Cricut Foil Kit for Beautiful Decor! 1

I’m happy to share this video today of what can happen when you try to rush, don’t measure well, don’t adhere well or many other things that can go wrong with Cricut Foil Kit. HOWEVER, I am pretty happy with how the final results turned out! Hopefully this inspires you, the foil kits are very easy to use and produce BEAUTIFUL results, even when you rush or mis-measure! Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned when crafting….yes…easier ways to have made this happen by slowing down, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw it all away and I hope that inspires someone today! 

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One thought on “Cricut Foil Kit for Beautiful Decor!

  • Elena Johnson

    Your Cricut Cutting Guide continues to be a non-item. For months now, the message is “server cannot be found”! Can you fix that or take it down. Thank you.