted and while I got REALLY nervous – was so off key and went way too fast for the sound track – we got some likes and smiles and THAT makes it all worth it!

Why am I sharing this now – well – I want to encourage you in life – to be BRAVE and bold and SILLY and crazy and HAVE FUN!  You really can make a difference – even in a drive thru and Enjoy The Moments!!!

To me – this is Business Life and Balance the way I want it!  Bless someone else with a smile today! Have fun!

I can’t wait to chat with you more as we share a ton of fun all summer!!!

If you’d like me to buy you a coffee this summer and have a chat – come over and visit me at and check out the new landing hub of

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