CTO: Create a Critter 2 and Suburbia NEW Cricut Cartridges 88

Hey Guys

Today I had to post about the New Cricut Cartridges that were released on Thursday, I know my CTOs are usually on Wedsnesdays, but with the Holiday and life I’m all out of whack and kept thinking today was Tuesday ANYWAY, so why not post it now? Right? Anyway, in general I don’t post often about the Hello Thursday releases, but I can’t help being a bit more excited about this and yet totally hesitant towards how I REALLLY feel about this, so I’m asking you guys!

I HAVE to know your opinions on these two Carts, because I feel like they are spin offs on two of my Top 10 Fav carts which are Create A Critter Original and Forever Young.

Here’s my thing:Ā  I FEEL like many images on the CAC2 are almost TOO close to other images on cartridges I already have, am I crazy?Ā  Or do I NEED this as much as I feel I WANT it?!?!?Ā  THOUGHTS Please Tell! I need help! LOL šŸ˜‰


Take a Look at Create a Critter 2 and tell me what you think!!!!

I don’t know what it is but there is something just about the box alone exciting me! But then I worry I’m just crazy!…. Ok friends, don’t answer that, I KNOW I’m crazy, I just mean for wanting this cartridge so darn much!








See there ARE duplicate images some exactly the same as on the original Create a Critter, some that are totally different, some that are close but not EXACTLY the same, but then there’s enough different that Ireallywant it! LOL šŸ™‚





There are for certain everyday phrases I see using a lot on cards, layouts, decor and party projects and MORE so that’s a safe bet! And I DEF love some of the icons and “accessories” to this cartridge (DO I just have Provo Craft SUCKER tattooed somewhere on my forehead??? Would someone please check on my next video?) I REALLY love it!

And Now for some Suburbia!Ā  I can’t help it! Once again, I feel the NEED and I LOVE IT!Ā  And I really like the font on this cartridge too!Ā  It’s very retro and has that Forever Young vibe but with a few more layers and I like the accessories on this one too!Ā  This one I don’t feel as much “sucker” about as I just feel content love looking at it and certainly will caress my cartridge box when I finally am able to get my hands on it! (Though I suspect it will be awhile! LOL)

Alright! There ya have it! Today’s check this out (and HELP ME OUT WOULD YA!??!) post. šŸ˜‰

I am really so very excited that Provo Craft is going to be sponsoring a BRAND NEW Cricut Mini and Cartridges for the Cropped Event taking our total prize value over $5,000.00!!!!Ā  It’s insane how many prizes we have!Ā  And while Mystery Boxes are gone, you can still get tickets to participate in the event and win these prizes and learn so much more! http://www.CroppedEvent.com

Enjoy the Moments Friends!


*Disclaimer – Provo Craft did not sponsor this post or ask me to write my thoughts or opinions about these cartridges, this is just Me being me and wanting to share my thoughts about this!Ā  I love sharing my Cricut Projects and tutorials with you all and non of those videos are sponsored by or affiliated with Provo Craft.Ā  My DVDs, Video Series, CTOs etc are not sponsored by Provo Craft, they are generous to donate prizes for the Cropped Event at this time only and do not financially or through products sponsor AboveRubiesStudio.com.



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88 thoughts on “CTO: Create a Critter 2 and Suburbia NEW Cricut Cartridges

  • Tianna

    I like the CAC2 a lot. I think there are a lot of similarities but I will absolutely 100% be getting it. There are lot of extras that make it worth it to me. As for the other one – that one will take more time fore me to think about.

  • Nichole

    I also was thinking the Create a Critter 2 Cartridge looked a lot like the first. I would definitely not buy it for more than $29.99. There are some really cute new images though. So I feel exactly the same way you do. I feel like I should not get it because it is a lot like the 1st, but I still want it because it is super cute and has some new content. hehe

    The other one is cute but not really my style.

  • Diane Lindall

    Like the create a critter 2, Might purchase it if I can find it cheap, on sale somewhere… but the Suburbia, I wouldnt even consider… nothing on it at all that interests me in the least specially given the price of cartridges.
    If they want any more of my money, they are going to have to come up with something more interesting for me!

  • Kim

    I love CAC2 and already own it. I could not help myself. My JoAnns got it and put it out before they thought about it. I hadn’t seen Suburbia until now and “I WANT IT” LOL. I think we need a support group Cricut Anonymous. Can not wait to see what someone makes with this one.

