DIY Jewelry Week 2: Silver Trays Glass Tiles and Favorite Scrapbook Paper 15

This is week two of the very popular and trendy DIY Custom and Personal Jewelry.  Britten Linn and I are going to show you just how easy it is to create wearable art that means something to you. Maybe a scrabble tile with a name, a domino piece with beautiful art on it, or in this video Silver Trays and Glass Tiles.

In this Video:

  • 1″ square tile jewelry with your favorite scrapbook paper
  • 1″ Glass tiles
  • 1″ silver trays with Viva Decor
  • Sparkle Lightz in trays
  • Check out getting your own Jewelry starter pack HERE at


YouTube Preview Image


Enjoy the Moments and we will see you next week for even more great DIY Jewelry and there are several other exciting videos this week as well! Thanks for watching!

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15 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Week 2: Silver Trays Glass Tiles and Favorite Scrapbook Paper

  • Julie

    This is such a cute idea. I can’t wait to get to my LSS and buy the supplies. My head is reeling from all the possible gifts I could make. I Musthave the jewelry bug now.

  • Carmen

    Great ideas for the grandsons to make for Mom for Christmas and maybe teachers too! But I “mustache” you a ? about the glass effects glue…LOL

  • MommyMe

    It’s so much fun to see you and Britten teamed up, and being creative and silly. Thank you, as always for sharing, and encouraging our creativity to grow!

  • Sandy McLaughlin

    I love the glass tiles and i have made a few already but have you ever made them with photo’s in them? I have tried but the ink on the photos run? Any suggestions?

  • Sandy D

    I made a la la lopsey one for my neice on the clear tiles , she loves loves la la and she was crazy about it , I went on line and looked up la la and printed out a little thumbprint of the dolls it turn out so cute and I used the ribbon that has one strand of rope like and 2 ribbons already made so cute , but I don’t have a photo as I already gave it to her , I had gotten my tiles at the Memories expo in Columbus , Ohio

  • Shari Young

    Love the tray with the sparkle lights. Looks great. My grandaughters Girl Scout troup did the ones without the trays for a craft at on a camping trip. They loved them. Some used ribbon others silk cord or the ball chain. One of the most interesting things was to see which papers each girl choose. We had geometric, flowers, metallic and glitter papers. Lots of fun.