I’m Late I’m Late…(As Usual!) Time for Change! 6

Hey All!  So it is Wednesday and there is bunches I want to share and happening again… I’m LATE as usual for just about everything and a space cadet with time frames, time zones and just time in general….it’s my nemesis! You???

Well I made an unexpected trip to Pennsylvania, along with totally not looking at my calendar correctly at all and I made a Fathers Day tutorial that I never posted – so first order of business – Share the Fathers Day Video with you all!

Even though that is what it was meant for – I know many can still be inspired by the concepts and even save them for next Fathers day worst case scenario – so lets do that shall we??? (Lots more below video)

Ok, now, I have something ELSE to share with you….

I’m heading out to see Dani Johnson in San Antonio, TX THIS weekend, but before I go,

Thursday Night, July 10th at 9:30pm Eastern time

I’m going to do a LIVE video talking about:

  • Many news updates
  • Format changes
  • All the wonderful, amazing things happening (and not so wonderful to be honest) around here!
  •  I’m going to share some exciting upcoming projects I’m working on for HSN at the end of this month
  •  What is exactly happening with ByMeganElizabeth.com
  • What’s growing with Close To My Heart and the BRAND NEW Exclusive Cricut Catridge
  • Finally, whats this oil thing all about???


Actually – speaking of being late – I NEVER ACTUALLY POSTED the video on the 7th HERE – I posted it just on Youtube and Facebook, but I didn’t share it here….SO – Let me explain something that has been LIFE CHANGING physically for me and my children!

Doterra Manager Promotion

So I ONLY jumped on sharing this all with you right around July 1st (just Facebook and such) and I’m SOOO very excited and humbled to say – doTERRA has already promoted me from Consultant to Manager with the team I have started building in just over 1 weeks time!  I’ve been using doTERRA, Young Living and several other major essential oils for many years and hard core the past few months…having THIS honor with the doTERRA family speaks volumes to me about what it means to truly HELP others, feel better physically, emotionally and encourage them financially! It’s my one hearts desire always – to help people FEEL good about themselves, their purpose in life and share what God has done!!!

If you have any questions or interest at all in finding out how doTERRA can help your life, your mood, your symptoms, your overall health….I plead with you to find an Essential Oil advocate who can help you!!!

I’m always here for you as well IF you do not know anyone else!  http://MyDoTERRA.com/MeganElizabeth
FINALLY!  Don’t Forget! cropped20

Cropped 2.0 is coming up and boxes are ON SALE NOW and GOING FAST!!! Especially Level 3! SOOOO visit

Craft-E-Corner.com NOW right HERE to get your Mystery Box and Tickets to Event before they are GONE!




Sooo, Bottom Line! 

ENJOY THE MOMENTS and Let me know if you have ANY questions at all!

One more thing – I say it on Facebook a lot, but I know many readers and subscribers here miss those posts – I LOVE you all and I TRULY pray for each one of you regularly for blessing and more! Those who comment I make extra effort to pray for by name as well and I just am SO thankful for you!!!!

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