  • Kathy K

    I do like both of the carts, but there appears to be a lot of dups on the CAC2. I will probably purchase the Suburbia just for the cool font!

  • Anna

    Personally, I love the new CAC2! I know that there are a lot of similarities and that’s just fine with me! It seems like they took the original CAC and made it a very seasonal/holiday critter cartridge which I love! Especially the little critters dressed in Halloween costumes!

  • Dardie

    I like the cac2 the words are so cute and so are the new accessories! I do not really care for the other one! I want the Teddy Bear Parade so bad so I guess which ever one I can find first cac2 or Teddy bear that’s it til Christmas!!!

  • Sierra Heath

    I love Create A Critter 2! It is a must have on my list. Also the whole cartridge is available to play with in CCR. If you want to play with it first. It is a must have for me. I like the surburbia cart too. It has some neat things on it. Since I had my little girl in April I can find a need for everything Scrapbooking lol.

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, I love the CAC2! It has so many adorable items. I will get it for sure if the budget allows. Of course, I am still trying to get the original CAC as well. I like the retro feel of Suburbia but not sure I would purchase it. I’m wondering what you think of the new Teddy Bear Parade cart. I think it is very cute and would like to have it.


  • Liz

    I like both, but I can see that I would get more use with Forever Young 2, it has the feel of ‘Mad Men’ about it. I do like CAC2 though…………………oh the temptation!

  • Carmen Elrod

    I love them both and will get them someday soon, I hope! I really love all of the cute little hats on CA2 and also the accessories! I have decorated my craft room with a childhood/retro theme and I just love the Suburbia Cart! I hope to own both of these very soon! Thanks Megan, for sharing with us!


    • Veronica

      Love them both! Love things Cricut! I love CAC1, and use it a lot, but I can so see using CAC2 also. And the Suburbia, I love the retro feel of it!

  • Lisa Davis

    I have the CAC2, love it! You”re right about alot of the images being similar, but there are a lot of cute little extras. If you are a collector of cricut carts, go get yours and enjoy!

  • Rose Ward

    I love CAC2. Very similar i use CAC1 a lot But will wait until I can find it on sale. As for the other one nothing in it strikes my fancy

    • Joan Smith

      I think Create a Critter 2 does have an extreme amount of duplicate icons as I checked and rechecked last night actually using CricutSearch.com….but for those of us who have 200 plus cartridges this will happen but for those that are just starting out these are totally new to them so I won’t be getting Create-A-Critter 2 but I did get Surburbia I don’t think it has any duplicate images and will go well with all the vintage cartridges especially Art Deco, My Kitchen and Nifty Fifties and let’s not forget A Child’s Year which to me fall into the vintage look…I do make cards once in awhile but I am a scrapper at heart and do it all the time almost everyday. I do really like how you are so honest about the cartridges.

  • Nancy Lee

    I love my CAC1 and use it a lot and will get CAC2 when I can find it on sale because it does have some different cute images on it but Suburbia is not my style and I am not at all interested in it.

  • Janet Royer

    I got Suburbia last weekend. Love it! But it’s more age appropriate for me (61) than Forever Young was, which I have too! The icons take me back to growing up in the late 50’s and 60’s! will go perfect with my parent’s photos and my youth photos. I’ve ordered CAC2 and it should be here in the next day or so. Lots of duplicate, but enough that I’ll use it. I have Sucker written on my forehead too!

  • Karen Hunt

    I think Suburbia is just daaarling!! The font is gorgeous, and I don’t have any like it. I think all those human images will go great on cards and layouts. I didn’t really like From My Kitchen, but I think I love Suburbia. It’s gone straight to the top of my list. But what will I do about Create a Critter 2? I’ll just have to twist my arm because those images are just too cute to let go.

  • Margaret K

    My daughter and I have Create a critter 1 and we know we want create a critter 2 also. I am just disapointed not to see a raccoon on create a critter 2. We are so looking forward to the cropped event, this will be our first time attenting a crop. YEA for all the sponsors and all the giveaways.

  • Susan Rude

    Hi Megan, I think we all have sucker on our foreheads. I really like CAC1 and use it a lot, makes the cutest cards and layouts for children. I will definitely be getting the CAC2 ASAP. Suburbia does look very interesting and would make great cards, I think I will wait for it to go on sale. I do love the accessories to both cartridges. Thanks for the showcase.

