TNT: What to Do When Your Paper is TOO Pretty To Use! 36

Hey Everyone!

Today is Thursday and it is ALL a part of the NEW schedule including TNT Videos EXPLODING with Tips and Tricks for better scrapbooking and crafting! 🙂

Today’s TNT is especially for all you Paper Collectors out there just like me!  You bring home 12×12 paper and you LOVE it soooo much you don’t want to “use” it.  Well this video is to show you how to use it and to be sure not to “mess it up”. You’re going to love this in your crafty spaces or pretty much anywhere in your home!  It’s simple, elegant and goes with any decor or season….Check it out!


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So what do you think?  Are you like Megan Jefferies who needs 1,000 pieces of any particular piece of paper?  Do you have stashes of paper that you could see swapping out sheets in basic frames?

Love to know your thoughts or tips of your own!


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36 thoughts on “TNT: What to Do When Your Paper is TOO Pretty To Use!

  • Joann

    WOW Megan this is such a clever idea! I LOVE it!! I must say, I would have never thought to use my paper the way you showcased it here but my goodness I am going to purchase all kinds of 12×12 frames now because now my mind is racing with ideas!! I have so many papers that I do NOT want to use because it’s so gorgeous lol. Thank you so very much for this great tip! Could you tell me the name of the craft store you purchased your frames at? Thanks a bunch!


  • GaylaT

    My name is Gayla and I’m a paper hoarder. LOL I have some papers that I love way too much to destroy by using it. When I find some that I love so much I worry that it’s going to be discontinued and I’ll never find it again. Right now, it’s Little Darlings from Graphic 45. but that’s just the most recent. I have some Anna Griffin that I’ve had for a couple of years and can’t use it. Most often it’s in shades of lavender and blue or pink. I have some Susan Wingate from K& Company so you can see I don’t favor one designer or one company. I even took a piece and had it professionally copied so that I could use it and still have some. My other addiction is ribbon. Being a retired florist I’ve always had acces to the very best ribbon and I am a ribbon snob. I even buy 100 yd spools of silk ribbon and dye it myself to use in my needlework. I’m not proud of being like this and I even gave a friend one sheet of each of my Anna Griffin horde just to prove to myself I could not be selfish. I did it but it hurt like heck. I think it’s the artist in us that makes us love beautiful things. They don’t have to be expensive, just what ever grabs me. I realized that I actually ‘feel’ certain colors. If you are reading this you probably know exactly what I’m talking about but I was surprised to find that a lot of people have no clue what I mean. I also read recently that we don’t all see the same thing when we see color. I went to have my colors done once and got very aggravated at the woman doing us as she told me that I should wear the shade of red she was handing me a swatch of. I told her no, that red had too much yellow in it and I wear the red that has more blue. She insisted there was no yellow in that red but to me and some others it was leaning way towards orange. She could not see what we saw at all. That red made me feel icky and she thought it made me look crazy. LOL She was probably right. LOL Wow! How did I get on this soap box? Sorry Megan. I’ll be good. It just felt so nice to know others are as goofy over special paper as I am.

    • Chriss America Real

      How interesting to read someone else try to describe “feeling colors” yes, that is what I have too! I can tell you the color of everything in my home and when I go out shopping, I can match things in my home perfectly even though I don’t have that item with me. I don’t hoard my papers though, I freely give them away. If someone says they like it, it is theirs. Gayla, have you tried Copic Coloring? I bet you would be very good at it!

  • Barbara P

    Oh my goodness…I’ve had the same problem!!! I have some beautiful papers that I could not part with, or cut up, and this is a terrific way of using them! I have an empty wall in my craft room and I will now have something to beautify it with! I would never have thought to frame them! Thanks so much for a great way where they can be taken out of the ‘book’ and brought to life where I can enjoy them every day!

  • Karen

    I love the idea! I used the colors from a piece of paper as an inspiration for my bedroom colors. I also had my husband make me some hinged 12 x 12 frames so I could easily change the papers in them. I have the frames in my scrapbook room.

  • Robin

    Oh my!!! I thought that I was the only paper hoarder out there. I have paper from when I first started scrapbooking or should I say collecting…….16 years ago. I like to use the paper with positionable tape so I can change out the pictures and the stickers and not ruin my paper!!!!! love my paper!!!!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I love paper too………it not only looks beautiful but the FEEL of paper is awesome too. I guess that’s why I’ve never really gotten too much into digital scrapbooking. Some of those layouts are beautiful but they’re lacking the feel appeal that only wonderful paper can have.

  • Jane

    This is a great idea. While watching the video, I had a though as to how to expand on this idea. You could use a magnetic back ground and adhere the paper to that, then you have a magnetic wall to display other things, like note pads and such.

    I have some really beautiful Basic Grey papers that I think would be perfect for this project and it will add some pop to my craft studio.

  • Lynn C

    Megan – Great idea! I too love some of my papers waay too much. What a great way to enjoy them. Thanks so much for the tip.

  • Margaret

    Hi Megan,
    Love seeing your inspirational ideas…your colors are the ones I’m using for the Craftsy block of the month club.
    I will have to show a picture at the end of the year… when it is done
    P.S. I also am a paper collector plus fabric collector. Hard to cut into such beauty!!!!!

