How to Use the eCraft and Silhouette SD with Paper Layerz 7

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post is super exciting because its all about how to use the eCraft and the Silhouette with Paper Layerz!  I’m just so happy we were able to release this DVD to you all to give you just a little bit more of what all we’ve been up to!  In these segments I am going to show you how easy it is to use Paper Layerz with the Silhoutte SD and the AWESOME eCraft machine!

Paper Layerz and the eCraft:

The eCraft is really cool and really fun because you don’t need a cutting mat to cut out lots and lots of die cut images.  The eCraft also allows you to use the Sure Cuts a Lot software 3 which many people LOVE and are familiar with.  (The Cricut no longer supports the SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot) software version 3 and old versions are no longer available for purchase.)

Paper Layerz and the Silhouette:

Many people may or may not know that the Silhouette is also going to be coming out in a new MUCH larger format too, but this is showing the original SD and how I line up Paper Layerz on my cutting mat as well as in my design software on my screen.

I hope you guys have a GREAT Tuesday and this helps you out TONS! 🙂 Check back all week because we will be showing using Paper Layerz in both the Cricut Expression AND the NEW Cricut Expression 2!  And you’ll get cute project ideas and inspiration as we make a scrapbook layout, a card, and even something fun to wear! 🙂

Here is a list of the clips for you to watch and enjoy online from the DVD:

p.s A note for those who already purchased the DVD from the ARS Store:

If you have already purchased the DVD separate from a combo or bundle (the DVD is included in the Paper Layerz bundles), we’d be happy to provide you with a refund if you would prefer not to have the physical DVD and just watch the online version! If you purchased the DVD form the ARS online store and would like to request a refund, just contact us with you full name and order number (sent to you via order confirmation email) before November 10th, 2011 on the customer support page at:

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7 thoughts on “How to Use the eCraft and Silhouette SD with Paper Layerz

  • Melissa

    Love paper layerz. I like that you are showing other die cutters. I have the Cricut Ex. and I love it. But I still like to know whats out there and how to use it. The eCraft looks pretty cool since you can use Sure Cuts a Lot and other files. I am happy with my CX for now. Love your idea for saving us on paper using the paper layerz. Way to go Megen. Can;t wait to see what you come up with next.

  • Linda

    Thanks for showing us how to use Paper Layzers with other cutting machines. Would love for you to give your opinion on both machines. I have the cricut expression but a friend raves about the Silhoutte. I got the video/dvd with a package deal and it is great.

  • Pam Farmer

    Still looking for a way to use cricut expression and cut out team logos such as gamecock and clemson items to use on projects. Please advise what I need for this? I do not have anything but design studio and cricut expression. Any idesa??