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5 thoughts on “Quote for Wednesday: Imagination

  • Shelly

    Hi,Unfornatelly I can’t get to my cricut stuff …it’s storage it’s going be several months possibly till I get to “play” again! But I have my Gypsy out so I can play and come play with that. Haven’t had time but will soon. A long 3 weeks of packing and moving stuff to storage. I had a nice TG and look forward to future becoming a single lady again. I’ve got a lot of great friends for support and and and

  • Alesia Fowler

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if all these people living here could find jobs and move out then I could afford more then three dollars worth of beads every month when my SS check comes. I am dying to get a Christmas cricut cartridge and Peachy Keen Stamps. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

  • Connie Lewis

    I am an avid crafter and own a Cricut Expression and Create, a Gypsy, and Cuttlebug, 80+ cartridges now! The fun the can have with the cricut cartridges and friends are endless!!! We craft together every Thursday and share ideas. I have all of the Pink Stampers videos and for Christmas, my husband bought me your DVD’s (Cricut A-Z, Gyspy A-Z, and your Cricut cutting guide. I love, love, love them!!!! Thank you so much! And can I tell you that I was asking for the Imagine, but I have decided to wait for a while on that and just enjoy my CE and all my videos and cartridges and make things with my friends! Thanks again for all your sharing and expertise! Invaluable to us out here :). Connie Lewis