CTO: Happy Birthday Awesomeness 4

It’s another Check This Out Wednesday and today I really wanted to bring you a Scrapbooking kit that is for a bit more “mature” birthday.  I love this kit for making cards, favors, and mostly scrapbook pages for celebrating Birthdays.

My birthday is just over a month away and I have some ideas about journaling and scrapbooking the last few years of my adult life into a little “self story” – I think it’s kinda cool to celebrate and tell the story of not only your family but yourself as well. So I will be using this kit for that purpose that I feel is really meaningful as well!

What ways will you enjoy creating with this particular kit?

YouTube Preview Image

This kit is available now at www.Craft-e-Corner.com and I hope you enjoy it!

Enjoy the Moments

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4 thoughts on “CTO: Happy Birthday Awesomeness

  • Donna Diggins

    Thanks Megan! My hubby and I have been married 20 years; it’s a second marriage for both of us, so we don’t “share” the early years of raising our children, etc. But I recently came up with an overwhelming idea, that I’m hoping I don’t regret…..I have 2 years til his 60th birthday, and I thought I would get started on an album of things we’ve done, places we’ve been. It won’t be a full celebration of his 60 years, but I think he will like it. And I started making most of my birthday cards over the past year. So I think I will have to check out this kit!