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Hey Friends,

I am busy busy busy, here’s a quick update of whats happening…(The Absolutely Shocking News at Bottom!)

  • Well first – I’ve been a little silent because – Healing from Pneumonia – about 18 days totally awful and down – still coughing but better!! Thankfully! diamond member
  • I am so very excited to be spending all the time I have had devoting to work doing One on One Coaching Calls with LifeAboveRubies Diamonds!  Not only are they finally taking action towards their goals and dreams and finding direction that THEY need, it’s blessing my heart to share ideas and passions to help these FANTASTIC women grow!  I have LOVED coming up with unique and set apart ideas on how to actually make their visions take life and they’re taking real accountable actions.  I wish I had more hours in every day to just do this – but time and space is limited in the Diamonds Program! 😉
  • School year almost complete with the kiddos and working hard on their Portfolios which they are LOVING Scrapbooking themselves too – which is so fun!
  • Everything I believed I’m LOVING Younique FAR FAR MORE than I ever ever imagined – I always loved the products since I started using them 2 years ago – but now – now I know – and I explained more about this in the video of me doing my weekend check in on Periscope! (You should join me on Periscope @byMeganE) I am very close to some goals I ended up setting for myself and that is beyond a blessing and exciting to me! So – THANK YOU!


  • Close to My Heart is retiring a LOT of stuff – including 3 of the 5 Exclusive and not available in design space subscription cartridges…

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I can’t believe it these Cricut Cartridges, Artiste, Art Philosophy & Artfully Sent ALL GONE! – keep in mind 2 of the 3 retiring are MY TOP FAVORITE Cartridges of ALL time – SOOO AH!  It’s while supplies last or July 31 and they’re GONE! — ALSO need to point out that IF You order by May 31st – Close to My Heart will send you Happy Times exclusive Paper Pack for FREE!  Its gorgeous – Gold Foiled, Floral, Wood Grain, Ombre papers are incredible and a must for every craft room and WILL BE GONE May 31st as well – let alone the opportunity to grab it for free!  TO ME – these cartridges are not just a case of out with the old in with the new – it’s foundational Cartridges that if you haven’t had in your craft rooms you really don’t know what you’re missing and how much these are GO TO cartridges for those quick projects you really need to whip out but have such incredible intricate images as well that are just so diverse!  Like I said 2 of the 3 retiring are in my TOP 5 Favorite Cartridges of ALL TIME!  What on earth am I going to do with videos!??!  AHH!


Replay of some fun Periscopes that you can have fun checking out!

This is opening NEW Goodies from CTMH!

This Periscope I was excited to be feeling better and get ready for a fun weekend!  I did my makeup while chatting with you about life and my personal goals and understanding of where I’ve come and why!  I LOVE Younique – I never thought I would love it so much as a “business” – I was never going to do it as a business – but this is the HAPPIEST “side business I’ve ever ever had in my life!!! My commitment and my focus is on LifeAboveRubies and One on One coaching helping others find their passions and come up with unique and outstanding ways to ad value and do their businesses better and different from the 95% of just half go at things!  I’m EXCITED and BLESSED to say the least…

My Facebook Group – www.Facebook.com/groups/youniqueAboveRubies

Shop: www.YouniqueProducts.com/AboveRubies

Another Reason I LOVE Younique – Check out Younique vs. My heavy Foundation vs Sharpies and Washable Markers!  SOOO CRAZY COOL!

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