Wanna See a Funny Joke Played On Megan? 18

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are well!

Funny thing happened to me this past week and I thought maybe some of you would laugh and get a kit out of seeing Me embarrassed and surprised!

I have a fantastic group of friends and supports who I love dearly and they decided that for my birthday and mothers day there were going to “get me”.

My dear friends and my husband decided that I should get the amazing opportunity to go to Branson, MO for a girls weekend 🙂  I’m THRILLED and EXCITED!  But they couldn’t do that without giving just a touch of embarrassment to me first!

On Mothers Day my good friends at ScrapCessories asked me to host a live Ustream event for them!  (You can watch below) I was told that i was to be announcing the winner of one of their giveaway events, sounds great and SO fun right?!  Well they turned it around on me pretty good! 🙂  LOL  AND I am going to Branson, MO for a few days to enjoy some cropping and girl time!  Chick flicks I hope and a lot of food! 🙂

Very excited and TRULY Blessed to have a husband who would support me to go, and friends that are dragging me along 🙂

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