Would you Like to WIN? Want to Go Shopping With Me? 13

**Second Video Repaired – Sorry about That! Now go WIN!**

It is the FIRST day of spring and I am cramming a LOT into today! I have TWO videos today – ONE is my personal “home party” that I can’t wait for you to hear more about – and the second is instructions for a FUN Spring Frolic Virtual Shopping trip I have been talking about for a few weeks!  I know I could spread this out – but I figure – I’ll put it ALL out there and then remind you all later this week just in case something gets missed!


First Check Out This video to participate in the Spring Frolic Shopping Trip at Craft-e-Corner.com


YouTube Preview Image

Recap of what to do:

  • Visit www.Craft-e-Corner.com
  • Pin the products that you LOVE and want in your craft room
  • Link products you LOVE on Facebook
  • TAG me using @byMeganE on Pinterest and Twitter or @AboveRubies (FollowAboveRubies)
  • Make sure you follow or “like” both AboveRubiesStudio and Craft-e-Corner on Pinterest/Facebook so we can easily see your pins and links!
  • You have until March 30th 2013 to enter to win and we will select from TAGS on Facebook and Pinterest using random.org
  • No purchase necessary to win just Pin and Tag 🙂

SECOND thing is the BIG Megan Elizabeth Spring Skin Care Party!

I am very excited to introduce to many of you for the VERY first time an INCREDIBLE Skin care line that I am very passionate about.  Before crafting I was a Cosmetologist who did a lot of skin care and make up as well as hair. I can get really excited about many products, but skin care (with exception to Mac Makeup or BareEssentials) I have a hard time.  I have uber sensitive skin and bad skin issues which I share in this video and I just really have gotten behind this company/products because I believe in the power of their main ingredient – ALOE!

So watch the video and I’ll explain more below!


YouTube Preview Image


Please enjoy shopping over at http://KGuay32.LBri.com – Every order will be entered to win the AMAZING Lotion that has changed my hands especially in the winter months and cold of Wisconsin. We will use Random.org to select a winner from all orders placed through this website before March 30, 2013.

Remember this is independent of L’Bri as Karlee is an independent home consultant and I am just hostessing a party! *Nothing we say can be used against them or us in other words!* L’Bri makes no claims of medically treating or healing disease.  We just get really excited knowing how it has personally helped us and many others we know. That’s why we share!


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13 thoughts on “Would you Like to WIN? Want to Go Shopping With Me?

  • Margaret K

    I couldn’t watch the second video, it is unavailable at this time. Will have to check in to shopping trip if I have time. My mom fell and is in the hospital could really use a few more prayers from my craft friends at this time. Hospital is an hour away and i am torn between work and visiting her. I know she is safe and welll taken care of but I want her to have some company also and I work the shifts when most visiting hours are. Thanks for listening. Have a great day everyone and enjoy the shopping. .

  • Kathy T

    Megan, I also could not watch the second video because it was unavailable at this time. Thank you for showing how to pin items though. That was very helpful.

    Margaret K as one of your craft friends here at Above Rubies Studio, I am praying for you and your mom. I am praying for healing for your mom and for your decision to visit her or work. Trust in the Lord, he will help you make the right decision.

  • Kathy

    I cant see the 2nd video about the skin care. Says vidoe is unavailable. Not sure if it’s me or something on your end. Thanks. Megan love your products and really miss your kits.

  • Janet Trapp

    Could you put on here what Karlee started with using for her Eczema. My daughter is terrible on her face , neck, elbow and knee pits would like to try for her.. TIA!~God bless~

    • KarleeG

      Hi Janet! These products have worked amazingly on my Eczema. I started out using the Body wash and the Intense body butter. I still have flair ups every now and than especially during these really dry winter months in Wisconsin, but these products have been a life saver! Please let me know if you have any more questions I would be happy to help you out!! -Karlee

        • Megan Elizabeth Post author

          Cucumber scent I would think would be the best. It’s what Karlee and I both use (though I do really like the other scents) Cucumber isn’t strong at all.