REVISED! Two More Cricut Cartridges are Being Released! 24


Hey Everyone, I just wanted to post a little revision about this post I made the other day.  I want to be clear about a few things, one I found this info through a few places on the websites that were not supposed to be released yet.  While there are two sites out there that have had pictures on this Toy Story Cartridge to be released, I have not placed them on my site.  And The new Birds cartridge is going to be simply sweet and adorable and I have not seen all the images, but I have seen two of them and they are going to be so fun.

Images for these cartridges will be released on Provo Craft’s Hello Thursday which is NEXT Thursday already!  Can’t wait to see all the great things that Provo Craft continues to offer their crafting community and Loyal Supporters! 🙂

Ok So I DO NOT have all the photos, but I got some insider info on TWO MORE New Provo Craft Cartridges that are going to be released in June!! 🙂

You ready to hear it?!?!? I showed you the photos from what was on pre-order at Custom Crops, but now lets talk about these…..


Disney/Pixar’s TOY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SOOO EXCITED TO see Buzz, Woody and the whole GANG in some REALLY cute Scrapbook Pages and Cards! This Cartridge is going to be SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A REALLY CUTE NEW CARTRIDGE that is based on ONE Swweeeettt Little Birdy! You can basically dress this bird up for ALL occasions and just have fun decorating your layouts and greeting cards with the new Three Birds on Parade Cricut Cartridge… Can’t wait to share the new pics with you! 🙂 They are coming!!! :)You will LOVE IT!!!

In the mean time, in case you missed it, the ones that I DO have pictures of are right HERE!!!

And when HELLO THURSDAY hits this month, you are going to be SOOO Excited to see some of the projects that have been made with these new releases!  I’ll be sure to report on where to go! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!!! 🙂

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