Black Friday Scrapbook Layout and Megan’s Shopping Adventure 10

So for today’s Tuesday Tutorial I thought I would share with you all a fun scrapbook layout I made to document my Black Friday Shopping.  Hit the Stores at 9pm and went to TOWN!  🙂  Had a blast as I do every year and excited for Christmas with the kiddies! 🙂

I hope to inspire you with the Basic Layout I did for Black Friday Holiday Shopping Madness and You can learn something fun or see something new in the process.  Like Coredination 12×1.75″  strips in the Cuttlebug or just some foil letter Thickers!

Hope you enjoy and have a GREAT week!

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10 thoughts on “Black Friday Scrapbook Layout and Megan’s Shopping Adventure

  • Shayjayd

    Just getting into scrapbooking and getting a cricut expression for Christmas. Yipee! Have had a small one for a while but not done much with it. Love to watch your videos to get ideas. Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  • Marcie Smith

    Sounds like you had a pretty successful Black Friday shopping spree. It has been 12 years since I partook in this madness, but was determined to pick up a few items for the twins, and my cricut lite carts. I wanted 4 but only got three. They were not offering party time at any of our Walmarts. I did however get Four Legged Friend, Jolly Holidays, & Twinkle Toes. I finished cleaning up after our Thanksgiving feast around midnight took a couple hour nap and headed out at 3am Friday morning. Thought I’d beat the croud that way. HA! ……….no such luck. Parking lots were slam full and checkout lines very long. I didn’t get the toys I wanted. They were either sold out or never there in the first place. But I did find lots of good prices on some really cute clothes.

  • candace s.

    I missed the Leapsters as well, but found them online when I got home on the walmart site for 25! I actually got most of the items I wanted from walmart online at 2:30 AM because they were sold out at the store.

  • Jan Lynn

    I went to my Walmart around 1130PM and was there when the 1201 specials started. Got Four Leggedfriends and Jolly Holidays, Got a Leapster, and kiddy Pjs, A steam mop and a coffee maker (Mine is on its last leg)and some movies for the Dvd player for the car that Santa is going to bring. I was home a little before 2 which is the same amount of time a regular trip to Walmart is for me anytime the rest of the year.

  • Debby Jensen

    Love your black friday layout. I should do one for the other side of the day-I was at Kohls, working, at 2:30 am for their 3am opening. Total madness on either side!! But I did manage to get some really nice beads at the bead room-their black friday sales lasted all day and I spent big bucks on my other addiction. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and is now on the roller coaster to Christmas.