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Hey everyone!

So this weekend I am showing off some Square 1 Masterpiece Removable Repositionable Adhesive Fabric.  I’ve been working with Square 1 for just over a month now and I’m so thrilled to show it off this weekend in Minnesota! 😉

I’ll be using the Holiday Hoppla Collection Pack for this particular project and you can pick that up HERE.

One thing we did was start with a completely blank Chipboard Frame. These are really inexpensive at a lot of stores, but the awesome thing about decorating this with Square1 is that you can reuse it and redecorate it for every single occasion – or even day of the week!


Here’s how you cover the entire frame in seconds with Square1. The really cool thing about Square1 that you never have to worry about “bubbling” issues; you would never be able to do this quite so easy with anything else so smoothly and cleanly, just in minutes.

Place your colored Square1 Adhesive fabric and frame down on your cutting mat surface.  Use an

Xacto knife to cut the fabric down to size. (Remember you can use Square 1 LIKE vinyl, but it’s an adhesive fabric that allows you a lot more creative freedom and is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to vinyl.)

Once it’s cut to size leaving about 1/4″ or more overhang, peel the white backing sheet slowly back from the fabric and cover the entire frame.

Wrap the Fabric around the frame and allow fabric to adhere to the back.

Once material is fully wrapped around frame place project face down on your cutting mat and grab that Xacto again. From corner of frame opening to corner of frame opening cut an “X” into the Square1.  Really light pressure it slices really easily.

All you have to do is place each “triangle” tight on the back of the frame to finish it off and have it completely covered.

Now the fun begins!  Select any of the many other colors or patterns or even print your own! You can cut out images with your Cricut Expression, Silhouette Cameo, eCraft or any other machinesthat you would like! I used my Cricut Expression, my Gypsy and the Artiste Cricut Cartridge that Melanie Brown gave me and I LOVE!!!! I use it for EVERYTHING! I just cut out a random bunch of images using the different colors in the Holiday collection packs!

I just cut out a whole bunch of phrases and images from the Artiste CTMH Cartridge that I like. Now that magic of Square 1 – I can place down and remove these images as many times as I want wherever I want!  All over the frame, all over the walls, just keep the backing sheets so that you can have a place to stick them when you are not decorating with them!

Pretty much no explanation needed on the next few pictures 😉 I’m just going to show you how I used each one all on the same frame, with the same covered green base. I just switched out my images by carefully peeling off the one I stuck down prior.  You can change out the frame decoration for everyday of the week!!!  Remember this is totally removable, and cleanly reposition able! I LOVE this STUFF, everyone at the Crop LOVED this stuff and I know you will too!



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