Personalized DIY Starbucks Thermal Cup

You all know by now I’m a bit of a coffee addict!  So for today’s HowTo Tuesday, I wanted to create a fun, personal, customized Thermal Cup from Starbucks using my CTMH Charlotte Workshop Your Way Kit!

We are in the midst of our 30 Day Challenge, I know I’m pushing many gems to drink more water, another reason why I chose this to share today – one great way to challenge yourself to drink more water is to love what you’re drinking from!  It will encourage you to keep the cup with ya at all times and therefore the water can be chugged 😉 😉


WEEK 3 – 30 Day Challenge

Gems that are rockin’ it with us on the 30 Day Challenge – I just want to say, keep going!  I’m thinkin’ about you, praying for you and here for you every step of the way!  Let me know if you have any questions or need help with accountability to take the actions you need!

Side Note:  Remember the 30 Day Challenge is designed to start on ANY Monday for any 30 day period – so you can pick it up whenever you’re ready!  – It’s worth it! 😉


ALSO…..I’m So Glad I Went THERE!

I have made a few mentions, and you may have seen a few changes and tweaks in videos and I have to tell you – my heart is bursting sooooo glad that I went there and able to share…..

See long before Above Rubies Studio was a crafting blog, this little girl dreamed of having Above Rubies Studio as a hair salon to help women feel good on the inside and on the outside!  I started beauty school when I was 17 years old and became a salon manager at 19 – I specialized in wedding makeup and updos and now – thanks to Mandy (a fellow Close to My Heart leader) she encouraged me share this and help her go to the next level too!

I have been using Younique makeup and the INCREDIBLE 3D fiber lashes for the last 2 years – it’s incredible – amazing – feels so great — and I haven’t even begun to tell you about the TOUCH Mineral Foundation (we can get there if ya wanna!)

I pulled this directly from the Younique website because THIS is EXACTLY how I felt as a young girl wanting a salon – and it’s a HUGE part of my mission now with what LifeAboveRubies is and more


Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

I wanted to invite you to JOIN a VIP Facebook group just for this very thing….to share tips and ideas on this very thing!  That’s all, not a sales group, but an outlet to share with Mandy, my first love, with a company that shares my WHY and PASSION for YOU! 😉

Above Rubies Younique VIP Group (click to join)

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