  • Brenda

    I’m afraid that I am loving them both! lol I thought too there were come repeats on CAC2 but there is a lot of different critters and stuff to make me want it. The Sububia cart I am loving and really want that one too. So no help from me because I want them both, but will wait until I can get them at a good cheap price. lol

  • Maria

    We are all suckers šŸ™‚ I bought cac2 as soon as I saw it on the shelf! There are some similar images but the other images far outweigh the feeling it’s a waste. I use cac1 the most so I know I will use this one too! I don’t own a lot of carts (I’m very picky) but this week I got 4. I think I’m grounded for a bit. Lol šŸ™‚ will have to wait for suburbia.

  • Cathy Rusk

    I checked out the CAC2 handbook online and while the critters are mostly the same, there are enough new additions to make me want the cartridge. The CAC1 cartridge is popular with my students, so I think this one will be too. As far as the Suburbia cartridge goes, I’m not too excited about it right now. There are other cartridges I would rather spend my money on.

  • Carmen

    Oh boy, now I’m in trouble. I deleted the email, my thoughts the cartridges were too simular. Now looking closer, I might have to get them too. Hopefully one of the girls I scrap with will get them first; then I can borrow instead.

  • Jane Dubois

    CAC2… I think I like it. It’s like the first edition got all dressed up for the holidays – especially Halloween. And I just love Halloween. I always buy only what’s on discount or on sale so it may be a while.

  • Jane Dubois

    Suburbia… I am not too sure about that. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s but I don’t think I like the style of this one. Probably won’t be purchasing this one even on sale.

  • Dar

    I have ordered the Suburbia cart as I am a vintage type of scrapper/card maker. It will fit well into my collection. Plus as another commenter posted, it brings back memories of my childhood.

  • Bev Meyer

    I love Ceate a Critter 2. I know I would use it for kids cards. I also like the words. I’ m just getting a good start on carts so will have to think about it for awhile. I ‘m 75 years old and don’t feel I should get toooo many carts. Of course my Grand-daughter would really like it. I don’ t think I would use the other one at all.

  • Lady Fair

    I love CAC1, but I don’t feel the need to invest in CAC2. Suburbia looks interesting, and Forever Young is on my most wanted list. I’m glad PC is coming out with new cartridges, with something for everyone. šŸ™‚

  • Kathi

    Love the CAC2… when it goes on sale I will get it as I can’t find CAC1 ever in my neck of the woods… also not much for the Suburbia style at all. Thanks for sharing all that is on these carts Megan! Kathi

  • Debbie H.

    Hi Megan! The fact that I have 76 cartridges tells you that I, too, am a sucker for cricut! However, I am starting to think more clearly and find that MANY of the new cartridges have only slight changes over ones I already have. In the grand scheme of things it won’t make a difference in the projects I create. From now on, the images will have to be very different from what I already have and the cartridge on sale before I buy any more!

  • Deb

    Megan, I agree with what you are saying. I love Create a Critter, and they didn’t change the critters, but they did add a lot of usable content. I love the sayings and can see using them a lot. The accessories really got me too. So cute! I don’t have Forever Young, but I am really drawn to the Suburbia cart. I think that the two-toned figures will make simple, but really nice cards. I think that it will make some really nice masculine cards which is something I am always looking for. Forever Young does not have any of that type. They are similar, but I think that Suburbia does go further away from that one than the Create a Critter. It seem similar to the idea of Every Day Paper Dolls and Paper Doll Dress Up. I don’t have Dress Up because it seems to similar, but I think that when the money is there I may give in on the Create a Critter 2.

  • Gayle R

    Hi Megan, Well if you think you are crazy move over cuz so am I. I just love these carts and will be purchasing them very soon. I am so glad Provo has been putting out some great carts. I am going to need to bump up my hours @ work to pay for my “habit”-LOL

  • Misty


    I have to tell you CAC2 is pretty cool if nothing else for the saying….. To me I want it for that. All the other cute holiday stuff is just a bonus. I am a big card maker and its great to see a lot of saying that I can use on all my cards. Although my husband may have a heart attack I too will soon have to purchase this cart.

  • Sherry

    I also think there is not enuf diff between CAC1 and CAC2 to purchase. Suburb doesn’t interest me either. There are sooo many childlike and cutesy carts but so few contemporary and adult carts that are not retro. I’m finding it hard to find grownup images to scrap with and would like to see some growth in that area. Middle agers have a life to scrap too Provo! Anyone agree?

  • Jessica

    I love the font on Suburbia but not too keen on the pictures. CAC2…I agree there are a LOT of duplicates, but the phrases & the additional new critters may push me to get the cartridge sooner than later.

