Fresh Look Friday (Episode 101): Getting Started Cricut Guide 175

Welcome to the very first episode of Above Rubies Studio’s newest “Show” – Fresh Look Fridays! In this episode, we’ll talk about some great products that Cricut users will love.

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Next Episode Airs: Tune in on February 11th, 2011 for episode 102, a special on the CHA trade show in LA that you won’t want to miss!

p.s. iTunes and other subscription options are coming soon!

For those who Wanted more on Re-Sticking Your Cricut Mats – Visit HERE for Video Tutorial!

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175 thoughts on “Fresh Look Friday (Episode 101): Getting Started Cricut Guide

  • Bernice

    Hi Megan,
    Well done and thanks. Some of those products are not available here but the majority are or have something similar. Storing our cartridges is always an issue, ‘specially when we are getting up into the high tens so those filing boxes look like the go but I have not seen anything like them for sale here (country Victoria, Australia). Will do a bit of a search or maybe order them online…postage is usually the killer though.
    I also love my sticker maker but freak out each time I see you use yours as I am beyond thrifty and use mine so sparingly šŸ™‚
    Thanks again.

  • LilGreenBug

    Wow! Great first episode!!! You are really rockin’, Megan!! Love the music, too! Very informative. You packed a lot of great information into that 15 minutes!! Can’t wait for the next one!!
    Love, blessings and hugs!

  • Ozeekat

    Wow Hi Meagan, I loved the show…very informative and a real challenge to find the goodies over here. I love it when you give web addresses as to where the goodies can be obtained and have had things sent over for less than it costs to buy here….I can’t wait for next session…..Blessings to you…..Carol P

  • Lyndra Barnes

    Thanks Megan, great first episode, it was very informative. I learned about products that I had not used or heard of. Love the tips!!!

  • Angela Clark

    Thank you for a wonderful informative first episode. Could you please spell out the name of the product you are discussing (like how you display the websites at the bottom of the page). Thank you again and can’t till next Friday!

  • Donna Sullivan

    Loved it! Especially your little pen/glue tip for picking tiny things up! Can you clarify the resticking of the cutting mat please. The process for the cutting mat should not be used for the Imagine, if I remember correctly, from a previous video you put out?

  • Fran Luscher

    Great show…..loved all the info…agree with items that I already own..not perfect but really great…we each have different needs..haven’t tried the spray but will be doing so soon! Loved the idea for the tobo glue on the pen to pick up the little items!!!

  • Sheri Glup

    Love the new show….very informative….Love seeing alot of items I already use and new items I didn’t know about :0)…Love it…look forward to many more!!

    }}}HUGS{{{, Sheri G

  • Jeanne

    Great job! You are very practical and your hints are very useful. I, also, like the way you review the pros and cons of items.
    Looking forward to the next show. I hate that it’s a WHOLE month away.

  • Sheila Murray

    Thanks for sharing all the information and ideas. I am looking forward to your next episode. I am a scrapbook “collector” and have most all the products you demonstrated (including the CGull tote, mat sprays, etc.) but have not used them. Watching your show may give me the incentive to get busy and use what I have. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Kathy

    Megan I am really impressed with this new concept of sharing tips with us. I love it! You look great too….thanks for continuing to provide new and exciting ways to share your ideas and product information. It really helps me decide if I want to purchase a product or not. I also wanted to share that I was able to get a cricut expression. I found a great deal at AC Moore last week. I gifted my cricut create to my daughter and granddaughters and they are thrilled to have a cricut machine now. Have a blessed day!Happy crafting!

  • Lana

    I love all the reviews on the products! It’s nice to know first hand, if something works, before you buy it. I am looking forward to the next episode. Great 1st episode!

  • Sheila G

    Great job!!! Great to suggest items for the beginners to save them a lot of unnecessary tools! Above Rubies Studio teaches so many things where others never go! I’m thankful and blessed to have found your website!!!!

  • Marijo

    Great Job. Love the tips and tricks. Absolutely love the tip with the end of the pen and the Tombow adhesive!! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks.

  • Diane

    Great show. The CGull storage bag is on its way to my house. I wish I had seen this show before I ordered it so I could consider the problem of how to store the books, etc. Perhaps I’ll put elastics around batches or something. Anyway, thanks for all the tips, and I look forward to next Friday.