  • JustAPacRat

    I already do this on a small scale. I have 4 sheets hanging in my Western livingroom as wall art. I have 1 in my bathroom and I have 4 in my scrap/entertainment room that I hang my recent layouts in. I like to look at my layouts for a month or so, then file them and hang new ones. Very inspirational. I will be hanging paper in my bedroom too, as soon as I find the perfect paper for it. TFS

    Just A Pac Rat

  • Linda W

    Yep, that paper monster bug has gotten me too. The papers I can’t bear to use, I frame it and use it as a photo collage. I just use repositionable tape to display my pictures on the glass of the frame with my pretty paper behind the glass. I change out my favorite papers according to mood and season. After displaying my favorite papers, I don’t feel as guilty using the favorite sheet of paper for a very special project. Although, oftentimes, I would save this sheet of special paper and use it for my own scrapbook project.

  • Dee

    What a great idea! and how easy to change the decor of your room with the change of seasons or your mood!! love this idea!

  • PJ

    This is a Fantasctic idea! I too am a paper collector aka hoarder LOL:) Sometimes when I have crafters block I will start looking through all my papers and I always find something to light that spark of inspiration. I also agree with LeeAnn that digital scrapbooking just doesn’t cut it. I love the feel of a fabulous paper!!

  • Elaine S.

    I actually laughed out loud when I read that you have paper you love so much you don’t want to use it. That’s ME! I see here that there are many of us out there. They walk among us, and they breed. LOL Love your idea, Why hide our favorites inside a scrapbook?

    Here’s a sign you can make for your craftroom: “She who dies with the most unused paper wins!”

  • Tiffany

    What fantastic way to use all that pretty paper we seem to collect over time! I love it! I was thinking of ways to spruce up our home and this has definitely inspired me!

    Thank you! ♥

  • Kscookie

    I am new to papercrafting, and collecting beautiful paper that I don’t want to cut seems to be my most accomplished activity to date. Maybe if I display some of it I will get the inspiration I need to do more. I see all these beautiful things and want to make them all but I seem to draw too many blanks for inspiration. I’m hoping to find a group to crop with so that I might learn and get an occaisional push to just do it even if it’s doesn’t end up exactly as I would have liked. So am continuing to read blogs and watch videos.

  • Kathy Shanley

    Ladies, all of your words hit home with me. I just recently closed my scrapbook store in Sarasota so I have lots of supplies and I just recently reclaimed my spare bedroom to turn into my creativity room and the walls are sunshine yellow. Well, except for the areas where teenagers have nailed, taped, kicked, you know what I mean. so rather than repaint, I was going to stencil using the Authentique Blissful line as inspiration. I also saw on Pinterest where someone “wallpapered” an accent wall with their favorite 12 X 12 scrapbook papers. I wonder how long repositionable adhesive would hold the paper to the wall??? Scrap On!

  • Tammy Whitley

    I got this idea some time ago when I realized I had a spot on my wall that a regular picture wouldn’t do the trick, so I started thinking about the 1000’s of papers I have an realized I could use those instead. I bought a bunch of basic frames all sizes and can hang whatever size I want or even a bunch of different sizes for a collage look. Love it
    For Joann, I bought all my frames at Michaels when they had a big sale on their frames which they do quite alot!!!!

  • Sherry

    Megan – What is the name of the Company of the paper? I got the name of the pages but could not understand the name of the company. I love your idea of the frames and I am going to give it a try!!!

  • Julie

    Jane, I loved your magnetic idea! I have the magnetic boards from Ikea in my scrapbook room for inspiration. I could decorate each of these with two 12×12’s centered through the middle with white for borders top and bottom. Then I can post my inspirational pictures on top. Double use from my boards and the plain white will get a face lift with beautiful color.

    I too am a paper collector. Is there a group for all of us PA – Paper Anonymous!

  • MommyMe

    I don’t know whether to be humored, comforted, or horrified that there are so many of US! I have a double affliction: paper and fabric. I’ve used fabrics in MANY similar ways. Ahhhh…I do feel comfort now, in knowing that my paper habit doesn’t need to be a deep, dark secret. Thanks for alleviating some guilt by giving my habit a practical and painless application!

  • Shelly

    WOW … WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I really don’t have the space on my walls but I will have to use this idea someplace/somewhere else! I have on my walls sticheries I did and which took me months to do before I got hooked on paper crafts…. Take care!

  • Barbara

    I am often ashamed to admit that I cannot always use the paper I have. It is too pretty. I will just go through my boxes adn boxes of paper, look at it plan to use it and unless there is an especially important reason, I am unable to cut into it. This idea look like it is perfect for me to have the paper out and visible will help me to get inspired to either use it of just look at it. I do realize that it is an addiction. I sometimes do not want anyone to see it in case they would want to use it. But, if it is a wall decoration, then I will not feel as protective.

  • Bernadine Stahl

    What a great idea, megan. Am going to try this. I have a hoard of paper too pretty to cut.. and i also have a bedroom full of empty walls. thank you so much, Keep the ideas coming.

  • Bettyanne

    Hey Megan, I love your ideas, but can you tell me where you got your frames from, as I have been trying to buy 12×12 frames to display my pages around my house for so long. Also what is the product you used to hang them and where can I purchase them. I live in Australia.