  • Jenny Clark

    Hey Guys … Is there some way to claim ProvoCraft as a dependent? Agree with everyone that there are a Lot of similarities on the CAC cartridges. Still will most likely cave and get it. I love the Suburbia cartridge too. When our summer temps finally drop — along with the electric bills — I may use the “savings” to indulge my addiction šŸ™‚

  • Margaret Hillman

    Hello Megan
    I so understand your point of view. Every cartridge seems to call out to me…”Buy me…. ROGHT NOW” But really when you stop and think about it, will you really get the use from them? I have to admit that I won’t so i am not getting them . Of course if i saw them really cheap ….. Who knows?
    Trust your heart. If it says no then try and leave them.
    Margaret Hillman

  • Cheri

    At this point I won’t be rushing to get either of these (spent enough $$$ lately). I agree that the CAC2 is so close to CAC1 that I will wait and decide later on that one. I really like the Suburbia one however. It will probably go to the top of the wish list. I must admit that I really don’t need any new cartridges. I guess this is great job security for PC.

  • Lynnette

    I really like Create a Critter 2 now that i see the images. There are some images that are the same on the first one. But I like the extra embellishments that the critters have on. I also like the words that they have. I am always on the look out for sayings to go with my projects.
    The other cartridge doesn’t interest me because i don’t use images like that.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t have much to say about the suburbia cartridge but I do have a couple opinions about create a critter 2. I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t do a whole new set of animals like I was expecting which would give a lot more variety when adding the two cartridges to your cartridge library. They did put alot of similar animals in different poses with different outfits to make it different enough for me to want to purchase it. So I’m with you on this. Although I feel a little suckered, I still must have the cartridge.

  • Sherri Braun

    My CAC2 is on it’s way to me as we speak. I had to have it! I am a true animal lover and these little sweeties are just too darn cute not to get it. šŸ™‚ Not too sure I want Suburbia. It kinda reminds me of the 50’s era and I’m not into retro. I already have the Teddy Bear Parade and it is one of the cutest carts, besides Create A Critter, that PC has ever come out with. So do I think you should get the 2 new carts? Well, I think you know what I feel about it. šŸ˜‰

  • Betsy B.

    I’m a sucker, too! I already ordered Create A Critter 1, and Suburbia will be next on my must-have list! I love the accessories on both carts ~ almost more than the base cuts! Glad to know that I’m in good sucker company!!

  • kscookie

    I guess it’s not my day, I rea that the mystery boxes were sold out but a person could purchase a ticket for the Crop but when I clicked the link could not find the info. Could someone give me a little more direction please? Thanks

  • BethAnn M

    I love CAC, and the new one looks even more adorable! Putting CAC2 and Suburbia on the Wish List for now, as Suburbia looks like it will tie in with From my kitchen, Nifty Fiftys, and Art Deco, too. Just a retro girl at heart, I guess.

  • Lisa Kay

    I must have Provo Craft SUCKER tattooed somewhere on my forehead??? Because I must have Create a Critter 2. I just love it even if it is similar to the first one. Love your post!

  • Kay

    I don’t know, I think Suburbia has different images. I think I want to get it. (Not that I’ve ever cut a single image from Forever Young… I’m a cartridge junkie… just have to have them all!)

  • Dale Barbur

    At first I was sure I would not be purchasing CAC2 as there are so many same images. But, the more I look at the entire cartridge, the more I believe I will definitely be buying this one too. As for Suburbia, there are not enough images that I think I would use.

  • Vonette

    I love the CAC2. The suburbia is not exactly my thing, but I do like the font. I do agree that the CAC2 is a lot like the first and some others out there, but if you don’t have a lot of carts, I think it would be worth it. And Provo knows that we just can’t resist those cute animals.

  • Shortscrapper

    While I agree that the images are similar, there are just enough differences to warrant the purchase. The phrase layer alone is too good to pass up with CC2. If the cost were prohibitive, that would be a deterant. BTW, I’m not paid by provocraft either, but I should be! lol

  • Shari Y

    I like them both. I don’t have CAC or Forever Young but both have been on my list for a long time. I just seem to find other ones I want more. I purchased the Paper Doll Teen Scene today and Close To My Heart Artiste last week. I hae to stop for awhile.

    I think we need a Scrappers Ananomous. I don’t just have a problem with my Cricut, but anything scrappy or crafty, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, and I am hooked on YouTube demos as well. Anything new and/or messy. I NEED HELP!