  • Trudy

    very good job on showing products and loved that you explained something about how to use each one that you showed. Also loved the tip on glue and pen for easy pick up!. You had a tape runner on your desk but did not show or explain its use. I have a lot of trouble with tape runners breaking, any others have the same problem or is it just me?

  • kim sh jones

    Keep up the great work. I’ve had my cricut for 2 years and have been scrapbooking for 20 years…and you still continue to teach me things.

  • Donna B.

    Loved the new video. Can’t wait to see more of them. You have managed to pack a whole lot of helpful tips and tricks into one short video! Thank You!!!!!!

  • Julie

    Wow that was great! lots of great tips! I store my cartridges,overlays and books in the photos storage boxes from Hobby Lobby or Micheals I have one for fonts and one for shapes. It works great for me!

  • Irene Baker

    Congratulations on a fantastic first show. A year ago, I too was struggling with a storage system for my cartridges. So I came up with the idea of using a 5 shelf bookcase (on sale at Target for $26). I keep all my cartridges (complete in their boxes), intact & alphabetized on the shelves. Then I can easily see what I have. For the seasonal cartridges that don’t have boxes, I keep them in my jukebox (I have 3 of them on a stand over my Cricut). The manuals easily fit into the bottom of the jukebox, and again I keep the cartridges alphabetized in the top portion. It’s very organized, and works well for me. Thanks for a great first show, and I can hardly wait for February’s show!!

  • Linda W

    Love your first episode~ even though it’s mostly review for those of us who are already on our way, it was great video for newbies. But, let me tell you, I did learn something new. Your neat trick with the glue on pen tip for pick of small items.

  • Carmen

    Wow Megan~ I loved your new show! SO many helpful hints and I just love the tip about picking things up with glue on your pen!
    I just purchased a sticker maker and am loving it allready!
    I cant wait to see what’s in store for next week!
    You’re awesome!

  • Carmen

    Hi Megan, great first episode, love the tip with the pen, you are wonderful at what you do, tfs and looking forward to the next Fresh Look Friday.

  • Tammy Brownlee

    You know how when you go to church, is seems like the Pastor made the sermon just for you? You must have made this video just for me! I have been researching for a couple of weeks trying to figure out the best adhesive for tiny things! Glue sticks don’t cut it. And a way to pick them up was a bonus! Tweezers don’t always work the best. And revisiting the Cricut mat adhesives was perfect! You mentioned it in one of your videos a while back! Thanks so much. Now we have another reason for TGIF! Can’t wait for next week’s sermon, I mean video! LOL.

  • Carolyn Staat

    Thank you , thank you, thank you, great job and very informative. Can’t wait for next friday. Some of the things I knew about but most were new to me, I love the true feeling about products. Very helpful!

  • Sheila Gillam

    Love the info and tips, Coming from someone who is organizationally challenged I especially loved the storage ideas. Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Beverly

    Megan…WOW that was VERY helpful. I do look forward to the others, can’t wait…… Thanks for the time you put into all your videos. I have a new shopping list!! Blessing to you and your family.

  • Sheree Taylor

    Thanks for the wonderful video! You’ve answered many questions I had as a new Cricut user and I look forward to coming back every Friday to learn even more! Your tip of the day will save me the frustration of working with tiny pieces and I’m looking forward to finding the right products to refinish my cutting mats!
    Thanks soooooo much!!

  • Gayle

    Wonderful show. Very helpful. Disappointed that you didn’t identify your the tape runner you use on many of your videos. It was there and you moved it, but didn’t say anything about it. I’m interested in knowing about it.
    Thanks for doing this and letting us know about supplies we can use with out Cricut Expression.

  • Helen Pratt

    Great Video thank you.So helpful!I love my CGull bag. my Daughter borrows cartridges and leaves a small note in the empty cart holder when she borrows them. Helps me know where the cart is.I keep the books in a photo boxes and use dividers.I have Cricut tool kit but was unable to use tools after shoulder surgery. I got the 3 pc.set of C Gull tools and was able to use my Cricut using them.

  • Milly D

    Very well done Megan, I just loved it. Great episode for a new Cricut user. I love the tip on the sticky tip of a pen, definately will come in use.
    Again congrats on the 1st Fresh Look Friday, it’s going to be a success !

