31 Day She Makes Her Life Journey Workshop & Worksheet Downloads

I am so excited to kick off a new annual 31 Day Journey!  

This 31 days we are going to identify the areas in life we want to bring more purpose, balance and enjoyment to! We are going to take a look at setting goals with creativity, gratitude and inspiration!

Join us, and let’s Make a Life You Love!

Sunday May 2, 2021 is the first of the many live workshops we will be doing this whole month long inside www.SheMakes.Club 

Let’s break down what you can expect this month inside SheMakes.Club…

  • 3 First Look Video Tutorial Releases of some of the trendiest projects you can make custom for yourself with the Cricut!
  • Creative Journey Workbook that will help you get really clear on the areas of life and crafting you most want to tackle most!
  • Fun, live, exclusive events to break down using the Daily 3s to move the needle forward, creatively or metaphorically! 
  • 31 Days of Creative Inspiration and Support!

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