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So excited todays post is by Tanner Bell! I’m going to let him tell you all about it, but

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Hey Guys! It’s Tanner from Tanner Bell Designs! In today’s Tutorial I show you what I LOVE to do with the Megan Elizebeth Ink Edgers! There Really a GREAT Product for inking around ALL the edges of cards! Its super fun too! In the video, I show your various cards and how inking of the edges can complete the cards! 



Here’s the Close up Pictures of some of the projects i’ve used the ink edgers for! 

This one above, Is something I cut out from a 6×6 paper Pad and I didn’t want to get to close to the edge, So I decided to ink the edges and now it looks GREAT! 

This above shows the super NICE inking of the edges of a Christmas Card! I love how easy they are to use 🙂 

Remember this AWESOME card I did a few months back? Well, Notice I used the ink edges ALL around the edges just for the added affect! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all kinds of different cards and have got a good feeling of how they work, And what you can use them for 🙂 Totally worth it!  Also make sure to check out today’s Deal!! You will not be sad! It’s a un-real Deal! hehe. 

Hope you have a GREAT day and make sure to be coming back everyday, For more Deals and Tutorials! 

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