  • Gail Page

    I’m glad you went over some of these products. I live in an area that doesn’t have a scrapbooking store so when I go to order I now know what to order or search for. Thank you

  • Gail Page

    Glad you went over some of these products. I live in an area that you either have to order online or get things when you are out on vacation. So now I know what I’m looking for Thanks for doing this video

  • GinniG

    I’ve been a LONG time “baby” Cricut owner/user and literally today my Expression arrived! What timing!!! LOVED your video today! I’m SUPER excited about all the tips and tricks and new products you showed and can’t WAIT to start playing! Thanks Megan

  • Marissa

    You did great! I really liked the cartridge holder…I will have to look for it next time I go to the craft store! Also on my wishlist, a Xyron sticker maker! Thanks for the info!

  • Joyce

    Very nice show and very informative. You suggested using a coupon at the larger stores, Just keeo in mind, you cannot use a coupon on anything that say cricuit on it at Michaels, JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.

  • Crystal N

    Thanks for all the tips Megan cannot wait to try the sprays to restick my mat. Do you have any tips for what to use if you lose the tip off of your tweezers?

  • Linda Jamme

    Bet you are proud of this video. Very professional and informative. Like the tip at the end to use the Tombow glue and a pen tip. I certainly will try that. Can’t wait for Fridays for another reason now. Your video is a great way to end the week! Thanks

  • Kris

    Thanks Megan…. Loved it can’t wait to see up coming episode. I think this hobby is destined to keep me wanting more of the latest and greatest tools. Now If I could just hit the lottery.

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Thanks, Megan. I enjoyed your first episode of Fresh Look Fridays and will be looking forward to many more. I didn’t expect to learn anything new once I saw the topic but sure enough, you came through with something new to me. Loved your tip about the tombow glue and the ink pen and also didn’t know the glue in that and the zig were repositional ! Now I do. Always wondered why it was called two way…lol. Thanks again !

  • PReis

    Love it! Thank you. Could you possibly list at the end of the videio the actual names of the products you are reviewing? Keep em coming!!!!

  • GlendaP

    Megan, thanks for the tips and the product info. I really like it that you tell us what you think is good about the product and also things you don’t like. I’m looking forward to future shows with your tips and tricks. I sure am glad that I found your blog.

  • Kathy from Colorado

    Great premier show. Always interested in new products and websites.

    Is it possible to give a list of the items and sites that you reviewed in the show?

    Can’t wait until next week!!

  • Mommyme

    This was a great introduction to this new series! The product reviews were great-what an ingenius way to use adhesive, (and a pen)! Thank you for exploring your talents and finding new ways to share them.

  • BillieA

    I love the tips and what you think of the products. I noticed you had your ATG but did not talk about it. I am interested on where the best place/price and what time if refills to use/get. I am due to get more and I want to know best place.

  • Ardis

    I really enjoyed it. I’ve had my cricut for a couple of years, but haven’t made the time to use it to the fullest. I hope to find more time now, and thanks for all the help with it.

  • Malena

    I have the CGull Cartridge tote. I have about 50 cartridges in it and the books. The books and overlays fit inside standing on their short end. I made A, B, C, dividers so I could easily find the book I am looking for. I can send a picture.

  • Shelly

    My I think I have almost everything that you suggested for us crazy Cricut gals … well almost. Thank you for sharing all the info and your tip is a great one as usual. Please tell Sean that I got everything as promised and more! Thank you soooooooooo much for everything from you and Sea. Take care & God Bless.

  • Lynn P

    I really enjoyed your first Fresh Look Friday. Love the tips. I will try to salvage some of my cricut mats. I also love that you are honest about pros and cons of items.

  • Bonnie

    Being a new cricut owner, I found the video fantastic. Thanks for all of the great information. Looking forward to next week. Congratulations on the video, awesome job!

  • Ann G

    Yeah Megan. That was fantastic even for us longer time useres. I was just getting ready to restick my mats so it couldn’t have come at a better time. As far as the cGull bag I use a plastic snap top container for the books and overlays. I need to store in a crop type bag because that’s almost the only time I get to create. Works wonderfully.

  • Chris

    AWESOME JOB! That was fantastic… did such a great job! Now I know what my favorite thing to watch on Fridays will be. Thanks Megan for always making learning about the Cricut and scrapbooking as a whole fun and interesting….YOU ROCK!

