YUDU Cardshop from Cricut 25

Well,  I don’t know what I think, or much about it….but here is a YUDU Matrix of the Original YUDU Screen Print from Provo Craft and the New YUDU CardShop.

HSN started posting some of the accessories – 5″x7″ Screens for cards…..



and Tweet:

Joy over at www.ObessedwithScrapbooking.com posted more on this – I just wanted to share what Genna M. texted me this am and I’m sure more will come! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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25 thoughts on “YUDU Cardshop from Cricut

  • Traci

    I’ve wanted to get the screen printing one for t-shirts, that’s all I thought it did. And since I have 5 kids, and 3 of them being girls, I thought this would be a fun way to let them design their own shirts, it’s just pricey! Interesting that there is a card shop one now. I’ll have to check that one out.

  • ShawnfromMN`

    I am looking forward to learning more about this YUDU!! So far – I am on the fence. I really want a big YUDU to do T-shirts ect. Maybe they will come down in cost.

  • Shari

    I would really like to have the larger one but don’t know if I would use it ennough to make it worthwhile. It appears that the Card unit doesn’t have the ability to burn your own screens so it seems that it is more of an accessory to the original YUDU.
    syoung6987 at aol dot com

  • anita backensto

    the original yudu looks fun, but i just can’t get involved in one more craft!!:) my cricut addiction is enough.:) the yudu looks too big for my working area, but i bet it would be fun. anita

  • Marcia Greene

    I agree with Shari: It could be a fun addition to the big one as long as screens can be burned by the big one. Several years ago there was the Print Gocco that I coveted, but it seems to have disappeared. These may be a good replacement.

  • Kim B

    I really want to get the big one for t-shirts. We homeschool and my son would love to start a small business with it for school. So far we are saving for it, since it is very expensive. Not sure how I feel about the card one. I think making individual cards yourself is more fun!!!

  • Rosalind

    i already own the big one. I like the one for the cards, so I will probably invest in it. I like the big YUDU because I have learned to do so many different screens for other people and organizations. I’ll just have to see. I like the idea and I watched the video.

  • Donna Sullivan

    I think this is another way to ‘stamp’ an image on a card, and not sure I would want to start investing in another form to achieve that result. I am sticking to my stamps and ink. It looks like it might be fun to play with, but not as an investment. Sorry, just not excited about it.

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I’m not so sure I see any value in this unless you are mass producing an invitation or something, and even then a stamp and ink pad would be just as easy or easier. I’ll pass on this one……Now, if I was to win one in a giveaway I’d use it , but it’s not something I would spend money on.

  • Irene Baker

    I truly do not see a need for this machine unless you are into a mass production project. For Christmas I did several onsies for my new grandson. I used inkjet printable fabric by Printed Treasurers, and then printed an image on it from my Cricut Imagine (I used the skunk from the Nursery Tales cartridge). After it dried, I then ironed the image onto the onsie. I then used the same technique with my computer, printing out a Granny Loves Me phrase, and also ironed it onto the onsie. The entire project took about an hour, and the onsie looks precious!

  • Linda Jamme

    What can I say? Yudoo? What the heck is it? I think I’ve looked at it before but do not have an interest in it. I do love my other provo craft products though

  • Cydney

    I think it is a nice option to buy the smaller one for $60 but I don’t think I would want to buy all of the supplies especially the screens. You could stencil or stamp something similar for a lot less. I keep looking at the original Yudu but already have too many irons in the fire – I will stick to Cricut. TFS though – love to see the new products.

  • Sandy2

    I need to jump in here and say that I bought a YUDU over a year ago one on a whim, thinking I could use it with my granddaughter’s artwork. I was told they would be having a demo at the store sometime in the future. When I finally saw the demo I realized how involved and time consuming it was. If I understand correctly you can only do one print at a time because it has to dry on the frame. Sadly it is still in the box. Check it out thoroughly and be sure to watch a demo before you go to the expense of purchasing one of these. Irene Baker’s idea sounds good if you want to do t-shirts.

  • Laurie L.

    I hope it works better than the large one. I bought the original for my daughter for Christmas 2009 and she has tried it twice and not one t-shirt made. The price was bad enough, but the film is very expensive and you can’t save designs. I wish we had not bought it. Not their best invention.

  • Courtney Zavala

    It doesn’t make sense that the smaller version of the YuDu machine can’t produce custom screens to screen print with. That would have made the machine super unique and competitive on the market…instead they created a glorified stencil…

  • Judith

    I have a Yudu Cardshop and they sell blank screens with instructions to burn images just like it’s big sister. I love my Cardshop.

    The Cardshop can be used for cards, clothing, leather, metal, just about anything. Certainly anything the big one can do. For the price it was THE alternative for me.

    The big difference is the size and it does not have a chamber for drying and burning.

  • Den

    You can get blank screens and use vinyl to cut images with any die cut machine(I use my E) and shick tothe underside of the screen. Use as you would any “burnt”screen, apply ink as normal, then all you need to do is remove the adhesive image and use another …a lot cheeper than using all prescreen images that are sold.

  • lisa

    I just ordered the Yudu card shop equipment yesturday, i am excited about because i can carry it to craft shows and do a demo right there.

  • DeeDee

    I have been interested in buying the Yudu Cardshop for quite some time. I finally ordered it, and was so confused when i received my package. The bonus is that I bought one for $5 and got four free…what a deal
    thanks to your blog and Den i can now make my own designs and know what the heck i’m doing…
    thanks soooooo much