Freebie Friday FlashBack! 18

hey everyone!

Its freebie Friday time and I have a LOT of NEW goodies coming out, but there was a SMALL technical holdup with the NEXT BIG THING! As soon as I get that Worked out I PROMISE everyweek will be ALL new Freebies that you’re going to LOVE!

I have TWO things to share today:

One is an Oldie but goodie, and for our Newer followers, I think you’ll find it extra helpful and fun!

See the OLDDD video:

YouTube Preview Image

You can get your FREE Sketch sheets for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking HERE TODAY! šŸ™‚

And TWO:

Just incase you missed the announcements: All May long ANY (non-digital) purchase in the store will receive a FREE Sample sheet of Megan Elizabeth mini alphaz. Its a great extra freebie especially with all the other goodies available! šŸ™‚


BTW – ALL new Classes and workshops have JUST been added to the ARS Store! Including my new Wedding and Anniversary Card Class that comes FREE with the purchase of the Black and White Kit! Lots more ALL the time – Don’t miss ANY!




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18 thoughts on “Freebie Friday FlashBack!

    • Steph

      Just a word to the wise. Jennifer before you purchase a gypsy, please go out and read all the reviews. I have one it died and prove craft have not been much help. So I am stuck with a machine that does nothing but sit there, it is a 200 dollar paper weight.

  • Jane Dubois

    I just love that layout. You do such great pages. I love watching your tutorials because it opens up my imagination to do similar and new things without fear. I usually like to crop pictures when they need it, then pick color and embellishments for a page and try placing them and I sometimes swap them out with something else until they look perfect. So I don’t really use hand-drawn planners. I’m more of a hands-on scrapper and card maker. That’s just my style. It’s all up to what someone is comfortable with. Thank you Megan.

  • MommyMe

    I remember this video…the layout is every bit as cute as I remember it! Good luck working out the glitches with the “next big thing”! I cannot wait for the reveal. Have a wonderful weekend with the kids!

  • Jane Dubois

    I forgot…I do something that I would like to share with you. Perhaps you do it too. I always save paper that I cut a shape from, crop it and use a as a frame for a picture or words for another layout. It needs to be something the right size to make a small picture or a few words stand out. Or it can be bigger to glam up a larger picture or help tell a story.

  • Carla White

    I love this layout, it is so cute! I just wish my boys were young enough to use it. You inspire me a real lot and your work is beautiful! You need to come to upstate NY sometime for one of our conventions. I would love to see you! Thank you for every thing you do!

  • Shirley E.

    My wish from you:
    I love all the layouts you do. It’s so hard to keep going through your videos to find the one I’d like to “copy” each time.
    What I’d love to see you produce is a Catalogue with snapshots of the pages, much like the “Cricut Magazine” so I could just flip throught the pages to find the one I like. You could also add a note on each one the name and date of the video for reference. I just get excited about the idea of you doing that! Just imagine how your fans would go crazy over that, a book and a video too!!!

  • Nedra

    The sketch pages are a great idea, I’m going to start using them for some ideas. Though like Jane D., I look at the photo or have an idea and pull out coordinating stuff and play with the layout. I also make notes using MS Publisher (could also use MS Power Point too), including which carts I used, techniques, ideas or variations to make it better or different next time and a scan of the card. I give the cards away and don’t always remember what I did! I have to thank you so much, I’ve learned so much about products, techniques and you always inspire me!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Thanks Megan. Enjoyed the “old” video. The scrapbook page was really cute ! I downloaded the templates. I like the idea of using the Gypsy to store templates. I love my Gypsy !

  • Sarah, Devon, England

    Thanks so much for redoing these I am currently sorting out a backlog of photos ready to get the last four years worth printed and then I am going to scrapbook…I was feeling rather daunted but with you templates I will have a go.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.
    God Bless you and yours