How Did That Happen? 10

In how many years of blogging I don’t think this has ever actually happened to me where I literally forgot it was Tuesday and I forgot to do a Tuesday Tutorial!!! I have been so insanely busy with so much going on – I filmed a little video talking about it a little bit here…

But mostly – have been so busy with the new Designer Program I am working on for Square1Masterpiece.  I’m going to be teaching 7 live courses on how to make money doing what you love – Crafting!  I am going to help you get started with a creative business and the steps you can take to make amazing projects that you can sell and brand yourself with! It’s going to be amazing!  I have been developing a full “A to Z” program for this and we are going to give you all the basics to get started now and start earning up to $200 or more every month – CRAFTING!  Check out the designer program here:

Here’s a quick little video:

YouTube Preview Image


Here’s one of those tutorials that are for make sure when you place your order for the designer program you let them know it was because of this weeks blog posts at

YouTube Preview Image

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10 thoughts on “How Did That Happen?

  • Sharon v/d Westhuizen

    Stunning project, Megan. I Just LUV all your tutorials, & I have most of your dvd’s too.
    So glad I found your site, I have learnt so much from your video’s and dvd’s. You are
    such an inspiration. 🙂



  • Janet Trapp

    How did I miss that??? A quick little saying “While Sean and I are no longer together” please don’t tell me that I missed that you are divorced. How did that happen without me praying for the above rubies lady who knows that and used to always promote what that name meant and inspired others in their marriage through her own? Please tell me that I am wrong… I was worried when you moved because of “health” reasons, I did not know this was to be a permanent thing. I am so sad for you and sad that I was not there to support you through prayer through this whole thing. ~God bless

    • Megan Elizabeth

      It definitely was not meant to be permanent Janet. It’s been a crazy difficult time that much prayer and counseling has gone into. Above Rubies still means everything to me it’s always meant – and honestly my faith in God is stronger than before and growing more each day mostly in humbleness to Him alone. Thank you so much for your love and prayers – it’s not something I’ve been advertising as part of my life though its not something I want anyone to feel I’m hiding. I’m just living each day the same as always striving as always to be the woman God has called me to be and set that example through Proverbs 31.

  • Kathy H

    OOOOH Myyyyyy! I was just on a scrapbooking cruise with Cara Miller last September!!!!! Soooo much fun and it was my first cruise. Loved it. She is a very creative person!

  • Lee Ann

    Would love to sign up for the class.What time are the classes? I work, so would they be available for replay and/or download, if classes during my work hours? Thanks!

  • Cathy R

    Ordered and have referred back to your A – Z Cricut DVD many times! In the beginning it certainly made being a Cricut owner easier. Thanks.

  • ~Jo~

    Oh Megan!!! How creative art thou? hehee… you are amazing! I enjoy watching you all the time and I find you to be my inspiration almost always. All kidding aside, you are a true inspiration to me. Because of you and seeing what you have been able to do in your life thus far in the crafting industry, I am now trying to take a leap of faith of my own in that very same industry. Wish me luck as I know I will need it because I am not as all together as you are! I envy you! I do! =)

  • Alicia

    I share your site with a lot of people at my work, Hobby Lobby. I enjoy crafting and my Cricut so I like to help others out. Thanks for your talent and sharing them with all of us.