Unboxing Fun + Nate & Family Updates/News

As I mentioned,

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First I want to say, thank you so much for all the love, support and prayers for Nate and I the last two weeks….always an adventure around here! Enjoying the moments and counting all our blessings!

Nate was in a very traumatic accident with the Tractor here at our house planting food plots for deer here at our house last Wednesday, we spent 3 full days in the hospital and continuing follow up tests and treatments.  Thankfully he is ok!  I am still on road to recovery from the Kidney Stones and infection just last week, continuing my followup and further care, but again, all good!

Because life is, well, crazy, and the 31 Days did not fully goes as planned, we roll with it all!  We are continuing the $1.00 joining of SheMakesClub through end of June, with a repeat on what 31 Days was to be and more!

I just have SO many fun things to make and document and share! Taking it easy, but lots of videos we are still inspired to make and to share!

Have a look at the live video I shared just a little earlier today!

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