Create Professional Gifts and Earn Extra Cash This Holiday Season 4

This is a happy day and a happy thing for me to share with you all today!

I know you are here looking for my crafting Tuesday Tutorials and I’m going to provide you with a lot today! (There are 10 crafting videos at the bottom of this post alone!!)

First watch this short video explaining WHY I am doing this today!  I am so very passionate because I believe so deeply in this program and it’s benefits to you – it would simply be a dis-service to each of you if I didn’t share all the details and implore you that now really is the time for this in your crafting journey – no matter what stage of the journey you are on. (That’s really just one of the other incredible parts of all of this, it doesn’t matter what level of crafter you are, this is for you!)

YouTube Preview Image

Here are your two options to getting started:

Square1Kit1   Square1Kit2


View Ustream from Sunday Night – Just under 1 Hour long questions are answered and lots of images and products shown and explained!

Video streaming by Ustream
Click on any of the images below to watch a step by step tutorial on different uses for Square1 Masterpiece.

Square1 Monogram Print and CutSquare1-Photo-Collage-300x300Decorate Customize Appliances]Albumebosser-craftwell-300x207HomeQuote Square1-Photo-Collage-300x300Decorate Customize Appliances]Albumebosser-craftwell-300x207 safe_image-2.phpSchool Pencil Boxes CustomizedStencil


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