Personal DIY Family Tree Decor 21

Happy Tuesday my Friends!

This tutorial is a long one but its packed full of tons of ideas! It starts off with me showing how awesome Printed Square1 Adhesive Fabric is. will actually print your family photos or art designs of any kind with their professional printing service right onto Square1 Adhesive Fabric. This means you get the highest quality prints right on a material that you can stick directly to any surface! Whether it be frames, walls, brick, stucco, wood etc, you can be sure this will stick and cleanly remove without a sticky residue or any mess and you can restick it later as well!

We are going to take Square1 to the next level though and use Martha Stewart Crafters Clay to create light weight and custom frames in the exact colors that we want to match our project. This clay is so super fun to work with and though it’s a clay it feels lighter than paper, it is amazing and I’ve done several other videos with this like making your own rose or creating tags for the holidays. I am not a clay artist at all, but this is so easy literally anyone can have a ton of fun creating with this!

After I made the clay frames, I’m going to use some Tim Holtz distress inks and we are going to blend and ink up a kraft tag and see how easy it is to distress, stain and blend colors. We are also going to use the inks right on Color Me Crazy flower by Petaloo. This is just another great way to get absolutely the perfect match custom colors to any project you are working on by adding layers of colors and dimensions. Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgers also work REALLY well for these techniques because they are super juicy pigment inks that blend so well together, my ink line just tends to be a bit more bright than grudgey.

Final touches always seems to come down to Viva Decor Pearl Pens for me – there are so many colors available BUT, Bronze is almost a staple MUST have! (I own almost every color, but if I was going to recommend 5, in order I suggest, Ice White (OR Cream but I like Ice White better), Sunny Yellow, Light Blue, Magenta, Bronze and/or Chrome Silver.

Alternates you can add are Keys or Feathers – things that are light weight you can add a little more to it like we did on our final Family Tree see at end of video.


YouTube Preview Image


Here is the Original photo I had printed – thanks to Karlee we can all and share this! So make sure you leave her your thanks in the comments especially if you think it’s as pretty as I do! (You never know what else we can get her to create!)

Family Tree

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21 thoughts on “Personal DIY Family Tree Decor

  • Debra Peloso

    Love the project but the video keeps saying unavailable. Sometimes I hate technology. When it works its awesome. When it doesn’t, well you know

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      I know I’ve been FIGHTING with youtube since 9:00pm last night! – I say give in an hour to “finish processing” and try again – it’s being soooo weird!! I’m so sorry!

  • Carme

    I love this stunning project and it couldnt have come at a more perfect time! My cousin passed away a couple of weeks ago and at her funeral we were making plans for a family reunion so that we could keep in touch during happy occasions… After watching you do this, I have ideas floating around in my head for the family reunion! PERFECT MEGAN! Thank you so so much!

  • Sherri

    OMG! This is one of the most amazing projects you have ever done. It is so beautiful and such a fantastic way to do a family tree. Thanks for sharing this, Megan!

  • Lorraine

    Hello Megan. Thankyou for posting such an interesting tutorial. The project looks lovely!! May I trouble you please for some information? I absolutely LOVE the new font you’ve used for the headings on this webpage, and am wondering if you could please tell me the name of it? I’d love to find it and download it onto our computer.

    Many thanks for your wonderful tutorials, and your ideas!
    Lorraine (South Australia)

  • AltaGracia

    You have the MOST awesome, You know that movie Gypsy Rose-Lee, well @ the end Rosline sings a song & there’s a few line that go;”You’ve either Got-It,or you don’t
    and baby I’ve got-it” well Gal, You too, sure have “Got it”-
    I’m so amazed that your able to concentrate, why I’m still realling, over the BIG News
    I’ve told my friend to be sure to STAY-TUNE, and to Watch for you..they like I..well we don;t write much usually just w/ knoiw the shy type who are comfortable w/in our own circle-but THIS IS BIG! Just like you..enjoy and again BREATH..take in each moment.& have FUN, enjoy the GUSTO! Bring back LOTS of PICTURES, esp of the “green-room”(hahateehee)

  • Mabel

    Wonderful video Megan! I’m always working on ancestry and looking for new ideas. This is so very pretty. Thank You Karlee for making this available to all of us scrappers 🙂 Great way to start my morning!

  • Jane

    The print looks 3 dimentional in the video. It’s just gorgeous! The finished project is beautiful and so creative. I just love it. Thank you Megan & Karlee. You are wonderful!

  • Elaine Peterson

    You have given me an idea for my 101 yr old mom. She just had her home repainted so we are reluctant to mar the walls by putting up all the photos of relatives that she used to have covering the walls. I’m thinking of using Square 1 fabric to create a family tree – wall size. It would sure be fun for her to show visitors who are always interested in family history. She has stories to tell about each one!
    thanks for the idea.

  • Anna Carter

    Megan – thanks for the great idea and thank you Karlee

    Elaine Peterson what a great idea – those stories shared by our parents/grandparents and other relatives are so important to pass on. I love the idea of making a ‘wall – size’ family tree that will stimulate conversation!