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FREE Rolling Tote and Bag CTMHToday is a Day I have been excited to share for over a YEAR now!  It’s March 1st and I have a LOT in store for you and something I believe is truly going to give you a GREAT starting place to launch yourself into something incredible and be a stepping stone towards having fun and changing your life!

What am I talking about?!?!

Well ABOUT once a Year Close to My Heart does a special for those interested in becoming new consultants but really just needed an additional little push!  All this month of March I have a LOT to be talking about, featuring, sharing and pumping you up about!

This is going to be one of 6 posts that are going to be coming up through the month of March about a few VERY Special things – NOT just this awesome news with Close to My Heart!

Let me start with this!  A little while back I had a HUGE burst of requests for the Close to My Heart Tote and Rolling Organization Bag!  They are AWESOME products and they went out of stock FAST when we first got them in…but Close to My Heart is doing something AMAZING incredible!

Sign up NOW and you will receive not only your choice of the Scrapbookers or Cardmakers Consultant sign up kit (see below) you ALSO receive the over the shoulder tote bag for FREE and you have an opportunity to quickly earn the additional Roller Bag FREE TOO!!!! AND when you join the Precious Gems team here at AboveRubies – You also get EXCLUSIVE incentives and BONUS training to hours of my insider secrets to building a blog quickly, growing a loyal customer base and much more (a $1,700 value for you to take for a spin and help you grow!)

Follow the Steps!

Step 1: Click the link here to Join the Precious Gems team

Step 2: Select Your Consultant Start up Kit (Each kit valued at over $355.00 all yours for $99 and you own your OWN business with amazing tax deductions on crafts YOU love!)  Your Shoulder tote is your BONUS with this selection and order so YAY!

Step 3: Wait for your confirmation and approval email from corporate office that you are now a consultant (usually takes a few minutes! So be patient even though you’re as excited as me!)  Once I receive confirmation that you are on board from Corporate office – I send you my own personal welcome email (takes up to 36 hours) with TONS of information to our private Facebook Groups, Training Videos and Incentives with the Precious Gems team as well as our AWESOME upline Melanie Browns Scraponista’s team!  So be on the look out for the Welcome to the Team email and GREAT help to get you started!

Step 4: You can start placing orders through your own OBA (online business account) right away and take advantage of 22% off retail pricing as well as build up a sales total to earn you the BONUS Roller Tote bag for FREE!!  You earn this amazing roller bag for free when you submit $300.00 in sales total orders in your first 40 days from receiving your kit!  I will help you anyway I can to meet this goal as well as your Straight to the Top Goals for AMAZING bonuses as well from the company!  2016EasternCaribbeanCruise

Step 5: We get you started NOW on the track to earning the 2016 Eastern Carribbean Cruise!  You wanna go on vacation together??? I would love to!  You CAN do this!  No it’s not a get rich quick earn a million dollars “scheme” – it’s a really enjoyable opportunity with a great plan, people and crafts in place to give you additional income, fill you craft rooms (for free) and have a great time on vacation!!

Step 6: Tell your friends – host a craft party workshop – share the details online and bring as many people into your own team as possible right now!  The quicker YOU start – the happier YOU will be that YOU did it and have support every step of the way!

Start today!

Need more information!  Click the Contact me link in the header bar and I’m happy to help you!

A few common questions:

What are the sales minimums?

Close to My Heart makes it SOOOO easy to meet their minimums to receive compensation and the discount – it’s a simple $300 per quarter ($100 per month) and your own orders count towards that total too!  Soooo with your discount, should you choose to be a hobbiest consultant (which is fine) for $78.00 a month in crafting goodies you get the discount and other specials regular customers don’t!  Pretty cool huh??  And lets be honest you spend more than $100 a month in supplies don’t you!?!?! 😉 😉


What is the compensation plan like?

GLAD YOU ASKED!  Let me explain! It’s pretty easy and not all complicated like many direct sales business’s are – you start at 22% base commission or discount on all your sales.  You also get Select Product credit for orders to pick up supplies you may need to promote and share the products or just have fun filling the craft room – but here is the breakdown below!

CTMH Commissions


I’m really worried I won’t know what to do or how to build a team – what do I do?

That is the EASIEST one for me to answer because you are joining a LINE of incredible team leaders that are committed to YOUR success if YOU are committed to your success!  As your leader in the Precious Gems team I promote and share my consultants, their work and their OBAs as often as possible – i don’t do your work for you – but I help you and answer questions by email (which you’ll see) every step of the way!  We also invited you to join My FB group, Melanie’s Support Group and you’ll get amazing emails from our higher ups too!  SOOO COOL!  I also provide you with training that most every other upline hasn’t had the availability to provide before with an exclusive website, videos, courses and more to help you achieve your goals, live the life you love and build a business you can be proud of! 🙂




I did tell you I have a few other things to share – I can’t wait as they start unfolding – it’s going to be amazing – make sure you are a part of the FREE VIP Membership here at so that you don’t miss a beat!  Feel free to come LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter @ByMeganE

Enjoy the Moments and I’ll hit you with more soon!


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