Cricut: Unboxing New Cricut Explore Air 2 3

How exciting is this?!?

We have been enjoying so much making and crafting at SheMakes.Club but lots and lots of questions continue to come up about the Cricut Explore and the new Cricut Explore Air 2 —- so what did I do?

I went out and purchased a BRAND NEW Cricut Explore Air 2 to unbox and share from A to Z with you how to use your Cricut and the new Design Space 3 updates!  I am super pumped to do this Cricut Explore A to Z for you in a fresh and new way!!!

Instead of having to wait for a complete A to Z dvd to come out like Above Rubies Studio is used to creating – we are releasing the exclusive Cricut Explore and Design Space A to Z digital course at starting in June 2017!  The BEST part about this is – as updates happen by Provo Craft – the A to Z Course content gets updated for you too!

Not only will you see exclusive and amazing Cricut A to Z content – you will also have fun participating in our LIVE monthly Virtual Crops and Workshops.  I also share additional Scrapbooking Tutorials and my heart and journey in a much deeper and personal way.

My desire with is to be so much more than just a crafting tutorial community – it is designed to inspire hope, healing and sharing of life’s journey in an intimate way that leaves a lasting legacy!

Today – let’s open this box up – see what’s inside and listen to that chirp as we turn the Cricut on!!!

I would love to personally invite you into the SheMakes.clubI will be releasing Cricut Explore and Design Space A to Z in chapters starting June 2017! I can’t wait to make alongside you in a way we have never been able to quite do before!  See you on the inside!!

Enjoy the Moments my friend!

If you have any questions at all – please let me know I can’t wait to go A to Z with you this summer 2017!

AND If you would like to grab the NEW Cricut Explore Air or Upgrade any of your Cricut Goodness – Let me leave you with an affiliate link – you can shop here at

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3 thoughts on “Cricut: Unboxing New Cricut Explore Air 2

  • Anna G

    I have the Cricut Expression from years ago, as well as the Gypsy, with about 200 cartridges loaded. About a year ago, my son convinced me to order the Cricut Air, which was on HSN with Anna Griffin. Since then, I’ve used it exactly twice. My computer is in the attic, and the Cricut is in a suitcase in the dining room, along with my other machines, due to lack of space. I do NOT like the idea of requiring a computer in order to work with the Cricut machine. It’s extremely inconvenient for me. I prefer a self-contained machine, like the original one. I also spend enough time on the computer and prefer to work with my hands for papercrafting. I do not own any devices and have no plans to get one.

    • KitnM

      I received one as a gift and still prefer the expression, because, like you, I don’t want to have to do all this on design space and when I would go to do something, I would find another one of my cartridges wasn’t linked or didn’t register for some reason. I don’t have that much time to do this! As a result, I have done very little with either machine. I want to be able to install my cartridge and go. Learning curve and time it took for some things in design space was very frustrating!

  • Dennise (Dee) Robinson

    I am looking forward to seeing the new explore air 2 in action. I love my original explore air and just recently got a real deal on the Bluetooth module for it, it should be here any day now. I came across it at a super deal from a place that was going out of business.