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Happy Freebie Friday ARS Friends!  Britten here and can you believe that TOMORROW is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY?!

There is BIG stuff happening here on ARS so be sure to check in with Megan tomorrow – ESPECIALLY for Megan’s LIVE Ustream at 9:30pm EST on Saturday using!

I’m so happy to be here today to bring you this Freebie Friday because it is something very near and dear to my heart….CROPS!

I have been going to crops for YEARS.  Crops hosted by people I met online at, crops at scrapbook stores, fundraising crops for a good cause…at one point I had two scrapbook groups that I hosted so I wouldn’t have to wait for crops to come along….I could schedule as many as I wanted!

When we moved to Florida from Pennsylvania in 2003 I didn’t have a job right away, I didn’t know anyone, and I was worried that I would get lost if I went too far from our apartment.  Luckily there was a huge Joann store very close to where we lived so I signed up for one of their Friday night crops and that was how I made my first friends in Florida.

Crops are a super fantastic way to get inspired and to meet people who love the hobby (and the supplies!) as much as you do.   But I know from experience that packing for a crop can be overwhelming….and may even keep you from ever going.    So I’ve come up with the ARS Crop Checklist that you can print out and keep in your crop bag so you can check off your supplies as you pack.  But before I share the link to the download, here’s my list of my 12 MUST HAVES for every crop….

1.  Adhesive & refills – this includes glue/glue pens, adhesive squares and maybe your mini xyron. Megan’s Embellishment Combo pack is the perfect adhesive pack for your crops because several different types of adhesive are in one pack.

2.  Paper Trimmer – my favorite is portable, with an arm that swings out to measure 12 x 12 paper. The Purple Cow Trim  is a newer fav because of its size and many options!

3.  Markers, pens, colored pencils for coloring, doodling and  journaling.

4.  Scissors – I usually have 4 or 5 pair with me of various size and shape because it’s the number one thing I misplace – even when I don’t get up from my chair for 4 hours!  If you only take one pair, pack your small scissors for detail cuts. Tim Holtz Tonic Sheers are very versatile if you’re looking to pick up a new pair.

5.  Pictures – Here’s my advice:  pack ONLY the pictures that you are excited about scrapping.  We all have pics of events that we “have” to scrap, but save those for when you’re cropping at home.  Bring the pictures you simply cannot wait to design a layout about.   Trust me, you’ll be way more likely to get something done this way.

6.  Card stock – I always have a few sheet of white, black & Kraft with me, plus I pack a 3-4 additional colors that coordinate with my pictures and pattern paper. Paper Layerz is always a great way to go with this as well because you can get so many color variations on one sheet that can accent a lot of what you are working with, but keep to the basics and a few themes and you’ll be good.

7.  Pattern paper – Just like the pictures, take with you what you are most excited about using (you know…the stuff that’s going to make the other scrappers oohhh and ahhh).  Believe it or not, you probably won’t need much of it so although you will be tempted to bring it all, just pack what coordinates…and what won’t break your heart to cut. Sometimes a put together “kit” is the way to go! Something where someone has already picked out a theme with embellishments and cardstock that works with the photos you want to scrap…and you’ll probably have lots left over!

8.  Stamps – If you’re a scrapper, take a few sentiment or alpha stamps you might use on your layouts.  If you’re a card maker, take a few sets of your favorite stamp line and make several of the same to add to your stash or give as gifts.  Don’t forget the blocks if you use acrylic stamps and stamp cleaner or baby wipes to clean up the ink.

9.  Inks – I always have a black and brown with me and I might throw in one or two additional colors that coordinate with what I’m making. Mini InkEdgerz are really great to have on hand because they don’t take up much space but you can do a lot with them and have many colors on hand.

10.  Embellishments –  My embellishments are organized by color so it’s easy for me to just grab the buttons, brads, ribbon, etc in only the colors that I need.  Or if you buy your paper & embellishments from the same line and it’s all coordinated for you, that’s an easy way to pack too. Using plastic baby food containers is a great way to organize and see what you have for a crop.  Take one or two with you then switch out what you take from crop to crop. They don’t take up much space and that way you aren’t taking more than you need.

