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Hey Everyone!

Well I just got back from St. Cloud Minnesota and had a GREAT time at Crafts Direct and the weekend event that my wonderful friend Genna Migala hosted.  We got a massive snow storm so the second part of my trip ended up canceled and I came home early. I was actually kinda happy about it,though it did take me an extra 3.5 hours to make it home safely.

I learned a LOT at this last event and one thing is about two really awesome Apps for smart phones that I just have to share with you all because they are SO fun!

I wanted to share a few pictures with you guys from the weekend and things I enjoyed and I also wanted to share a few things we are creating here at home!

It’s Christmas time! It’s a time for lots of creating, but also a time for family fun activities!

Things I Created with Square 1 at the Crop:

I did a lot of Square1 demos and creating while in Minnesota, and I did a post the other day (you can see it here) of a DIY Picture from that you can redecorate over and over again. Here are just two of the other things I made quickly and used the “Love You a Latte” Cricut Lite Cartridge and the Square1 Adhesive Holiday Collection Packs.  The thing I love about these is I can stick them anywhere that I want to and use them over and over again!

Amazing Apps That I Am Addicted To:

We all love playing with and learning about new things right?  Well these aren’t exactly scrapbook related apps, but they are money earning ones that really I found to be addictively fun.

ShopKick:  ShopKick is a “check in” app for everytime you walk into various stores.  You earn points upon every “check in” and your points earn you REAL giftcards to your favorite stores. (Well my favorite stores at least) I’m almost at earning my first giftcard for Target, and you can get them for Starbucks, BestBuy, iTunes, Macy’s the list goes on and on.  AND you can even earn points from home just scrolling through the sales look books in the app.  I love it because I always have my phone on me, it’s an easy check in and a quick way to earn a little extra money to spend at places I love to shop at anyway!  You all can thank me later 😉 😉 lol

To get ShopKick Use Link:

Now the other amazing fun app!

Viggle: This one is a little more ridiculous, but so fun! I am super addicted to this and you don’t earn as many points as quickly, but it’s still fun for when you are just hanging out at home and yu just have to do a quick “check in”.  You earn points for watching TV.  That’s right, TV!  There are also particular shows that if you watch you earn bonus points and you can play along with “Viggle Live” and participate in trivia games and even fantasy football. Sunday during the snow storm I WATCHED more football actively than ever in my entire life, but I scored 2,500 points so YAY me! 😉 I’m seriously addicted to this fun and every time I turn on tv I just hold my phone up to the speakers for a few seconds and then go about my business.  It’s cool and I’m saving points for  Kindle!

To get Viggle Use Link:

Ok ok, enough about the apps!

What Else Did You Do in Minnesota?

Well I didn’t get to do all I had planned, but I LOVE Crafts Direct!  Seriously I LOVE that store so much! I get inspired purely by walking in the doors there, its’ just so awesome! Here’ are a few pics from being there and what I loved there.

Below is Jason (Genna’s Hubby) Checking out the AboveRubiesStudio goodies on shelf! Is that Paper Layerz we see?  The other amazing part about Crafts Direct is the awesome Cafe inside!  Yummy treats, sandwiches and awesome lattes! I could live here! No joke 😉








Christmas Fun:

I’m going to have to do a few more posts about Christmas time, but while I’m posting today about Enjoying Life’s Moments – I have two new pics of the kiddies I have to share!

Drinking Hot Chocolate after being out in the snow, and making our first Gingerbread House!







They are simply the best 🙂 So much fun!

Thanks for taking time to read and share this post 🙂 You all are amazing and I hope you ENJOY THE MOMENTS today and everyday! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Life’s Moments: Cool Apps, Awesome Store, Christmas Time

  • Marilyn

    Love those mugs your kids are drinking out of. Just downloaded the shopkick app to my phone. I had Viggle already but I forget to use it. Thanks for the info.

  • MommyMe

    Yay, snow! I’m glad you returned safely! I adore the “Love you a Latte” and its’ postage-stamp vibe. Just by looking at the pictures of Crafts Direct it’s become my new ‘happy place’! The photos of Bensen and Jena are adorable with their monogrammed mugs, (as big as their heads), and the yummy gingerbread house! I’m glad you were able to spend time enjoying yourself and your children!

  • Christie Brooks

    Love both pictures of the kids, but the one with the Gingerbread house is my fav! Such a cute house, but the grins on the kids make it!~ Glad you made it home safe…and are ‘enjoying the moments’!

  • Kristy

    Glad you had a great time in St. Cloud. My family lives there an I always have to hit Crafts Direct when we’re up there. My brother used to work there…can you say discount?! It was awesome!

  • Martha

    I live in the St. Cloud area and I just have to say Crafts Direct is my second home. I love it and by now I must own stock in it. Lol I am so glad you liked it and I hope you return. Also I love all the stuff you make keep up the good work.