How to Make a Cute Card Using Printed Transparencies 19

Happy Crafting Day My Friends!

Today’s tutorial is a really cute card! One of my more popular videos I did in the past was a window card, and I thought it would be really cute to make a “window card” using a printed transparency.  I haven’t actually made a card in what feels like forever, though I suppose I have made them in the past month.  Anywhooo! 🙂

This card is using cute stuff from:

  • Simple Stories Printed Transparency
  • Glue Glider Pro
  • Three Birds Basics and Foundations Paper
  • World Win Cardstock
  • Megan Elizabeth Chilax Sparkle Lightz
  • Bic Markit Markers
  • Little Yellow Bicycle Canvas Stickers
  • Sassafrass Lass Cardstock Stickers
YouTube Preview Image


Personal note: I’m actually sitting in a beautiful coffee shop writing todays post and I’m just thinking about how happy and thankful I am that I am blessed to be able to do this!  I recorded the video – then came over here to edit and post and it’s just a nice little side note I had to mention! 🙂  I think we all can take little moments like that – even when it’s “work related” to just be thankful for whats around.  I hope you find some moment to enjoy today!

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19 thoughts on “How to Make a Cute Card Using Printed Transparencies

  • Jo

    Hi Megan!
    This video was great, really enjoyed watching you put together that card. I absolutely agree that the transparency is awesome. It definitely makes a great card front =)

    I hope you are enjoying your coffee/tea/latte or whatever it is you are drinking and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  • Joan Smith

    What a neat idea gosh I’ve got lots of transparencies never thought of doing this and especially with the new card cartridges from Cricut this idea would blend right in it was fun watching you make your card I love that you showed every single thing.

    Joan Smith

  • Crafty1

    Hi Megan: I think glue glider people took advantage of you and your audience. The glue gun I received does not work as easily as you show, the glue actually seems old and dried out. I think they used you and HSN to get rid of standing product. I don’t feel good about buying from HSN or from companies you promote. Sorry. You had a good a thing going for a while.

    • Megan Elizabeth

      I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Glue Glider! 🙁 I do stand 100% behind this product and company and i know they stand behind their product. I would contact their CS and let them know your concern. They always are super helpful. In addition just from facts I know and think its helpful to share:
      1- I know Glue Arts manufactured a whole batch specifically for HSN. HSN even came to the Glue Arts facility to inspect the boxes. Quality is paramount to both companies. As much as it is for me which is why I thoroughly stand behind both.
      2- Glue Glider is a dry adhesive that is pressurized and will Always be sticky. I am not sure how you mean it is “dried out” – my thought without understanding exactly how you mean that maybe that the adhesive selected ie PermaTac or ExtremeTac was not used for proper application. So for example if you wanted to adhere metal to glass an you used HighTac it may not have held because ExtremeTac was the adhesive cartridge required. Does that make sense?
      Hope that helps! Have a great day! Enjoy the Moments!

    • Megan Elizabeth

      Hi Megan,
      I want to thank you for forwarding the comments from Crafty1. We value all comments from our customers and what to better understand how we can help.

      I would like to take an opportunity to respond. First of all, Gluearts is all about customer satisfaction. We are in the business of developing happy, loyal customers and I want Crafy1 to hopefully be one of those. In this market and economy you cannot survive unless your customers see value and quality in the products you offer. I happy to say we have in been big box stores such as Hobby Lobby, Kroger, A.C. Moore and others since introducing our Glue Glider Pro family of products, more than 5 years ago.

      We stand behind all our products 100% and will be happy to replace the product Crafty1 is unhappy with. Let me begin by saying I am uncertain by what she means about the product drying out. All the products for the Glue Glider Pro + are pressure sensitive. They will not dry out and they will not become brittle. One of our big advantages are unique formulations and the adhesion those formulations offer.

      As far as the material being her thoughts that we may have sent HSN old or poor quality, nothing could be further from the truth. Gluearts wants to build a long and lasting relationship with HSN. We want to do everything possible to put our best foot forward with not only HSN but with their important customers. It is our hope and desire to get many additional opportunities on HSN with the Pro + and with other unique Gluearts products.

      Lastly and most importantly, I want to emphasize that we never sell old or out of spec material. We put our reputation on the line with each product a customer buys and that is why we choose to stand behind our products 100% Please let me know how we can reach out to Craft1 and better understand what issue she believes she is having.

      Thanks Megan,



      Jim Rudolph

      • Crafty1

        Hi again. I am impressed! Thank you for responding to my “complaint”. I should have been more specific. It is the Extreme Tac cartridge that is giving me fits. I have tried using it on cardboard, cardstock and paper. The roller slides across each medium without moving the tape, and as I look at the tape inside the applicator it is lumpy. The last pass actually broke the tape without applying anything to the surface. The high tac and perma tac roll out very nicely. Because only the one type of adhesive seems bad I don'[t wan to return everything to HSN. I’m sure I will enjoy using the other cartridges. Again, thank you for your explanations.

  • Liz

    Super cute card. I love the window idea! It is so fun to see the Lord blessing you in this business, while you are using the gift of creativity He gave you!

  • Deborah Horn

    Hi Megan!

    Love, love, love the card using transparancies. YAHOO!!!
    Also, love the glue gun. Without a doubt super easy to use. I had purchased the ATG. It was difficult for me to get the glue tape cartridge lined up. Also after only a few uses the plastic top cover broke. To expensive for no more than I was able to use it. But my new Glue Glider works like a charm. Easy Peasy to install the catridges. I am so
    appreciative that you are able to explore all the ins and outs of new products. You are SUPER! Love your tutorials. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all that you do to help us crafters deliver a better product.

    Debbie Horn

  • Mary Ann

    Cute card. If you are worried about your sentiment showing through thte transparency, you could do the card as a gatefold or trifold.

  • SLB

    Where can I find the Blank Canvas that you used in this Tutorial?

    I really enjoy your Tuesday Tutorials and have learned many new things and found many new products. I watched you on HSN and thought you did an outstanding job. I bought the Glue Glider Pro and have really enjoyed it. It is so easy to change out the different types of glue product needed. I have used ATG for many years and it limits us to only one choice. Go Megan & Glue Glider Pro!!

  • Kathy Brubaker

    You have the most creative mind, this card is so adorable. I have a lot of printed transparencies and never thought about using it on my cards. I just love your Videos and I really hope you will not get too busy and stop making them.

    Thank you for sharing Megan, I adore you

  • AltaGracia

    IS there any way some of us cn barrow just an ittty-bitty smi-gen of Ur Creative talent?…NO…well okay, just thought I’d ask….Ha ha tee-hee! It’s WONDERFUL yes? to be aware of just how luck things ARE going, AND to give thanks…for all that we are bless with. Yes half the fun IS in taking time to acknowledge, just how bless we are! Funny in that too you are also reminding all of us to BE-PRESENT. Each day I still recall what my Grams said”Each Day we must remember to fall on our knees-Give thanks, & in doing just this we are reminded Just from where our comes OUR-HELP…To 3 days B4 she died, she went down on her knees(arthritis et all) to the ripe age of 94. Now that’s an example I hope to follow. Peace2u&Ur’s

  • KitnM

    Love this card. I have seen the fabric stickers but was not sure how they would work with markers. Looks to me like it worked pretty well….hhhhmmmm now I wish I would have grabbed them when I saw them. Going to work on tissue paper flowers for now…
    Thanks for the great tutorial! I am going to look through my transparent sheets now!

  • patti

    love your work….dont have any transperancies…dont see them much for sale either….i will keep in mind this tutorial,however…i will make when i can.thanks