Personalized, Customize, Refinished DIY Table Top 26

WOW this was a PROJECT!Ā  What a Tuesday Tutorial this is!

Over the weekend I started a HUGE DIY Project, if you follow Me on Facebook, you’ve seen the pictures šŸ˜‰ … I have a Kitchen Table top that had some broken Ceramic tiles.Ā  I decided to make the table very personalized and centered around the family by adding photos, favorite paper and embellishments and used a two part resin by Famowood to create this awesome refinished table top!

It is kind of a long video, but I wanted to show most of the process for you all!


What you’ll see:

  • Breaking out the old Ceramic tile
  • Using Mod Podge to seal my table and glue down all my Paper, photos and goodies
  • Laying out the table to be personal to you
  • Mixing and Pouring the two Part resin
  • Using a Heat Gun to Pop air bubbles
  • and enjoy the fun!


Enjoy the Moments my Friends!

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26 thoughts on “Personalized, Customize, Refinished DIY Table Top

  • Jody S

    Absolutely love the table! Makes me want to get a table like that so I can do a make over on it! How cool it would be for a craft room.

  • Laura Steinert

    I love this idea and how your table turned out! I better start going to garage sales to see what I can find to makeover like this!

  • Rebecca

    That table is AMAZING!!! Your talent is just beyond wonder! I love how it looks like a giant scrapbook page and more. I enjoyed every moment of the video, too! Impressive is an understatement on this one!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    I recently decopaged an old band case to display my jewelry in and I did it with all scrapbook paper and lace and buttons. I found that some scrapbook paper is too thick to use and some paper will tear up if you put too much decopage glue on it. It was trial and error like you are doing, but it turned out fabulous, so I did it again on another suitcase that was literally falling apart, so recycled it became. You now have a great big scrapbook page on your table and those eating there can enjoy who and what you are. I think this is a great idea. thanks for sharing.

  • Carol Read

    Megan I love this and it makes me want to go garage saling for an old table to try this out! What a cool idea and you’ve made it not so scary to try! šŸ™‚ Thank you for taking us on your journey with you. It just shows us that we really can do these sorts of things. Thanks for the inspiration! And great way to use up odds and ends of stickers and embellishments.

  • Robin

    Megan- I LOVED this video!!! I love to turn something that is still useful, but may not be “pretty” into something fabulous! like you just did!! I love to be thrifty and crafty at the same time!!! I love all of your videos and postings!! I am not sure what you are going through, but your love of the Lord shines through and He will bring you through it!! Much love!!

  • Kathy Tracy

    Megan, You are always so inspiring. You bring joy to my life. I love to do collage work. This table idea has inspired me with so many ideas and I cannot wait to try them. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.

  • Lisa Sackett

    I really like how it turned out. I’d been thinking of tackling a project like this for a while but it seemed too daunting. I’m feeling a bit better about giving it a try now that I have your tips to work thru. Thanks for a great vid!

  • Jane Dubois

    I received a table my Mom had when she passed away. She bought a glass to put on the top to keep her table from being scratched and stained. I used it as a place to put pictures of my grandchildren under the glass and decorated it for each holiday. The kids liked to sit and eat where their picture was. It gave me the opportunity to change my decoration on the table to my liking. It also kept my walls from being too full of pictures and the hurt feelings should I have to take any down to replace them with new ones. Thank you for another idea for a table top. When my newer table gets messy I may try your idea. Thank you for being so creative.

  • Michelle N.

    Megan, you just created something your family will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Great Job!

  • Sheri

    Megan, this table turned out wonderful. I am going to hit the yard sales even if I don’t have a place to put the table. I’m just that kind of girl.

  • Sandy Christman

    I love the way you did that table. I’m sure your children will remember that table forever and talk about it when it’s a memory when it is gone. I was never fond of those tables when they came, but I like it now!

  • Carmen Elrod

    Wow Megan! I love the table top and you have definitely inspired me to go and do something like it! I love decoupage and have done alot of it in the past! Just recently my husband made me a new craft room and I had such fun decorating it …… Instead of buying all new trim, I decoupaged it to match the room! I cant wait to try a table top or at least something with that resin! You are SO CREATIVE AND TALENTED!

  • Brenda

    Wow, I so love how your table turned out!! What a beautiful memories in this table!! I think you hit on a great idea Megan. Now where can I find me a table like this………………..

  • MommyMe

    I love DIY projects! But, anything with permanence feels intimidating. Thank you for the fantastic video, tips, and encouragement to try something I’ve long considered. My uncertainty is like the little devil on one shoulder, whereas, your inspiration and fearlessness are an angel on the other one!

  • Joann

    WOW this turned out to be just beautiful!! You did an amazing job and it truly makes me want to go to a yard sale or something to find a table to refurbish lol

  • Debbie C.

    Megan, The table turned out fantastic!!! You are amazing. You are so inspiring, can”t wait to see what you come up with next. And you look fantastic!!!

  • Shelly

    Megan, You table looks super and reminds me what I did with a patio table (outside). I covered it with lots and lots of pictures of then husband and I. Pictures when we where infants, growing up from there and final a photo or so of our wedding photos. It turned out pretty good and then we placed a glass top over the photos. Thanks for sharing again!

  • Ferne

    Megan, you are a very talented person. Your positive attitude toward life in general amazes me. I don’t get to catch all your videos but when I do I always learn something new thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world.

    God Bless

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Your new table is totally awesome, Megan. I love it ! I bet your kids do too……’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Great idea ! Thanks for sharing this project with us.

  • Vickie Bracken

    Megan, I loved this table so much. In the middle of the night I had an idea. I have a great small wooden table and chairs that has been used by my children and grandchildren. My Husband and I are currently finding pictures of their childhood and getting ready to begin our project. Sadly the table will need to be sainded and stained first but we can’t wait to get started. We are going to try the resin product we use for Tile Pictures and hope that will work too. Thanks so much, what a great Idea!!

  • Rebecca

    What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creative ideas šŸ™‚ I’m not sure I’d use this on my kitchen table, but I like the idea for our coffee table!

  • Shannon

    I have that exact table in my laundry room. I may have to do this and have a laundry theme. I can take pictures of all the socks that lay around my house when my kids take them off. šŸ™‚

  • Rebecca

    Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us šŸ™‚
    I’m planning on doing a table myself but have been a little ‘scared’ to do it however now I’ve watched you do it you’ve made it look simple!

  • Lisa

    I watch often but rarely comment! I think you were very adventerous with this table top and very brave to take us on the adventure with you! It really turned out beautiful! Now paint that bad boy a bright color! You really have inspired me to look at furniture differntly. Thank you very much Megan! Your video was a blessing tonight!