FIXED! TNT: Scotch ATG: How to Refill the Pink Scotch ATG Adhesive Roll 26

**Fixed Video – Youtube did NOT Complete the Upload – Sorry about that!**

Happy TNT Thursday where we are EXPLODING with Tips and Tricks every Thursday! Today’s quick video shares a bit about the Scotch ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) adhesive gun. In just a quick minute we will reload or refill our Pink ATG using the 1/4″ tape refills. I’ve had many requests for this video over the past year, so I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for a Freebie Download! šŸ™‚

Enjoy the Moments!

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26 thoughts on “FIXED! TNT: Scotch ATG: How to Refill the Pink Scotch ATG Adhesive Roll

  • Barbara

    Thank you for demo, I bought one and I still can’t get it to work, now I will get mine out and look at video and see if I can get it to work.

  • Jane Dubois

    Thanks so much for explaining how to reload the ATG. I just figured out how to make that work but I still wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I didn’t get to see how to get the end onto the discarded reel because the video came to an end before you were finished. I get it to work but it takes a lot of work because it tends to slip out before I can get it wound right.

  • Stephanie K

    The video cut off before you had completed the procedure. I have one of these contraptions and I find it best to leave on the shelf and use Scor-Tape…less hassle.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the video!! I LOVE this runner. . It did take me a bit to get the hang of refilling it quickly so I am sure this video would be very helpful for those with or wanting this tape runner. The video cut before the end – will you be updating the video? Thanks again.

  • Sherri

    This was really great but my problem is the ending section and your video cut out…I have been having so much trouble…at a certain point the tape doubles and goes crazy! Thank you so much but if you could include the last details, I would be happy!
    Thank you

    Katy, TX

  • Charity Brown

    I was unable to finish watching the video…had some problems watching the end…I would love to have an AVG Gun! Next purchase

  • Irene Baker

    The video cut off before you finished (@ 2:16…when you were pulling glue pieces off). Anyway, I’ve always had trouble with my AVG, but I usually manage to get through the directions on the refills, and somehow make it work. Thanks for the tip, though.

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      HEY EVERYONE! I’m SO sorry! The video was Complete – Youtube cut something off – I’ll check into it today and repost later! THANKS!

  • Urszula

    Thanks for the video, I literally just run out of my tape and had changed it before, but for some reason I always forget how to start to put the tape, lol
    So thanks again šŸ™‚

  • Marilyn

    My ATG gun always gets fouled up before I get to the end of the roll. I end of wasting about 1/4 of it. It is like the reel that takes up and paper (right one) is full and can’t advance anymore. Any suggestions??

  • Marcia

    Thank you! When my tape is loaded properly (i always struggle with it), I absolutely LOVE my ATG gun. Hopefully this video will help.

    • Mags

      You can order one along with refills, the best buy I have found ($$$) at or just at Michaels or even at Joanns. If you order $50 or more at Craf-E-Corners it is free Shipping. I love their stuff also and order from them quite a bit! Never have to stop crafting and it comes right to my front door and I don’t have to pay for gas! What more could a girl want? They have a great selection of things also at great prices too!

  • Linda W

    I have two of them and I love them. A pink one I bought on-line for quite a bit of money way before the Michael’s version and I bought the Michael’s special at half price. In the beginning, I had also struggle a bit every time I change the tape. Now I have one loaded with the archival tape and the other with general all purpose tape. My ATG guns does a great job, easy to use and easy to reload.

  • sjordan8137

    I only have one complaint about the ATG. The subject may have been discussed previous times but I am new to scrapbooking/card making. The ATG is definitely NOT for left handed people. The tape feeds fron the left of the roller. When you use it in your left hand you cannot see where the tape is going!!! If there is a way to make it come off the rubber roller from the other side then us Leftys could use it with ease!

    • Donna

      Oh, I completely agree about it not being for left handed people! I even made my (left-handed) brother try it to make sure it just wasn’t me. On the other hand, my right-handed housemate thinks it’s great. When I watch her use it, I can see the appeal. I wrote a review on the Scotch website that I hope they will publish cautioning lefties to find a way to try it out before they buy it. I made it clear that I was not upset it’s designed for the right hand; that’s just the way the cookie crumbles when you are a lefty. I only wish that the product descriptions would make that clear so that lefties don’t waste their money. I also mentioned that I would gladly pay $100 for an ATG that is designed for the left hand, as I am used to paying more for lefty tools. šŸ™‚

  • Jacki from MA

    I just picked up a refill for my gun today and dreaded trying to load it – your video made it a snap! Thank you sooooo much!!! Hope I can find your video again next time I have to put in a refill cause I don’t think I’ll remember this. šŸ™‚