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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to give you more on the Cricut Imagine – and I just am now getting around to sharing some more info. šŸ™‚

Lets look at some of the Promo Pics from Provo Craft and talk a little bit about the goodies šŸ™‚

There it is – the BEAUTIFUL Imagine šŸ™‚

The printer/cutting machine in one šŸ™‚

Its truly amazing and you can do a TON of great things with it!

The top ldc screen and much of the same interface as the Cricut Gypsy, but more to it.Ā  There is also a port for both the Original Cricut Cartridges and the new Imagine Cartridges that will contain color pallets and patterns to print fantastic colors right onto your cuts.Ā  Talk about customization!!! šŸ™‚ You’re going to love it!

The ink cartridges are made with the great quality of HP Inks, but the ink cartridges are specific for this machine….not just any HP cart will work…. Good news is that the price point on these ink cartridges are no more than standard HP Ink Cartridges….

The Cutting Mats I’m thrilled to say, are really cool.Ā  They have redesigned the cutting mats with a new kind of adhesive and also have changed the plastic that the mat is made from for better wear and tear.Ā  The only thing to note is – you can’t use your old Cutting Mats with the new Imagine Machine, but you can use the new cutting mats in your old Cricut Machines.

Here is a look at one of the Imagine Cartridges – and from what I understand the one that is going to be coming with the Imagine Cricut Machine.Ā  I do not have ALL the info on this…but this is what I wanted to share.Ā  The initial designs are beautiful and Provo Craft has done much work with the artists from Cosmo Cricket for their first set of designs.

Few other things to mention… The Imagine will work with ALL your current cartridge library.Ā  The Imagine Machine will also work with your Gypsy and you will be able to done TONS more with your Gypsy in the VERY near future…including that awesome Photo App I talked to you all a little bit about.Ā  The new Imagine Cricut Cartridges will only work with the Imagine Cricut Machine…this is because they contain color palettes and patterns that your original Cricut will not be able to do anything with.Ā  Also to mention, from the understandings, you will be able to link your new Imagine Cartridges to your Gypsy for even further design options, but once again will have to cut/print with the Imagine for those cartridges.

Ok so thats what I’ve got to give you for now – the Cricut Imagine Premiers on HSN on September 14th and as soon as my machine is in hand I will be sharing it with you further šŸ™‚

Feel free to comment with questions – though I can’t promise I will have any answers šŸ™‚ Just wanted to share what I could and more to come…..

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33 thoughts on “More Cricut Imagine Images and Info

  • Janet Smith

    This looks like a lot of fun. I understand it will print on card stock. Will it be any card stock or will you have to get special card stock?
    Thanks Janet

  • patricia pent

    Hi Meagan, thanks for the update, should we worry that they will not be making anymore carts for the cricut as we now know it? I just bought mine about a year ago and while I’ve been accumulating carts I would like to continue getting more. And with the gypsy and the photo up will we be able to use that? I was looking forward to that. In any case I can’t wait to see what it can do, my gypsy was already updated with the photo ap.
    thank you for all the input you give, and your dvd are great!!!!!!!

  • Shelly

    Hi Megan, Patricia Pent has great questions … I hope Cricut people aren’t going to phase out regular carts and misc. Looking forward to seeing your new machine in action. Hope you also keep showing us things on the “old machines” … Thanks for the update info again … Shelly

  • erintw2gs

    I don’t know….I like picking out patterned paper to customize my own creations, and I love to ink the edges to give something dimension. %600 for the machine, plus ink, plus $60 – $70 for predetermined patterns and colors??? Not for me. But, more power to you if that’s your cup of tea.

  • Megan Gravener

    I hear ya Erintw2gs – but my thoughts are its cool to print many of the images without cutting certain things and almost doing a bit of a hybrid scrapbooking with printing photos and cuts – I think there are some really cool benefits – but I TOO LOVE my patterned papers and such šŸ™‚ Soo awesome šŸ™‚

  • scrapper69

    I think it’s a great machine…. but I wish they would have chose a different printing company to work with…. Don’t get me wrong… HP is a good company but their Ink Cartridges will cost more in the long run….compared to Canon or Epson… These 2 companies offer individual ink cartridges…. (Meaning) when only 1 color runs out you just have to replace that one color only…. On HP Printers they only have a Combo Color Cartridge.. which means when (1) of the colors run out you have to replace the Whole thing…. which is costly and wasteful…. I use to own HP Printers… and trust me the ink will cost you…. and on top of that these are Special Cartridges only…. your not saving money on them… I also don’t like that it’s not compatible with the Design Studio…. I know you have a Gypsy and that’s great for you… but I LOVE my DS and feel that those of us who have DS got cheated yet again… šŸ™ But I do like the new mats with the new sticky on them… can’t wait to try them out!

  • Janice M.

    Thanks for more info on the new machine! I got a lot of reading to do on this one before I decide if I want to spend that much $$! Keep the info coming!

  • Dianne Bell

    The Imagine looks very interesting. I would like to own one, but I would still keep my Expression. A few years ago I bought a Husqvarna Designer 1 and had that for quite awhile, and loved it. Then I traded it in for a Husqvarna Designer SE upgrade. I never mastered the technique and slowly stoped embroidering. So, I would be hesitant to buy this new machine unless I kept my Expression too. At least until I knew I could use the Imagine to its fullest and not be sorry I sold my Expression. This is only how I feel and not anyone else’s opinion. But I am looking forward to more info on this machine and it does look very interesting.

