Thinking of You A Little Easy Love Quick Handmade Card 10

Thinking of you Card and Matching Envelope Sometimes quick cards can be the most beautiful and just as meaningful!  Even though Valentine’s day is “over” – the Love we share goes on year around!

Send a note to say I’m thinking about You or I love You today – but you need to hurry if THIS inspires you because the amazing adorableness won’t last long! (click here to get it now!)

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*Personal update*

I did go back to the Doctors this week – I was given VERY strict orders on what I can and can not do for a little while.  My brain is still recovering from what turns out to be a series of Mini-Strokes known as TIAs.  My lasting symptoms from this include mild confusion, headaches, exhaustion, difficulty forming complete thoughts and its a little crazy!  I am very thankful and feel so blessed nothing is permanently damaging or scaring on my brain – but – in order to avoid further complications or a full blown stroke during this time, I’m taking extra precautions. That means things here at ARS, may seem a little more spread out.  I also decided for the time I am taking a medical leave from AMTC and from going on auditions or working with their programs.  I also decided I am pulling back from some volunteer work that I do as well as pulling back on team building and development with Doterra and YGY.  (My team has already been contacted and knew this first)  I am still using these products, and my intent never was to grow them as my full time business, BUT, I’m putting it out there non-the less – so – what is my focus? I’m glad you asked – my life is coming down to this and this alone in this order for right now:

  • Obeying and trusting God and His Perfect plan for my life
  • Caring for the immediate needs of my children and not worrying about going crazy if all laundry and dishes aren’t done or toys aren’t put away.  We are pulling together and its awesome!
  • Part of caring for my children is providing an income – so instead of doing EVERYTHING I do – I’m focusing it down to this – Close to My Heart and the Precious Gems Team & the (soon to be called Life Above Rubies) Membership.  That means I will be working to my best at providing Tutorials and fun here at (the ARS Store has officially closed) and growing Close to My Heart – And I am now working with 7 AMAZING “Partners/Team Members” to continue developing and growing the ALL NEW Life Above Rubies membership site.  Currently enrollment is closed and only current members are receiving new content and one on one calls with me – but once we open the doors back up – we will have over 150 training courses on Life, Blogging, Social Media Training, Marketing, Earning Money Crafting, Building a Home Based Business, Organization, Personal Development and SO MUCH MORE!  I truly can’t wait to share it all and this is my heart – it doesn’t even feel like work to me and when I pair down what can I do and what should I do given current health situation – I feel God saying I’ve GOT YOU – YOU’VE GOT THIS!  SOOO – there is my heart!
  • Then I’m also committed to RESTING – I have always felt I have a great strength in balancing life as a whole and getting things done – I’m a DOER and a GOER – but body says the mind needs a break!  So – I’m going to walk that line of making sure needs are provided for by working reasonably because just because body says stop – rent, electric, insurance bills don’t stop 😉 😉 I feel VERY blessed to have the network, the church, the clients, the team that I have at this time that are making sure things keep going just as if a beat is not missed – even if the balls may bounce an extra time for a little bit! It’s worth it and I can trust that fully! 🙂

So – THANK YOU – once again – I wouldn’t have what I have without you!  The love, prayers and support keep it ALL going awesomely!  Tuesday tutorials are still my FAVORITE thing in the world to DO and share and TNT videos are just so fun to pop up and give ideas and see others get excited about trying something new!  So it’s going to continue the BEST it possibly can!!  SO VERY BLESSED!


Enjoy the Moments! I love you dearly!

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10 thoughts on “Thinking of You A Little Easy Love Quick Handmade Card

  • Linda schmidt

    I’m happy you are taking more time for you and your children. So thankful you will still be doing the Tuesday tutorials. God bless you for all you do.
    Linda S.

  • Geraldine Garrett

    So glad to see you back you and your family are certainly in my prayers. Only joined last month but looking forward to great things. I really appreciate how you put God first in everything you do Prov. 3:56 says to acknowledge him in all things and He will direct your path. Sorry you have to close your above rubie store because that is how I became aware of you when I ordered the cricut dvd and was afraid to even open the box but the dvd really helped me out and then I ordered the card making dvd. I have been following you ever since. You are indeed a blessing.

  • Darlene Lyons

    Thanks so much for the update about your health and future plans. You are doing the right thing, it is important to take care of yourself and your family. I too have realized recently that everything does not have to be done ‘today’ and I do not have to be the one to do it. I pray everyday that the good Lord will help me to do what is necessary today, and rest my body and then do what I can. For so long I have ‘hurried through this project’ just to ‘hurry through another thing to do’, no more, it is one thing at a time and to treasure each moment along the way. I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot. Take care!

  • Liz in PA

    Thanks so much for the update. Glad you are making some edits to your to-do list! Rest and take it easy and enjoy your kids! SO glad you have the Lord in all this with you. I’ll pray! Card was super cute, too.