Cropped Mystery Challenge Howto Upload Your Challenges & WIN! 50

I can’t believe Cropped is ONE WEEK AWAY!!! This is sooo exciting!

Would you like to WIN a Ticket to

In the comments tell us what you would most like our Pros to discuss during our Live Topic Discussions Sept 21-23? What specific questions can we cover for you?

Don’t forget we will also be letting you ask questions live during our event, all you need to do is login and chat with us in our private chat room that will be available at time of event!

We have challenges coming in from the initial two that went out with Mystery Boxes and we have 3 more Enter to Win Challenges during the Cropped Event Weekend Sept 21-23!  You do not NEED to have a Mystery Box to be a part of this event and win over $5,000.00 in prizes and giveaways just for being a part of this INCREDIBLE event!  We have hundreds of people participating and there are SOOO Many prizes for you to have a chance at winning!  But you can’t win if you don’t have your tickets!!  Get them today while you still can!


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50 thoughts on “Cropped Mystery Challenge Howto Upload Your Challenges & WIN!

  • Kat Green

    Well, if you have the old design studio can you still update it if you haven’t in a year? Will the original Cricut Expression be offered again? Will the software for the original design studio be fixed free of charge for the original owners of the software so all the old problems are eliminated? The old message board had lots of issues regarding the original. Also, is there any hope for any manufacturer to come out with a 12″x12″ thin, electric (that can also be used manually) machine similar to the Cuttlebug? Will PC allow updating the PC machines without destroying other software we have purchased for other brand machines we have purchased? Let me clarify that I only use the products legally and am not software savvy so I don’t want my separate systems compromised. In fact, I have several separate manual machines for each manufacturer and two separate electronic machine brands just in an attempt to stay legal. Thank you.

  • Brenda Mano

    I’d love to see the Pros mix it up and use the different products out there (ie ranger, cricut, vagabond) so we can see different ways to use products. 🙂 Use different techiques that make using all are stuff a bit more inventive.

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, I would love to know more about small detail cutting by hand ( cutting paper to back the open area behind dazzles or cutting out stamped items, etc.) and what scissors to use and any special tips for left-handers. Thanks.


  • Amy E.

    I would love to hear a discussion on how the pros made the jump from crafter to pro. How did you grow your blog? What was your “big break?” What tips would you have for those of us who would like to do the same?

  • Terri S

    I would love to here from the pros on how to overcome the ruts of scrapbooking. I find myself doing the same thing over and over and need to get new inspiration for pages.

  • Jean

    Hi Megan,
    I have enjoyed all of your videos as you create and release them but now I would love to know more about how to grow your blog and create income from my crafting skills and capabilities. I find that with my joy of the hobby and craft alongside my skills as a trainer I should be doing more than making these fun items and stacking them in my craft room.

  • debbie susee

    I’d love to hear more about the little details you add to a layout, card or home decor project to finish it off and make it complete.
    More home decor project ideas for little money.
    Ways to dress up die cuts.

  • Margaret

    Interested in hearing how the pros decide how many pictures too use on a page layout. It seems these days the design is more important than the story.

  • Linda Jamme

    This sounds like so much fun and I know it will be very exciting because Megan Elizabeth is so full of fun and enthusiasm! I will be in Augusta, WI scrapping the weekend away with a great group of girls and will not get home till later on Sunday. I will have to watch all of this at a later time. Have fun and show us how we can use many of the things we already own. I know there are many types of papers to use to card mak and scrap but not exactly sure how to use like the bazil or water color papers. How about some different ways to use embossing folders?

  • Jenise Dotson

    I really want to know more about the electronic cutting machines. I have a cricut expression but im not sure it was the right one for me. So I would like for them to do an overview of all that are available. I like my cricut but I really like a lot of the sites that offer Svg files to cut out. I think I need another machine but I need to educate myself on the other items on the market. Thanks.

  • Amanda Sura

    I, too, would like to learn more about how the pros made that jump from casual crafter to pro. I would love to start a blog and make some moola off my fun hobby! Not knowing how to successfully make that jump is hard as I am not a techie. The computer can be so complicated when trying to do something unfamiliar as creating a blog! I want a smooth, easy jump ;0)

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    When using your cricut, sometimes these cartridge selections cut way bigger than you thought it would, so how do you determine the size to put when you are using paper layers. Some images will cut much bigger than the size you selected. I always have to cut it out on scrap paper to see what size it will be before using my good sheet of paper.

  • susan rude

    I would really like to see and hear more on using the supplies we have, everyday items that we can incorporate into our pages, cards, etc. I am looking forward to our very own craft war with the pros. This all sounds like a great time. Also how can we start our little ones out and what age to peak their interestest in scrapping their lives?
    Thank you,
    Sue R.

