How to use the Cricut Expression and Slice with Paper Layerz 9

Hi Everyone!

Well it’s Wednesday and I have two more clips from the Paper Layerz DVD uploaded for you. I’m still just “getting into” the material on the dvd… in one of tomorrow’s clips, I will walk you through a full scrapbook layout using the Cricut Expression 2!

Paper Layerz with the Cricut Expression:

Paper Layerz with the Slice:

Here is a list of the clips for you to watch and enjoy online from the DVD:

p.s A note for those who already purchased the DVD from the ARS Store:

If you have already purchased the DVD separate from a combo or bundle (the DVD is included in the Paper Layerz bundles), we’d be happy to provide you with a refund if you would prefer not to have the physical DVD and just watch the online version! If you purchased the DVD form the ARS online store and would like to request a refund, just contact us with you full name and order number (sent to you via order confirmation email) before November 10th, 2011 on the customer support page at:

p.p.s. Don’t forget to come back for tomorrow’s clips! I will walk you through a full scrapbook layout using the Cricut Expression 2!

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9 thoughts on “How to use the Cricut Expression and Slice with Paper Layerz

  • millie

    Hi Megan love this thank you so much for all your tutorials you are a great teacher. Megan I have been trying to print out the cricut guide you know the one that helps you measure and how fast to cut and so on and I can’t seem to get it to print, what am I doing wrong please help. Thank you. Hugs Millie

  • Sandy Christman

    I’ve enjoyed the comparisons with the different machines, they have been very helpful. Dilema: I own the silhouette SD and would like to upgrade to a 12″ machine. I already have the cricut expression as well as the Imagine (don’t know much on using that one yet). I don’t know whether to upgrade to the 12″ Silhouette or get the Craftwell. I saw the prototype for the Craftwell a few years ago at a CHA in Fla., and I was impressed. So I don’t know which one I should get since I have never used the Craftwell. Can you help me?

  • Janice Jackson

    Hey Megan, I love your tutorials, you are a great teacher. I have watched you use the cutmates paper and the expression, and my question is how can I know what the largest images I can cut on the cut mates paper.
    Can you help me figure it out, or what buttons I need to check to know that.

  • Michelle

    Megan, thanks for the videos. I love that you show how to use paper layers on different machines. I only have the little cricuit and Imagine, and would like to see if on the Imagine you can move the cuts around on the mat to cut on the squares as you would on the Expression. I really don’t want to buy another machine. Thanks for all you do.

  • Ladine

    Thanks again for your demo’s I just got my cricut this year and am still learning and I just learnt about fit to length button. I’m always learning more from you. Thanks again.

  • Kathy Nunez

    Hello .. I am have been into the Cricut Family and so far I enjoyed what I can do on it. I was given for excitment of it when a friend told me about sure cut alot v.2.. Is there anyway you can send me a link..I have been ready on the version 3 but it is not cricut compatible..
    Please I have no idea how to find the link for it.
    I will wait for your reply.
    Thanks in Advance…