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Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Inspirational DIY Jewelry

I hope you all are doing just awesome today!  Did you have a nice Memorial Day? Did you picnic and celebrate?
Bunches of stuff happening this week:
 1) Tomorrow Wednesday May 29th is the Square1 summer kick off party including a HUGE discount on inkjet printable adhesive back fabric! I’ll be doing a ustream for Square1 to kick off the party – so come join me ok?
2) Thursday I’m having another round of teeth fun and work done, so I’m keeping you all updated on that progress. Praying it won’t be too painful!
3) Still needing your support to help with getting Crafting Shows on Network television – asking for all to be super helpful and not only provide your email address, but also asking you share with your family/friends and ask them to help support the hobby you love as much as I do!
4) Get ready because starting June 1st I’m going to be sharing a fun little organization video with extra bonuses and fun for you to participate in! Watch out for that!
I also had some fun things happen this weekend – I’ll save a story for the end of this post, but it made me smile so I wanted to throw it out there.
This Tuesday Tutorial is a bit out of order because I filmed a few videos at once in preparations for my teeth work the end of this week, so I’m posting something first just because Britten wanted to see how it’s done quicker that the one I was going to post first 😉  (Like how I blamed Britten LOL! It’s not her fault really – this one just ended up edited first – so really I’m just blame passing for my own lack of priority! LOL)
This video is super fun though and I have been wearing this Inspiration Bracelet made from the new Tim Holtz Metal Word Bands.  Not to be an enabler, (but I’m pretty sure that is the reason most of you follow me) You MUST go pick these up at Craft-e-Corner right now because really you can do so very much with them!
Coming up soon I’ll be using these on a card front as my sentiment, it turned out great.  You will find so many uses for these from DIY Inspirational jewelry, scrapbooking titles, you can hang them, bend them, wear them, tell a story with them – I was pretty excited about these clearly!  I have been really into the metal medium for playing with right now.  It hasn’t really mattered what I am making, metal stamping and embellishments seem to just be calling my name.  (Yes they cane be heavy I know but still fun!)
YouTube Preview Image
So for my story!
Sunday afternoon we went out for lunch at a place called Friar Tucks – not a place we go often, but enjoyable for the kids for sure!  Anyway, we were eating and a sweet lady came over and said “You’re Megan!” and I said (with a puzzled look I am sure) “yes…” and she proceeded to tell me she’s been a follower of Above Rubies for a while and watching my posts on Facebook etc… totally made me smile and laugh because only a few moments prior my friend and two kids were picking on me about how “not cool I can be at times” and well just picking on me! Her name is Sandy and she lives in Oshkosh and her daughter happens to be in my neighborhood! It was so wonderful to meet her and that she just came up to me introduced herself and said HI!  Now the reason I am sharing this story is simply to say – IF YOU are in Oshkosh, or Pennsylvania, or New York or California or ANY OTHER place I happen to be traveling and you see me out, PLEASE come say hi!!!! I WANT to meet you!  I hope I can see Sandy again soon sometime and maybe even run into her daughter sometime! It would be awesome to just have you come up and say hello! I promise I’ll be nice and you won’t be a bother! However I make no guarantees that if I’m out with my kids they won’t quickly adopt you as their best friend and you’ll see me be the perfect mom! LOL
All that to say; Sandy – thank you for making my day and saying hello!  I truly hope to see you again sometime!
Enjoy the Moments my Friends!!!






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6 thoughts on “Easy DIY Inspirational Metal Jewelry

  • dianne davis

    Thanks for sharing, With 13 grandkids(ages 4-15), the bracelets is something they would all love, & would be affordable!!! God Bless You:)

  • Theresa

    Thank you so much for this video. I wanted to make a bracelet out of these but had no idea how to go about it and you just showed me how. So thanks again..

  • MommyMe

    What a quick and easy project! But, one whose message will stay with you forever. Thank you for the inspiring project, (and words, too)!

  • Sandy

    Megan you made my day too, we are 1/2 mile apart so hope to see you soon. Take a walk down Deerfield or I may see you when I’m at my daughters. Praying for a pain free day tomorrow for you.

    Megan Our Church, Countryside Christian Church is having a Missions Auction on Sat morning- 9:30 am starting (8:30am preview) it’s a few miles west on 20th which Changes to hwy K. You’ll see the sign on the lawn by the road ( white farm house and buildings left side of road) Rummage pay what you like, live auction, silent auction, food, bake sale and allot of fun. Hope to see you there, I,ll be working in the Silent Auction area.