How to Use Cricut Imagine Cartridges with the Expression 2 E2 7

In this video in our Cricut Expression 2 mini series, I’m going to show you how :

  • Cut Cricut Imagine Cartridges with the Cricut Expression 2 – the E2 ONLY Cuts, it does not print images in the Cartridges
  • How to use Apply All global setting to make all images on your mat the same size without editing each one, OR you can make each images a different size which is so great.
  • Where to use PaperSaver with the E2
  • How to use “Kerning” for proper spacing with the Expression 2 (an awesome function) What is Kerning? Kerning allows you to space images, letters and icons closer together or space them further apart.
  • Using Paper Layerz with the Imagine Cartridge
  • a Cute finished card
YouTube Preview Image


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7 thoughts on “How to Use Cricut Imagine Cartridges with the Expression 2 E2

  • Pat D.

    You make the Expression 2 look so easy. It is quite a machine and I love mine a lot. Your mini series is very informative . Keep up the good work. Pat

  • Donna VanDermark

    I am so sorry I will be missing your Cropped Event. I will be leaving on vacation. If I could have changed my plans I would have.

    Good Luck to all on this weekend.

  • DianeK from Indiana

    Thanks for the video; although I have the first Expressions, it encourages me to make adaptations from other unit cartridges. AND love the Paper Layerz products! I’ll have to watch for the Twist and Tube papers at my local crafting store.

  • MLee

    Hi Megan – love your videos! But I think you are due for a CE2 update. The cut phase has been changed from the way your machine did in this video.

  • Megan

    I just finished watching this video and up above it says that you talk about how to use the Kerning tool and I didn’t see anything in the video about how to use this feature and I’m having trouble finding helpful information on the internet in general. Any tips or direction to a video would be very helpful.