Best Ways to Save Your Paper: 12×12 Paper Saver TNT 45

Today’s TNT Exploding with Tips and Tricks for ya is all about Paper Saving!

I have a FAVORITE 12×12 Paper Saving Technique that is my FAVORITE and I use it often!Ā  If you have followed for awhile you may have seen it before, but this maybe a REALLY fun unique thing for many of you just joining us!Ā  We’ve had sooo many new friends join us recently – so I hope this helps at least one of you out!!

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45 thoughts on “Best Ways to Save Your Paper: 12×12 Paper Saver TNT

  • Sharon

    Hi Megan. I can’t seem to hear you on this video, or your previous video, even with the sound at maximum volume on you tube. šŸ™

  • Rebecca

    Great idea on how to save paper by cutting out the middle! I am, unfortunately, still a little “cutting-challenged” in this area…LOL!

    I also had trouble with the audio on these last two videos with the volume on high. I had to watch with my ear to the speaker.

  • Laureen Bakri

    Your sound for this video is very poor; even with all options on high, I could barely hear you. This is a wonderful tip and one that I am sure I will be using. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Deanna

    I am not sure why, but I too am having trouble hearing your videos (this one and the previous one). I turn the volume all the way up, but to no avail. I so would love to be able to hear what you have to say, but it just isn’t happening. Please re-record these two videos with sound! Thanks.

  • Diane

    Love the tip…the only way I could hear the video was to use earphones in my laptop with the volume turned up all the the way. Then it sounded normal.

  • Denisse

    Oh my good lord!! I thought that I was the only one having audio issues….I moved all my sound gear @ work, at home, youtube, checked my internet conection, restarted the computer, etc. thinking that something was wrong with my computers. Nope, no audio for me either….bummer ;(

  • Nina

    First of all I love your all your videos. You explain everything very well. My one complaint is I haven’t been able to hardly hear the last few videos with my sound up to the maximum. Just wanted to let you know.

  • jennifer

    oh megan….i would LOVE to hear these things! i’m nearly deaf and i just thought it was me…that i couldn’t hear you. i would so enjoy listening to your tutes…..maybe you need a cheerleader voice or something. can you try again? please?

  • Ruth G

    I totally agree with you about saving paper! Especially if you do any die cutting or even using punches the tiniest scraps can be used for a layer somewhere (especially black!) Thanks for sharing your tip for how to get more from your paper! It will also help to reduce the bulk and weight of albums (a plus when you’re working with lots of really awesome papers that might also be really thick.)
    I know that others have said it above, and I’ll just let you know that I also have to turn the volume way up and don’t hear you all that well even then. I’m glad that people are speaking up so you know there’s a problem! I’d hate for anyone to miss you’re helpful tips because of poor sound!
    Have a great rest of your week and thanks again for all you share!

  • Linda W

    Hi Megan~
    I have using this technique forever. It’s a great tip! Thanks a bunch. Just like everyone else, I also had audio issues with your videos.

  • Irene

    Great paper saving tip. I keep my paper scraps in a box on my crafting shelf, and just open it up whenever I’m looking for paper. If I don’t need a full 12 X 12 to begin with, I go to my box first. But I like the idea of cutting the center out. I’m also like everybody else. Turned volume to max, and still could barely hear you. So please turn your volume up a bit. Thanks for all you do. It really helps us in our crafting projects.

  • Deann M

    Thanks so much for teaching these techniques, I have learned so much from you and you inspire my own creativity. I also cannot hear the audio on this presentation. Can it be reedited so that we can learn this great tip? It is hard to understand the technique without the oral explanation. Have a great day and thanks again!

  • Judy-Ann

    This is a great tip! I have been doing it for awhile now. Its really useful when you have only one sheet and you need it for both background and for cutting out some embellishments/diecuts.

  • Darla

    Yes, I also had trouble with the volume on the last video. When I tried to watch this video on 12×12 paper saving tips it says it has been removed.

  • Megan Elizabeth Post author

    Hey everyone – I double checked and tried everything – the sound SHOULD be working! I don’t know what’s wrong!!! šŸ™ If you can give it a second chance a let me know!?!!? I’m so sorry!

  • MommyMe

    First, I guess my timing was fortunate, I had no audio trouble. Second, this one one of the first tips I ever learned in scrapbooking, from a CM consultant 15 years ago! I have abandoned scrapbooking for cardmaking, and apparently this trick as well! Thanks for the reminder…I’ve moved to a tiny town, without craft stores…aggghhhh!

  • KitnM

    I love this tip…I don’t always remember it though! I did find a great 12×12 piece with colors my sis-in-law loves and plan on framing it and placing photo corners that will hold only one picture…so she can update the piece as often as she wants and still has the gorgeous paper to decorate her wall! Now to find a frame!
    Audio worked well for me today!

  • mary

    Great tip Megan!!!! I was thinking about doing that exact thing on a 2 page layout I’m working on now.
    No problem with audio for me.

  • Shawn Mosch

    I do this same thing ALL THE TIME! I hate to waste paper! If I have a square that I know I am going to mat with another paper I will sometimes grab a flower or heart punch and then punch as many shapes as I can from the bottom layer color. Once you place the second color on top it you cannot see all the holes/shapes I punched out. Then I keep all of the hearts, stars, flowers in a little container for when I need just that one little accent for a project . . . just go to my stash of already cut shapes!

    Shawn ~ Above Rubies Studio Affiliate Program Success Coach
    Crafty Chics Blog
    and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!
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  • Heather W

    thanks for the tip. I didn’t have any trouble hearing you this time. The adhesive video was the one I could barely here though. I guess I listened at the right time for this paper saving one. Thanks again for all your tips. this one really will come in handy!

  • Amy

    OMGosh, I have never thought about doing this…such an awesome tip!! Thanks so much (my hubby is gonna thank me for spending less for paper) and I owe it all to you..THANK YOU!!

  • GaylaT

    I seldom get to scrap alone with my three grands wanting to scrap too so I had figured out how to save paper because they can go through it so fast. One thing I don’t think you mentioned is that I cut it so one kid would have the black background while the other has the lighter shade. They both basically have the same colorway just the amount differs so there is no reason to argue about who gets the pretty paper and who had to use the junky kind. Sound familiar anyone? Also Megan, I don’t know if it is the black top you have on or what but you look like you are really losing some weight! Good things often come out of not so nice situations. I’ve been where you are is how I know so well. God bless and keep you and your precious little ones.

  • Shari Sinclair

    Thank you so much for the awesome tip! Never thought of doing that!!! You rock! BTW – I’ve had no problem hearing your videos!

  • Shira

    Your videos are so fun to watch , and very inspiring too šŸ™‚
    But GOD you have so many accessories and tools for scrapbooking.
    You’re so professional !

  • Tammy McKeever

    Love the paper saving idea! I have never seen this idea before. I always enjoy your videos. They inspire me to get going on my crafting! Thank you!