Tues Tut: Howto Stamp Metal with Impress Art 8

I am so very VERY excited about this Tuesday Tutorial! I have REALLY gotten into the concept and ideas for Metal Stamping! It’s actually really easy to do and you have so much creative control to just bang it out and create something wonderful!

Impress Art really made an impression on me at CHA and I was so excited when they offered to work with me to share their kits and some of their metal blanks with everyone here at AboveRubiesStudio!

I will say – CHA was the FIRST attempt at ever metal stamping and you will see my very first, pull it out of its kit, try here and how easy it turns out. Like I mentioned in the video – I’m really anxious to start creating a whole bunch of different pieces from DIY decor projects, scrapbooking, and card projects.

You can visit www.ImpressArt.com to see how many awesome stamps and kits are available! šŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image

Remember – Be Still – Don’t chase Shiny Squirrels and Enjoy the Moments!

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8 thoughts on “Tues Tut: Howto Stamp Metal with Impress Art

  • Kathy Brubaker

    So cute, I love the squirrel. I have been interested in Metal Stamping but I wanted to see it being done before I invested in another project. Thank you for sharing, you always make it look easy and fun. I’m glad your hand is doing better. Your the best Megan, Bless you.

  • Liz in PA

    What a great project! I love your squirrel & be still! What a great reminder. And how cute would that be for a gift? You could customize it with all sorts of charms that have special meaning to someone , then stamp the square with the words–love it!
    So hope your finger heals up well. Sorry this has been a challenging year for you–so glad you have the Lord. Blessings, Megan! Liz in PA

  • Jane Dubois

    My 11 year old Granddaughter was at her other grandparents home for Easter Dinner and was happily commenting on a pie that she had her eye on, suddenly saw a squirrel looking through the glass slider and yelled, “Squirrel !” Memere looked at her and said, “No, it’s apple pie.” Everyone laughed. You reminded me of the story and made me laugh again… Your project is so very cute. I should do something like that for Megan. Thanks.

  • Carme

    Thank You Megan for this tutorial~ I have seen the metal stamping in Hobby and interested, but had never seen it done! Now I would love to try it and the ideas are flowing for all kinds of projects that I could do! I never looked at the prices on it, Is it very expensive to get started?
    Your hand is looking so much better~ I am so glad you are getting back to crafting~ I have missed your videos!
    God Bless You Megan