  • Moira Efird

    I feel as though I am your #1 fan. Thank you for the Fresh look Friday helpful cricut tips. I have been wondering about the xyron sticker purchase, and now think I just have to have it. You have used it on several projects that I have viewed, and it might just pay for itself in the long run. Thanks again Megan. You are looking good, and keep up the good work. Blessings. Moira

  • Sonja Bubolz

    Hey, I loved your first show! It looks very professional, and you covered many items that will be very helpful for the Cricut. I also love the Xyron machine, it is great for letters, and sticks really well. I am interested in the Scotch ATG, and I am thinking of purchasing that as well. I also love the spray idea for the cutting mats. The storage system is also a great idea, and I love the fact that its small and compact. Thanks for all of your research and time you have put into these videos and the cutting guide. You have really come a long way with your website, in such a short time! I am so proud of all that you and your husband have accomplished! Keep up the great work!!! Congratulations!

  • Linda M

    It never ceases to amaze me how you always keep things fresh and interesting. As with all your presentations there is always something new even for the seasoned crafter. Many thanks for your time and effort that you provide for us at little or no cost.

  • Deana Goekler

    Watched a vidio on Refurnbishing Circut cutting mats and you show the product to useto do this, however I can’t find it in my area at this time. Stick Away Spray & Stick and Spray, Would you please email me with a location in the Tulsa OK. where I mind find these products, or where I might order them, Thanks Dee

  • Sandra

    I have been scrappin for about 5 months now and consider myself as a post-newbee.I have the CP, CE and CI. All my purchases have been by trail & error, which can be very costly! So I’m sure your new episodes will be helpful to all who tune in to watch. Great Job! TYFS. Sandra, my2pets

  • Kathy

    Great video. You packed a lot of info in a little time. Love the tip portion-great idea-can’t wait until the next episode. Thanks.
    Ryansmaama AKA Kathy

  • Melanie Keenan

    Great 1st episode! Thanks for the info. You are always so bubbly and fun to watch.
    I would like to see an episode on the different kinds of ATG tape dispensers. I would like to get one, but I don’t know if they are all archival safe.

  • Kesh

    This first episode was good, very informative!! Congrats, well done. I missed the names of the glue pen and the other glue (I am new to scrapbooking!), could you please post the details?

  • Denise

    Well done first episode šŸ™‚ I’d been thinking about buying the bag by cGull and this helped me make up my mind. I did have a question, the spatula for the cricut works so well, a competing company’s spatula that I have used left me less than impressed, so I wanted to ask how is the spatula from the pink kit you showed in the video. Does it have the same great edge or is it more rounded and less able to get under the paper?

  • Debby

    Love, love, love the tip on the Mono Mini Glue. I use that glue all the time but have never thought of using it to pick up small pieces to adhere to my projects. I always see other using some kind of tool that does that but could never find them. I am going to use this tip and enjoy the savings. Thanks Megan.
    angel hugs

  • Tina V

    Love the Fresh Look Friday video! I can fit my provocraft spatula in the green case by laying the handle over the ruler with the metal top of the spatula resting flat on the foam. The case zips up great with out to much squishing!

  • Rose

    Great 1st episode!!!Great tips on the cutting mat on the stick & spray. I used the big fat 2 way zig pen on my mat.I use the small 2 way zig pen,for my sunday school class we do a craft after each lesson.The white school glue never would dry so I got the zig pens & it helped us out a lot in getting are crafts finished.

  • Beth

    I have had my Cricut Expression for over a year only using it once just to test it. Well this past weekend I put it to use by helping my daughter complete a 1st grade science project. Now I’m in love. I do wish I had seen this epsisode before because the information on the adhesive would have been invaluable. Because of this episode, I am now purchasing a xyron machine as well as adding to my wishlist of future purchases the products for re-sticking the mats and the zig pens.

    Anyway can’t wait for the next installment.


  • Christine

    Love the new feature! You provided information I have been trying to get, but couldn’t without having the actual product in my hand. Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Barbara

    Great job Megan. I like to have reinforcement on things that I may already know, and of course I love to learn new things as well. You are my go to gal for everything Cricut! I just recently purchased the Craft Caddy and think it will be great. I have not really set it up completely because I have been ill, but looking forward to using it and getting more in the future. Of course I got it because of you! My only other comment it that I felt the video was a little dark and hard to see. Just my thought. Other than that, it was great!

  • Whitney

    Loved all the information in this video. I am a new Cricut user so I am always looking for tips and tricks. Do you happen to have a list of all of the items you mentioned in this video and where to get them? Thanks again for this awesome video!

  • Darti

    what is the name of the two pens you used for gluing in episode 101 –zig??? and tomboy??? couldn’t catch the name –help