The Man Kit: Hello Handsome Scrapbook Layout for Any Man in Your Life 11

Finding the perfect supplies to make scrapbook layouts and cards for the men in your life can be a complicated thing – so this kit is ALL about celebrating the MAN in your life! This kit is SOOOOO packed full of the stuff for the boys and the more mature man.Ā  We have several cards, scrapbook layouts and the coolest thing included in this kit is a Shadow box that you can decorate yourself for a fantastic gift.


This video I want to share with you a Scrapbook layout I created – there are several more videos coming about this kit but you can get your hands on this KIT HERE and I hope you’re inspired but what is created today šŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image

Want to see what’s ALL in this kit I am in love with? Watch this video! šŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image

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11 thoughts on “The Man Kit: Hello Handsome Scrapbook Layout for Any Man in Your Life

  • Sarah

    Love the kit, went to buy one but craft-e-corner want $115 to deliver this and love you kit (hope thats the right name) to the UK so I guess I wil have to do without…

  • Joann

    Megan I love this kit so much! definitely screams masculine! Your layout is fantastic! I wish I could put a layout together as fast as you did! I really love how you made it all come together so quickly and so easily!


  • Kristina Photolady

    Megan, I always learn from watching you! It makes me feel a bit braver as I start a project, that is, to just go ahead and see where it takes me… and to not be so worried about a “mistake.” Thank you for not editing out your own comment, “Oh, I meant to use these!” so that those of us can see what you did. You just used the tags for journaling, instead, and it was certainly a handsome page!

  • Jan

    Hello Megan this is Jan again. I so hope you are doing well. Really hate to see you no longer doing the kits but I am sure there are other areas in your life which need your attention. I have always wondered where you found the time to do all you do with a growing family
    I would like to order Man kit but I having been having trouble with your shooping site. Hope I can get in soon so I can order one before they are all gone. God Bless you and your family

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, Hope you are well. I just want to tell you how much I will miss your kits but I understand, of course, that you can only do so much. Will you continue to do your inks, paper layerz, etc.?

    Hugs, Tina