11.  Die cut machine or other I-Can’t-Create-Without-It-Tool –  This is probably going to be your heaviest item and the one with the most pieces parts to forget.  I found a Personal Cricut machine at a garage sale that I keep in the bottom of my wheeled crop bag so I don’t have to pack and un-pack it.  I also have spare mats that I keep in there as well.  Don’t forget the power cord and spatula.   An even more portable machine would be the Silhouette SD, great alternate if you don’t have a Cricut.

12.  Cartridges/SD cards/Gypsy/Laptop – I have a Gypsy with all of my cartridges loaded on them.  I also have all of my cartridge handbooks loaded onto my iPad** so I can glance through them without having to bring the actual books.  Cartridge boxes take up space, so if you don’t have a Gypsy or other design software, only take the carts you know you will use.  Remember to pack all the cords & chargers.

**I used Joy’s tutorial over at Obsessed with Scrapbooking to upload my Cricut manuals to my iPad.    Okieladybug has a video tutorial on her blog if you want to add your manuals to a Kindle Fire.

Megan Just added her own QUICK Video on How to do this as well!  See that HERE –


If you’ve got all that and there’s still room in your car, truck or van…here’s a few more things that I like to have with me:

*Paper & Cardstock Scraps – Mine are in two big zippered cases so it’s easy to throw them in my bag.  If you feel up for a REAL challenge, leave your 12×12 papers & cardstock at home and force yourself to make layouts and cards using just your scraps!

*Tweezers or other tool for picking up tiny things.

*Adhesive eraser – Just.  In.  Case.

*Punches – They will make your bag heavier, but I like to have one or two border punches and some basic shapes like circles and scallops with me.

And – just for fun – here’s what you probably don’t need:

1.  Every cartridge you own.

2.  All of your stamps.

3.  Ever color of ink ever purchased.

4.  Stuff that’s messy like embossing powders or liquid inks.

5.  Your least favorite pics – if you aren’t excited about scrapping them, leave them at home.  And lastly…

6.  Your SCRAPBOOK ALBUM!  – I know some of you just yelled at the screen when you read this but hear me out.  You really don’t “need” to take your actual album with you.  You can just put your completed layouts to it when you get home from the crop.  (Of course, if you do take it everyone will want to look at it and gush over your embellishments…err, I mean your pictures…and that’s pretty darn cool too. 🙂

If you DO forget something – and it happens to all of us – don’t panic.  Scrappers LOVE TO SHARE!   I think most of us realize we all have more supplies than we will ever use, so a chance to give something up for a good cause is irresistible!   Go ahead and test my theory yourself.  At your next crop, casually mention that you forgot to bring red cardstock and you will soon have more shades of red than you know what to do with!


Here is the ARS CROP CHECKLIST!  Be sure to print off a few copies so you have them handy. (When you click the Link – You will see the title again to click to make sure you want to download the PDF – Its a pain but its for your protection too.)

Now…Go Scrap Something!


PS – I’d love to hear what YOU think!  Do YOU got to crops – why or why not?  Do you TAKE IT ALL or do you have your own packing checklist?

What is YOUR Must Have?


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28 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Wanna Scrap? Printable ARS Crop Checklist!

  • Rae Finke

    Do I take it all? It looks like I am moving in! I LOVE crops. The last one I went to was for 2 nites. We had the best group of girls ever. I haven’t laughed that much since college. Thank you so much for making this checklist for all of us. I am off to print it now! xoxo!

  • Kathy Dunn

    A must for me is my Creative Memories cupholder/garbage bag attached! No stress on any spills! I make sure my phone friends know not to call me and remember to put my cell phone on vibrate! Pack the day before and get a good nights sleep! Happy Scrapping everyone!

  • Amie K

    I leave today for my yearly crop! Talk about your perfect timing! Thanks you guys. Packing it always overwhelming…and I take too much every time, lol! I will be road testing my new Scraprack travel pack this time, so very exciting indeed!

  • Aurora Myers

    I never travel lightly-have to have all my punches! I, too, am interested in how to load the cartridge handbooks to my iPad. Sounds like a fabulous idea.