  • Nickia Stone

    Well I must say today I went to Joanns and looked at both carts and the images are very similar. I chose to purchase the original cart because I thought the images and phrases were better and more common.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    I agree that the critter 2 has to man duplications of other cartridges, but If you do not have many then this would be a good one to have. I did not care for the Suburbia one as it does not fit into the kind of pictures I scrapbook, so it would not b e for me, but I think it would be good for someone in the artist field that does not scrapbook but maybe does layouts or adds. I did like the font though. Hope you are mending well, thanks for keeping us informed through all of your recovery.

  • Cindy(Dunedin, Fl)

    Megan, I have to agree with shortscrapper that although the images are similar there are still enough differences that it makes you want them. I just ordered mine yesterday for 34.99. I can’t wait to get them to start playing. I am having alot of fun with my mystery box too……thank you so very much for the nesting dies……what a sweet surprise. My box was crushed with a broken button and a gap in the bottom. There wasn’t a sheet to tell me what was in the box so I don’t know if I was missing anything. I am working with what I have and am having fun with all the new stuff. I don’t have a camera to post pictures so I won’t be able to send you my finished items. I am so excited and can’t wait for the cropped event. Thank you for your kindness and you wonderful videos. You are doing a great job!!!! Love, Cindy

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I don’t have CAC1 and am thinking I HAVE to HAVE CAC2 …so cute. I like the images even better than the first one. I have to admit the other new one looks pretty good to me too. You just might have sold me on that one as well………….A girl can never have too many cartridges !

  • Karen

    I have the Critter1 but I love the icons on the Critter2, if I ever get it, it will be for that reason, the animals are so similar it almost seems silly, I love the characters on the Suburbia one but not too crazy about the icons, love the font though, maybe if I ever catch it on sale…but it won’t be on top of my list,

  • Penny

    Not to fond of Suburbia, but I will buy Create a Critter 2… there are enough differences, I feel, to make it part of my collection. In fact, I love it! šŸ™‚

  • Pamela Reed

    I have the Forever Young cartridge and love it..but there is something about Suburbia that forced me to purchase it (although I did search for a better price) to add to my collection – it is just so much more retro than Forever Young…I do, however agree about the CAC2…I own the original CAC (yes it is a fantastic cartridge) and the 2 is just not different enough..

  • D-

    I have both carts and while some of the cuts are similar there is so much that CAC2 has to offer.
    You won’t be disappointed if you get this cart.
    I have Forever Young and want to get Suburbia. There are some cute cuts on there.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)
    (email follower)

  • Jan Lynn

    I do like the word art from CAC2 and will probably get it for cards. There are some cut cuts on Suburbia and I don’t have Forever Young so I might get it as well.

  • Lisa D

    I know how you feel Megan. The only reason I don’t have it yet is because I missed getting it on sale for $29.99. I’m thinking it’s different enough from the first one that I want it, especially now after reading your post and seeing the phrase layer. I want it even more. But if you ask my youngest daughter she will tell you that yes, I am crazy. So maybe I’m not the one to ask. Lol!!!

  • Amy S

    I pulled out my Create A Critter (1) cartridge to compare the images on both and while i do agree that there are a lot of similarities, I have come to the conclusion that i am going to purchase it (or maybe win it at the cropped event) i am a HUGE sucker for these types of cartridges :-o)

  • Darla Haverstock

    I was actually disappointed when I saw CAC2 because of how similar it is. šŸ™

    I LOVE suburbia though!! I never even connected it with forever young until you said it. I see so many cards for my mom friends, family that helps out… Chore charts, etc etc etc… I am super psyched about this one!! Now I just need to save some pennies so I can get it. šŸ˜‰

  • Cathy W.

    Got a real feel for the demographic of your followers, reding through the comments!! I’m a little different, I guess. I’ve already sold my CAC1, and dont’ think I’ll be getting CAC2 for the same reasons I sold CAC1. But I LOVE Suburbia! Oh well, just my opinion, but you asked for it!

  • Brenda Howe

    I absolutely love the new CAC 2, in fact I just ordered it and can’t wait to get it. I think it’s one of the cutest cartridges ever!!! I do have CAC 1 and use it quite a bit, but this one has so many more cute seasonal and Holiday characters!

  • Dorothy Hanshaw

    I HAVE to get these two carts, because there are a FEW changes on reate a Critter 2, and being a baby boomer, Suburbia is right up my alley!