Black Friday 2012 Extravaganza Day 4 Giveaway and Special 64

2012 Extravaganza and We have some giveaways and Christmas Ideas you don’t want to miss today!

Not to mention – today IS Cyber Monday – so extra good sales and things in store on the Web!  🙂  You’ll have to “explore” the store today to see what special surprises you may find there!!! 😉

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Today’s special is so super awesome and fantastically fun!  The How to Use The Teresa Collins Stamp Maker A to Z DVD is on sale for the lowest price ever of only $3.99! Check out ALL the Cyber Monday Deals in Store now!

And it is Cyber Monday so is having THEIR lowest prices of the year and the actual Stamp Maker machine is on sale for only $104.99 thats a $65.00 savings! Store right HERE

Want to see an overview of the Video or see more about the Stamp Maker?  CLICK HERE To see Megan’s Video!


Tanner Bell has a fantastic stamp set called It’s a Baby that he is Sponsoring alongside of your own copy of the How to Use the Teresa Collins Stamp Maker.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All you have to do to enter to win is Follow the Instructions on the Rafflecopter App above:

Visit today and tell me what deal WOWed you with their Cyber Monday Sale!

Watch Tanner’s Video today and if you have not already Subscribe to his Video Channel!

Finally Comment on this blog post letting me know you did all this!  Go ahead and tell a friend, a winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter.

Feel free to come over and see our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel – subscribe and get all the updates and see some fun behind the scenes ideas and things!

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