Hey There Cupcake! Square1Masterpiece on a Scrapbook Layout 13

So THIS Tuesday Tutorial was actually filmed a few weeks ago – and it features a special little “kit” that Craft-e-Corner and I “threw” together with some fun little goodies – It’s going to be available really soon and I actually completed a few videos all using the goodies contained inside!  I think you’re really going to like it a lot and enjoy seeing Square1Masterpiece on an actual scrapbook layout and a reason for using it in scrapbooking and home decor all in one!  Here’s some really good news too: www.Craft-e-Corner.com is now carrying Square1 Printable adhesive fabric which means it is shipping anywhere in the world you would want it!  ENJOY!!!


YouTube Preview Image


I DID film a video in my new Craft room on Monday and I am going to upload that this week too along with several other things!  There’s lots and lots coming as promised and I’m so excited!


Thank you all again for so much love and support!  I can’t even tell you all the tears I was in the past two days reading the comments to my special announcement!  You all amazing me still – SO THANKFUL!!!

Enjoy the Moments!

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