Something FANTASTICALLY Exciting….. 13

WOW – WOW – WOW!!!! 3 MAJOR things in this post – check it ALL out!

I am so insanely excited about THIS news!!!! – No, baby Gradyn hasn’t come yet. – BUT, I have been working with Close to My Heart for a few months now, and working with an INCREDIBLE Team of women and APRIL 2014 is YOUR MONTH to join us!!!!  The most PERFECT way to use your Tax Rebate and make it earn more money for YOU and enjoy some new crafting goodies and be inspired and have fun with the Megan Elizabeth Precious Gems Team!!!!

April is offering a GINORMOUS special that is going to blow –  your – minds!

For only $99.00 you can become a consultant getting over $309.00 in products from the new 2014 Spring Catalog and all you need to start your own Home Based Business – with BONUS help from me and the website – BUT THERES A BONUS for April only!

Consultants that sign up in April ALSO RECEIVE a Cricut Cartridge Bundle of their CHOICE for FREE when you become a consultant!  So now is the time to GET that cartridge you want, take advantage of ALL the other brand new products, get a 22% discount/commission on ALL other CTMH products for at least the next 6 months AND be encouraged and have fun with the Precious Gems Close To My Heart TEAM!

Now here is the other thing I should mention to those who are on the fence and have been thinking about joining – IF you join my team right NOW, you will be able to really take advantage of the April Special to reach your Straight to the Top Goals and bonuses that go with that and build a fantastic team all April long!  Earn an awesome commission, get an amazing 22% discount on all CTMH products, earn FREE Products and so much more!

Join the Precious Gems Team Now!

AWESOME! – But, that’s not UNTIL APRIL – what about RIGHT NOW? Stamp of the Month March 2014

Well you do not want to miss getting the EXCLUSIVE to March Stamp of the Month Happy Place Stamp Set – this set is only $5.00 with any $50.00 purchase – BONUS – I am going to add a FREE “A” or “B” size stamp set OF YOUR CHOICE from the new catalog to your order!!!! This is only available March 15 – 31, 2014.  These nesting dolls are so super cute along with the Paisley Cricut Cartridge too for all my friends that have that in their craft rooms too!!!


Wanna just WIN something cool???

Craft-e-Corner is doing a pretty awesome explosive giveaway and I love letting you guys all know about awesome stuff like that because it includes some awesome Megan Elizabeth goodies and more – so check that out and enter to WIN today!

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13 thoughts on “Something FANTASTICALLY Exciting…..

  • Carmen Elrod

    I do plan on joining, but I want the awesome April deal! I can’t wait to be part of your team, Megan! 🙂 It sounds like you get a GREAT deal for $99.! I will join on April 2nd…..(would join on the first, but that is April Fools day and this is no joke) LOL!


    Joining is a great idea for the month of April, I just need to come out with a plan, Im new to this city and have 0 friends and don’t know anybody outside of work and to top it off people at work are not crafty at all…..ANY IDEAS!

  • lydia

    Hi Miss Megan… I know you’re crazy busy… and rightly so lol… any chance you’ve had a chance to play with the Cricut Explore yet? if you did was wondering about your insight on this….

    god bless,

    • Megan Elizabeth

      Nope I haven’t at all – I see awesome posts about it left and right – my biggest reason why i love my Expression is because I don’t NEED my computer with me to craft – I feel like if I’m going to create with my computer there then I’m going to use my Cameo>….. My thoughts for now 🙂

      • lydia

        I have two that were gifts… an expression 1 and the mini… i like to use both… but……….. i gifted myself the new one. but i have to wait til may for it to get here. (HSN)… I am teaching crafting classes at our parish to a women’s group. we don’t have much funding for a lot of things, so i decided to use the expression for them and work with the explore.

      • Marlene

        I did mean Close to my heart. Sorry I got the company mixed up.

        I also saw you use a Cricut cardrige with a name something like Artistic {Sp?} but I haven’t been
        able to find one.

  • Margaret K

    What if we don’t meet the goal of $300 one quarter? Do we have to send in orders every month? Which cartridge do you like over the others and why? Still thinking about joining. I would love being on your team. I am just not sure if I can find enough people to make the sales quota every quarter. Thanks for your help with these questions.

  • Tammy McKeever

    Okay, I think I am confused. I see that signing up in April is by far the best deal. (In my mind at least) 🙂 But then it sounds like you might be extending that offer a bit early. Am I misunderstanding? Sorry if it’s a silly question. I too have been pondering signing up with you but would like to do so at the best time.
    Thanks so much.

  • Tamsin

    i cant wait to be a part the the team i Also have been waiting for the right time to do so. i can wait i have used the close to my heart stuff be for and i love it. And i want to be amazing at it so if you can give me tips on how it be successful at it please let me know.