  • AJ

    I, too, would like to know how you loaded your handbooks on the ipad. Sounds like a good deal. I enjoy the imput ABR gives to us. Keep up the good work.
    God Bless

  • Lisa Sackett

    I just fished out my crop checklist a few days ago and found it was still incomplete…the result of trying to remember everything last crop. Thanks for adding this crop checklist…very cool!
    Also, I’m wondering too…how do you store your cart books on your iPad? Currently I download the PDFs from to iBooks. But the problem is when I’m somewhere that I don’t have the wifi code to, and I’m not able to open iBooks to see them. So I’d love to hear what you use, as I’m sure there must be a better way!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    My most favorite thing is wet chalk, I cannot scrap a page without it. It was one of the first things I purchased and it is amazing how long they last if you protect them from air. Second favorite is Cricut, the best tool for scrapbookers everywhere.

  • Marci

    I have gone to a weekend crop with Britten. Don’t let her fool you. She brings all of the above and then some. I was worried I wouldn’t fit into the car. However with the Cuddlebug at my feet and a Cricut on my lap I did manage to get in – also built up some pretty good muscles that weekend lifting the numerous bags containing paper from the car into the house! 🙂

    • Britten Post author

      Of COURSE I have to bring MORE when we scrap for 4 days in a row! Anyone who saw the Retreat Video I did awhile back here on ARS saw EXACTLY how much we packed for that extra long scrappy weekend!! (But I promise I won’t bring quite as many supplies to the beach next week!)

  • Charity Brown

    I love crops…I just can’t get to enough of them…I try to pack only the basics as well…that way I don’t bring my pull cart attached to my semi!!!LOL

  • Susan

    I am preparing for a weekend crop later this month, 3 ladies,1 van, 1 hotel room – not a suite, and of course we have to pack luggage also.

  • Jennie

    Once a month my aunt, sister, and I get together at our homes. It gives us a chance to catch up and have a ton of great fun. In my case I take everything! But on the other hand I don’t have very much stuff. Since I don’t go on very many trips (tear :() I use my large suitcase to haul all my scrap supplies. It holds a ton of stuff! I’m looking for a caddy to hold all my scissors, glues, pens, but haven’t found one that is cute and in my price range.

    Happy Scrapping!

  • Megan Elizabeth

    You all are SOO awesome! Joy has everything written out perfectly and Okie does show the Kindle which I have NOOO clue about since I don’t have one! 🙂 Hope it helps you all! Britten did a GREAT job on the check list!

  • Beth Devitt

    I am the planner of an up coming crop. This post’s timing is perfect! Some of the girls are seasoned croppers and some are newbies. I going to attach your post to my next e-mail to all of them. Britten let me extend an invitation to you too, having just learned that you live in Florida. We are in Deerfield Beach.:-) Would love for you to come. ….Oh and I’m going on my I-books tonight to get my cartridges loaded. Thanks so much great info.


  • Bunnyfreak

    I went to a crop last year where I was working on swap items using distress ink and stamping. While I brought my distress inks (all of them) I forgot to put in my ink blending tool (had the foam). I was easily able to share from other ladies there.

  • Dee

    I’m so sad I don’t get to go to a crop the NSD! I signed up, but we had a pipe break and I’m to busy cleaning up the mess to leave! Plus some of my scrapbook stuff was ruined too, so I’m not even sure what I have anymore! Hope everyone has a great time!

  • ZanesMom (Cathy Rapp)

    You forgot the most important thing of all “CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE AND MORE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!”

    Always remember chocolate has “NO CALORIES” when you scrapbook!!!!!

  • Kim Brock

    I just downloaded about 75 Cricut manuals to my iPad then discovered that they aren’t labeled with the name of the cartridge but a file name. For example QL-Ae3brf. The icons on the “bookshelf” of iBooks is too small to read, making it necessary to open several to find the one you want. Any suggestions. Also, I would like to download to my netbook but can’t see how to do that.
    Any help with either situation is much appreciated.
    Thank you and keep these great tips coming!!