What It WILL BEE! Cricut Card Tutorial and Boy or Girl Announced! 18

Hello Everyone!

What Will it Bee Cricut Card Baby Announcement

So I have been having struggles with this ONE video I filmed, edited and tried posting 4 times yesterday, but it looks like with re-rendering it’s working today!

I made a card using the Cricut, Create-a-Critter, Artriste Cricut Cartridge, Ink Edgerz and Close To My Heart Stamps to announce if it will Bee a Boy or a Girl!  I know many of you are along on this crazy blessed journey thanks to the Baby Celebration Group Donna Started on Facebook and I wanted to share some pictures and a re-cap of the LIVE Video Announcement what I am having! 🙂 Shocked and SO Excited!




YouTube Preview Image

This is one of the early early ultrasounds that I had – for the first 17 weeks they thought I was having  girl but said that it was 80% accurate……..Turns out….. BabyMurphy Cricut Artiste Baby Its a Boy Card










Video streaming by Ustream
Here are a few other pics of the stinker who just wouldn’t keep his hands away from wherever we tried to take a pic of him!  😉

It is a Boy 3D

Megans Precious Baby


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18 thoughts on “What It WILL BEE! Cricut Card Tutorial and Boy or Girl Announced!

  • Brenda

    Congrats Megan!!! I knew as soon as you said this baby wasn’t cooperating with the pictures, he had to be a boy!! Oh yes, I’m an expert on boys since I have 6!! I’m happy for you and this little guy is going to have a fabulous mommy. Wishing you all the best and the utmost happiness!! Enjoy these moments as they go by so quickly!!! My youngest is almost 18 and my oldest is 31 and I swear I don’t know where the years have gone!!! So enjoy every moment!

  • Donna

    First, Congratulations!
    second, what are your favorite embossing and cutting tools? I know you have said before, I have went back through the blogs but couldn’t find it.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Kathy Tracy

    Megan, I finally found some time to watched your video. Congratulations…It’s a boy!!! How wonderful for all of you. My son’s name is Colin and he has a baby boy named Finnigan. My daughter Renee has a baby boy named Kieran and 3 girls Ciara, Kiley & Kayla. Love them all….I am so blessed.
    I am sorry for the depression you have been going through. I dealt with depression & anxiety a few years back but I am doing great since I got off gluten. It is an amazing change.
    Keep smiling…I enjoy watching your videos and seeing your smiling face. I am so happy for you and your family. I look forward to the new surprises you will be sharing soon. Have a blessed night.

    • Shari

      I too got off gluten and it changed my life!

      Congrats Megan, I continue to pray for you. I once knew depression and anxiety and being pregnant under challenging conditions too. My husband decided to cheat 6 months into our marriage and THEN I found out I was pregnant! She is almost 19 now and the true blessing of my life but I will admit I was scared to death. God knows what He is doing Megan and He will be with you all the way and so will we! God Bless.

  • Tammy Hancock

    Congrats Megan! So happy for you and hope you get to feeling better with each passing day. I am so glad that you have such close friends that can help you through it all. My youngest daughter just recently gave birth to my husband and my first grandson. We now have 4 granddaughter and one grandson. From the oldest to the youngest….Kaylie Marie, Lydia Renee, Madison Grace, Tabitha Nichole and Raymon Wayne. Congrats again and I just love you and all that you do for the Crafting world.

    Tammy Hancock
    Bay, Arkansas

  • Shana Hurst

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you. I hate hearing about your depression but glad your health is better. Sad to hear you have parted ways with Square1 but will continue to follow you. Can’t wait to see where you go!

  • LeeAnn Sinclair

    Megan, I just now finally found time to watch your video. Thanks for posting for those of us who were not able to watch your announcement live. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your new baby boy ! Years ago when I had my children ultrasound was new and we gave birth not knowing the sex of the baby until it was born. Both times the doctors guessed that I was going to have a boy and both times my babies turned out to be girls. It worked out perfectly for us. God always does know best. Now my girls are grown with children of their own………….and they are all boys………so I am getting to watch little boys grow up after all. It’s really fun to see just how different little boys are from little girls . You are so blessed to have both. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy and birth and praying for you and yours. Thanks for sharing with us !

  • Cynthia G.

    Congratulations Sweetie. You sound so excited and happy and that is a Blessing. I pray for you and the Babies that the Lord will continue Blessing you and that baby daddy is a Godly man that will guide and protect this new family. May the Lord Bless every step,every breath in this new adventure you are about to have. God Bless

  • Monica L.

    You look and sound so happy and excited! I am really happy for you:) Congrats on the baby boy, Im sure you will come up with an awesome name fro him.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut
    Monica L.

  • Marilyn Coleman

    Megan, Congrats!, on the baby boy to arrive. I noticed that you made Carly a relative (Aunt) to the new baby IS SHE YOU’RE SISTER IN LAW? Are you married to her brother? I’m confused please straightened this out for me.

  • Jo

    Hi Megan! Congratulations on your 2nd son!!! I was not able to be on the computer for the past two weeks that much so I am now just catching up. I loved the Ustream video! Not only were ya’ll extremely fun and down to earth but I saw you as a normal young woman being herself and not the professional woman. It was a very nice change! Now, I am not sure if you settled on a boy name yet or if you and Kyle are still duking it out …. but I have a few to throw in the mix and I would love it if you can just email me back so I know that you got this message or send me a message on facebook(jo N Kris). I would love to know what ya think of the names. Also I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Ok so for the names… what do you think of….

    1. Gavin
    2. Bentley
    3. Miles
    4. Jagger
    5. Noah
    6. Tristan