  • Madeline Griggs

    All of this is exciting! I love your videos and have learned how to use my cricut machines from watching your great teaching Tues. videos and from the ones I have purchased from you. Any advice that the pros can give me would be greatly appreciated because I am still learning. I’m also interested in the any home decor projects.

  • monica thomas

    i am excited for the crop! i do not own any of the machines, cricut, vegabond, etc so i would just like to see projects done that do NOT require elements made with those machines. i do everything by hand except i do have a cutter so i try to keep my projects very simple. i would also like to see projects done that uses our supplies in unique ways, you know, thinking outside of the box kinda ideas. thanks a bunch!!!!

  • Nancee

    Would love to see some demonstrations with the newest cricut cartridges – Teddy Bear Parade and Trick or treat, Create a Critter 3 and also more info on using the Gypsy (maybe by then they will allow it to link with the Cricut Craft Room?)

  • April

    I want the experts to discuss balance on scrapbook layouts, how-to do fast scrapbook pages and how people plan their layouts and picture printing. The last suggestion, I’d like to clarify. I print quite a few pictures at a time and then start scrapping. Before I print my pictures, I find layouts that I plan on doing so I know what pictures, quantity per layout and what size. This is too time consuming and is, honestly, not been done in over a year! What is a better way, if any?


  • mary jean

    I would love to know where they get their ideas! What their favorite tools are! And for them which comes first..the pictures or the layouts?

  • Janet T

    I would like to learn how to make my own videos to be able to post on my blog.. I really have no clue if this is uber easy, super hard or not bad at all… I would so love to be there in person for this weekend and if it was closer I would be but alas it remains a dream. Don’t have many friends who scrapbook and would love to get together with some like minded people and be inspired. But online is better than nothing right??? ;D

  • janine lawrence

    Hi I would like to ask what is the best way to select colour schemes for scrapbooking .I seem to spend ages selecting the colour co-ordination before I start putting my page together ,way to long? Thankyou

  • islandgirl

    J dont know if your going to be talking abouut the Pazzles. But if so, I would like to know how to use a font to write a saying. Thanks for this great weekend coming up.

  • Jeanne

    I would like to know more about care and feeding of all kinds of stamps, including rubber wood mount and acrylic. Could the also discuss the pros and cons of removing stamps from wooden blocks and converting the so they can be used on acrylic blocks?

  • Traci K

    I would like to know more about getting the correct adhesive for canvas. My ATG and other “strip” addvhesive will not hold to it. Any one have any suggesstions on de-blocking stamps. My mom sent me a bunch on wood and I like my acrylic stamps better and want to take them off the wood. Would love to learn how they got started and what their inspirations are, what blogs do they follow and how everyone decided to turn this into a business and not just a hobby anymore.

  • Judy Hyde

    I’d love to know how the pro’s get their inspiration for card ideas. What are their favorite tools and techniques? Can’t wait for the Cropped Event to start-Good luck to you and thanks for having such a great idea and following through to the end!!!!

  • Marissa Flores

    I am so excited about this weekend! I would really like to know how to figure out how to cut envelopes on my cricut. I never know how to decide on the size card…nor the size of the cut for the envelope. It is very frustrating. If I could get help with that, I’d be in heaven!

  • Toni Myers

    I have a lot of left over mulberry paper from a few years ago and I would love a new up to date idea of how to use mulberry papers again. Thank you. Toni

  • Dorothy

    I would like to know your favorite tools and techniques and why. How to find the time to do more crafting. Ideas to put things together so it doesn’t take so much time selecting paper, colors, etc.

  • Lee Jayne

    I am so excited about this week-end. This will be my first crop! As a fairly new scrapper, I would like to hear what basics I should be collecting. Also need some suggestions about which products are preferred & why. I have already learned that all paper is not created equal
    !’m definitely looking forward to the discussions on cutting vinyl & machine comparisons. Hoping to see lots of stamping techniques, too. Less than 24 hurs to go . . . YEAH!

  • Carmen Elrod

    I would like to know how the pros stay organized and on top of things. I have my craft room nice and tidy, and all things have a place, but when I am working, it gets pretty messy.. I would like to have some expert advice on different ways to sell your crafts. I have so many great ideas, but would love to be able to sell more of them, other than the little craft fairs that I participate in. Also, I would love to know some selling and setting up tricks for the craft fairs. Like how to make your product to be more noticed and presentable? Thanks so much !

  • Chris Trezza

    I would like some help in using my Gypsy with my Cricut Imagine…also how to use Layerz with my Cricut Imagine……creative and fun ways to use Washi tape…..and so much more! …..I a so excited….