  • Kelly Bienvenu

    It’s pricey and I was a little disappointed that they’re using HP type ink. I agree with scrapper69. I have a HP but the ink is expensive. I guess it would depend on how far the ink lasts. If you could get a couple of hundred pages in full color, then compared to the price of paper I guess it would even out. We’ll see. Of course, I still want one because I think that it would come in VERY handy on those times when I need something in a hurry and don’t have the time or imagination to pick out paper and layer. I don’t think it will ever replaced the beautiful papers and inking and our own imaginations, but I can see where it would be a great tool to add to the collection.

  • Cathy T.

    I agree with scrapper69 and Kelly also. I am concerned about the printer part of the cricut. I would have to purchase a new ink cartridge just about once a week if I decide to purchase the cricut imagine. I use my cricut expression alot and I can buy scrapbook paper cheaper than buying the ink cartridges. I like layering with different color papers and patterned papers to make it look demensional.

  • Cindy Epting

    One of the reasons the HP ink is more expensive is that they have the print head built into the cartridge. You get a new print head every time you change your cartridge so that helps keep the prints crisp. Looks like a great toy, but space and $$ contstraints will prevent me from getting one.

  • Sue Parks

    Since I have had the Expressions since Dec., 2009, I ton’t think I would ever want the Imagine. I have not even learned everything there is to know about this one and I have not even started learning the Gypsy. Not enough hours in the day.

  • LilGreenBug

    My new HP printer has four individual cartridges–3 color and one black. I wish they had employed that technology in the Imagine. As others have expressed, with the tri-color ink cartridges, if you run out of one color and still have plenty of the others, you waste that ink because you have to replace the tri-color cartridge. I LOVE the concept, but this is one thing I wish PC had done differently. Of course, I will HAVE to have one anyway!!! haha I’m sure I will hang on to my 2 Expressions, as well, though. I do like what I am hearing about the new mats. Hopefully, the adhesive will last longer and not come off on the back of the paper. It’s an exciting time to be a crafter, don’t ya think???
    Blessings and hugs to you, my friend!!! Wish I could have been at CHA with ya!! Come on January!!

  • Katherine A.

    I agree that this is a fabulous idea but that using a tri-colored cartridge instead of individual colors is VERY wasteful. You’d think of all companies that PC would want to “go (cricut) green” and I know that HP has that technology b/c that’s what my HP printer uses (3 color; 1 black).

  • BethAnn

    I was so interested to see what this Imagine was going to be, but I have to agree with many of the previous posts, that the ink and extra cartridges may really put this out of reach for many of us. I love my big E, and I enjoy picking out patterns, textures, etc to go with the images I’m cutting. I hope that everyone who really wants one of the new machines is happy with their purchase! BethAnn M.

  • chinajo

    Thanks for sharing the info. Looks like this will be an even more expensive hobby. I just got the cricut cake so I cannot afford this machine now, but good gives me the time to think if I’d really use it. I love my 2 cricut expressions and I love working with different papers better than ink.

  • Lynn

    I agree with the other comments that the ink cartridges will probably make this a very expensive way to make cards and scrapbook pages. I think I will stick with my Gypsy and my E.

  • KarenLinPA

    If someone gave me the Imagine, I wouldn’t refuse it. But …. too expensive right now. Maybe they will figure out the ink situation & change it in the future to have seperate ink tanks, which is so much more cost effective. I know HP can do it because I have 2 HP printers that take that type of ink, plus a “photo black” ink cartridge. For now I will live vicariously through those that were lucky enough to receive one as a gift at CHA or fortunate enough to have the $$ to buy one.

  • Donna Lieb

    I thought I would never need anything other than my Expression; not anymore!! I think this would be an amazing addition to an already terrific line of products. Having both would allow me to still create the “old fashioned” way and then do a little something extra with the Imagine. I think what impresses me most is the quality of the finished product. Wow! Have there been any comments on how many pages one ink cartridge will print? Still, for now I will continue with the Expression and all of the wonderful features it has to offer. I have not mastered all of those by any means.

  • Gail

    Someone above stated that HP cartidges only come as a multi color cartrdige. I have a C6500 that uses 6 different colors and black. The ink is labeled as 02 AND YOU CAN BUT each color seperately. I love my printer

  • Linda Fogerty

    I think the Cricut Imagine will be great! I too have HP printer and I do have separate cartridges of ink-6 carts in all. So, I am a bit concerned about cost of ink. But what really sold me on this machine is the uploading of photos and ability to use the Imagine as a Cricut and a 12×12 printer. I would love to be able to make paper out of some of my own photos. If I’m right about the 12×12 printing abiity, then this would save a lot of space in my scrap room. I do have the Gypsy so uploading photos won’t be a problem.

  • Sharron

    Is the Imagine machine worth the money to replace a Cricut Create if Im not going to use the printing capability? Is the machine itself more powerful or able to cut more smoothly? While I like the idea of a 12X12″ cutting surface are there other benefits? Love using the gypsy – especially taking it on trips.